The players that can change our season

The players that can change our season

The majority of the players that have been on the pitch week in week out just aren’t performing or aren’t up to the job. I think it has a lot to do with them being to lightweight and not up for a scrap. These are the players we are yet to see much of, but I feel they can all make a difference to us.

Alan Hutton – I rate Hutton as one of the best full backs in the country. He’s solid defensively, good going forward and has a presence a lot of our other players are lacking. No he’s fit he can have a huge impact on the rest of our season. I’m looking forward to him lining up against Bolton.

Fraizer Campbell – Get him playing now. I wasn’t impressed with us signing this kid on loan but if his goals keep us in the premiership I’ll be over the moon. Bent is grafting as hard as he can for the cause but there is only so much he can do with no support and decent supply from midfield. Pavlyuchenko looks like he doesn’t know what day of the week it is and probably more worried about keeping away from the dark skinned people he’s been warned about, not much use if one of them is your strike partner. Campbell is lively and he will get goals, give him a chance.

Giovani Dos Santos – What is the deal here? He looked quality in pre season but he’s hardly been given a chance once the season proper got underway. He may be a bit of a luxury player and not great when we are on the back foot but neither are our other midfielders. He deserves a couple of games to see what he can add.

Jamie O’Hara – He might not be the most talented football at the club but he work his socks off for 90mins and that is exactly what we need in our current predicament. I like Zokora as a person but the difference is O’Hara always has a goal in him, Zokora doesn’t.

John Bostock – Another player I expected to get the odd game but hasn’t been involved at all. I know he’s young and physically not the best but his talent is undeniable. At least bring him off the bench sometimes. He has the pace and skill to turn games in our favour and is the last thing opposition defenders want to see late in the game.

13 thoughts on “The players that can change our season

  1. Mabbs, wise up and get a real job,
    you have one thing right,Alan Hutton.
    F Campbell, could not give a fake what happens to spurs.
    G Dos Santos, he looks as if he’s a kid in the big league,we were caught with him.
    J O Hara,very little quality and if that is the best that are academy can produce then we need to have a look at who is running the academy and make a change.
    J Bostock,too young,to take a chance on him considering the position that we are in.
    Mabbs, have a think before you open your mouth,engage you brain first and all ways remember you were giving two ears and one mouth for a reason son and that was to listen twice as much as you talk.
    Hear endith the lesson.

  2. What we need is for our experienced, seasoned players to step up to the plate and take responsibility. Jenas, Modric, Bentley for starters. We’re in a mess and we can’t rely on a bucnh of youngsters to dig us out of it.

  3. anon 12:00, any chance you can use your real name then maybe we can give you a lesson?

    You say Bostock is too young to take a chance on considering the position we are in. How can giving him a chance make things any worse exactly?

    re Jamie O’Hara, I don’t think Mabbs said the academy have done a brilliant job or that Jamie O’Hara had much quality, just that he would graft and could score.

    It’s you that needs to engage your brain.

    I think Mabbs makes some valid points, Giovanni and Campbell can’t do any worse then the current pile of rubbish.

  4. Why don’t Ramos give Taarabat a chance we need muscle in midfield also why does he keep playing players out of position, for gods sake why bring off Bentley for Pav and put bent on the right against stoke DUH!!!

  5. What about Ghaly? All these other players have to pretend they love the badge when they clearly couldn’t give a t***. At least you know Ghaly hates the badge…..

    To be honest, Sooty and Emu could do a better job at the moment

  6. Listen and listen good, NO players can save your season.

    Only Houdini could help you escape this mess.

    Face it, you will be playing down the Den next year and we will smash you on the pitch and off it!


  7. Its the curse of keano.

    No manager can save you

    No players can save you

    You arent going to pick up any ponits in your next 2 games. then you’ll b in real trouble cos you’ll have 2 points by november.

    you’ll prob have 5 points by xmas.

    ramos is gone. your gone and you’ll be starting from scratch next season as most of your team wont wana play in a shit league. thats if anyone will take them.

    top 4 my arse you were in dreamland and youve got no chance.

  8. Take the ‘o’ out of Ramos and you have Rams….The writing is on the wall.

    Jol had 7pts on the board this time last year and Levy fired him – Ramos has 2pts on the board but Levy ‘fully supports’ the spanish twat!

    Funny old world innit.

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