The Quick Six

The Quick Six

We have six games coming up in the space of seventeen days which I think can erase from memory our disappointing double defeat opening to the season.

It all kicks off with Villa on Monday night. This is a game we can certainly win. Villa are no mugs but they are beatable, especially away from Villa Park.

Next up is our first UEFA Cup fixture against Wisla Krakow. They do have a claim to fame beating Barcelona 1-0 in the 2nd leg of their CL Qualifying match but they lost 4-0 at the Nou Camp. Their domestic form is solid and they currently sit top of the Polish League. Still another game we should win at the Lane.

Wigan will provide a tough test. Steve Bruce has moulded them into a well organised side. I went to the game away to Villa at the end of last season and they really impressed me. Heskey is playing with a lot of confidence and although I would never want to see him in a Spurs shirt, he is dangerous. For all Wigan are a good side though, these are the games Spurs have to win at home, simple as that.

A point at Pompey would be fantastic, I could see us losing this one.

Newcastle away in the Carling Cup is a big game for us and them. It’s Newcastle’s only chance of some silverware, albeit a remote one. As defending champions, it’s important for Spurs to get to the latter stages of the competition. Another game I feel we can win.

Finally on the 2nd of October the 2nd leg of the UEFA Cup match. Hopefully the job will be done in the home game and this can be a nice run out!

Do you think we will all have lost our pessimistic view by the 3rd of next month? I do hope so.

11 thoughts on “The Quick Six

  1. i think we will jazzz it up in the upcoming games and get the season up and running..

    wouldnt mind a few pav goals and a bentley free kick screamer!!

  2. We hardly had a song for Dimitar….It’s one area we’re sadly lacking is with original songs for the team. The Bale chant is quite frankly an embarrassment….

  3. Sergi warned him of dark faces

    He scores in lots of places

    Super Pav…Super Pav

    His name is hard to say

    He’s travelled a long way

    Super Pav…Super Pav

  4. That just illustrates how old and stale the chants are. It has to be said that Man United and even Arsenal are inventive over their songs. Arsenal fans’ “Let’s talk about Cesc” song has to be acknowledged as a brilliantly inventive. Why can’t we come up with something similar? All we get is regurgitated Chelsea songs for Berbatov, or an unimaganitive repeating of the word Bale which peters out through sheer boredom after about 30 seconds.

  5. Keano is a scouser, Dimi is a c*nt, but who the f*ck needs them two, cos we’ve got Pav up front!!!!

    (to My Old Man’s a Dustman)

  6. “Newcastle away in the Carling Cup is a big game for us and them. It’s Newcastle’s only chance of some silverware, albeit a remote one.”

    Mabbs you are a joke.

    It’s YOUR only chance of silverware too pal.

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