The biggest Spurs flops of all time

The biggest Spurs flops of all time

With Roman Pavlyuchenko today insisting he must leave Tottenham, it made me think back to players of years gone by that have arrived with big reputations only to depart before making any impact whatsoever.

Pavlyuchenko cost £14m just over a year ago, that’s serious money in today’s market for a player that isn’t English. Pav has seen his chances limited under Harry but when he has played, he’s done nothing to justify that huge price tag. We’d be lucky to get £4m for him at the moment.

Other players that immediately come to mind are;

Hélder Postiga, the supposed Portuguese Superstar who turned out to be anything but.

Sergei Rebrov, cost a lot of money but amounted to little.

Kevin-Prince Boateng, a Comolli special, £5.4m of fake royal rubbish.

Who are your biggest Spurs flops?

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  1. “Sergei Rebrov, cost a lot of money but amounted to little.”

    Hard to amount to anything when the manager hates you and always plays his favourites

  2. Alex, get over yourself. The bloke has scored 120 goals for this club, and plays where the manager tells him to play.
    I suppose you were booing when he scored 4 recently???

  3. didn’t cheer none of his goals. he still walks round the pitch like he’s god if he starts putting in a bit more he will start getting the respect of the fans

  4. Jason Dozzell, Tremazzani, Zokora (cant pass cant shoot but what a player! :o/) Rasiak, God we’ve signed some awful players over the years!!

  5. Thank the Lord for Dan and Joe as evidenced by their acceptance in splashing the cash. Fortunately – and maybe despite Commoli – most of the more recent buys have seen us break even or excessive profit compensating minor ( percenatge wise) losses. Keane has made us money and came when others laughed at us; Zakora we got the money back, Jenas we would break even or slight profit and KPB was a slight loss. If we looked at the money spent from AMS years and early ENIC, then that highlights the real waste of money…..John Scales, Chris Perry, Tim Sherwood, Ruel Fox, Les Ferdinand, Nic Berti, Andy Sinton, Jason Cundy, Sergei Rebrov,Oyvind Leonardson,Moussa Saib, Ramon Vega & Christian Ziege all saw big money go out of the club for what return?

  6. Garath Bale biggest flop and Berbatov the biggest CUNT! I hope someone breaks both of his fucking legs and he never plays again!

  7. TO Dan: At least spell Heurelho correctly.

    Cesar Sanchez, Frederic Kanoute, Gilberto, Younes Kaboul, Grzegorz Rasiak, Wayne Routledge, Mounir El Hamdaoui, Emil Hallfredsson, Sean Davis, Dean Richards, Moussa Saib…the lsit would go on forever.

    Dead Richards is a stadn out not mentioned.


  9. It has to be Rebrov – we paid SERIOUS money for him at the time and he arrived with a great record and reputation… he had a good run in the side too from what I remember.

  10. Yeah, Bale is a flop but there was nothing to say he could step up to Premiership level instantly… we bought him because of his potential really.

  11. The list is endless, here are a few of the more recent useless twats…..

    Nicola Berti, Moussa Saib, Willem Korsten, Kazuyuki Toda, Jonathan Blondel, Ricardo Rocha, Bobby Zamora, Wayne Routledge, Milenko Acimovic, Stephane Dalmat, Reto Ziegler; Paolo Tramezzani, Chris Gunter, Gilberto; Andy Booth, Mbulelo Mabizela

  12. Alex – “didn’t cheer none of his goals” – well F*ck Off & “support” Ar5ena1 then – you seem to be exactly the kind of “fan” that they attract.
    Keane has been nowhere near his best this season but fortunately most of us proper fans have this little thing called a memory!! Keane is a legend – COYS!!!

  13. Fuck you you prick i’ve been a season ticket holder for 10 years & i think i’m entitled to my opinion. Have you forgot he fucked off & thought he was to go to wear the Spurs shirt!!!

  14. You don’t really hear the fans singing Keane’s name anymore, he has a long way togo before he gets the respect back. Maybe stop flapping his arms about everytime he loses the ball would be a good start

  15. Matt S – youve simply listed all of hoddles aquisitions!

    its a tough one, as we have signed some dross over the years, but alot of the named players were signed as youngsters with potential.. but unfortunately, with us being spurs, we dont allow them to develop the way they should, so we ship them out!

    personally i feel our biggest flops in terms of outlay were rebrov and postiga, fair enough people can argue they wernt given a good enough run, etc etc, but facts are a lot of money was spent, and not alot received in return!

  16. Ok firstly, i’m amazed that you’ve had a season ticket for 10 years and still have that kind of attitude Alex. One thing you may not know is that Keane holds the team together. I have two mates who work in admin at Spurs Lodge and have regular contact with the players – Keane is someone they all look up to, someone who can get the team motivated when things aren’t going their way. They all fully respect him and the work he puts in on and off the pitch. He’s not on form at the moment, but slate him and you’re slating Tottenham and the rest of our players. Moron.

    Moving on, some unbelievable names in these posts, I find it hard to believe some of you even watch Spurs with some of these suggestions.

    BOATENG, REID and KABOUL are all good premiership players that we didn’t give enough playing time to.

    Chris PERRY was the Michael Dawson of his time and did a great job for us when needed.

    Dean RICHARDS was top class when he first joined and went downhill mainly due to injury (remember he retired, we didn’t sell him).

    Willem KORSTEN looked good when he came, scored great goals against Manure and then injury ended his career. To call him a flop is outrageous.

    Tim SHERWOOD was nothing special, but no flop. Les FERDINAND was a hero, to call him a flop is a joke.

    Oyvind LEONHARDSEN and Christian ZIEGE – again nothing particularly special, but certainly no flops. We got them both on the cheap and they both did good jobs for us.

    Stephane DALMAT and Andy BOOTH were both short-term loans. Dalmat brought flair to the side (if only for a few games) and Booth (although terrible) was neccessary due to injuries to Armstrong et al.

    Freddie KANOUTE was one of the best strikers to ever play for spurs, and if it wasn’t for Berbatov, the Keane/Kanoute partnership would be remembered as the best strikeforce we’ve had in the last decade.

    Gareth BALE is an excellent footballer who will play at the top level for years to come. How you can call a 19 year old with bundles of potential a flop is beyond me.

    And finally, the mug who said GOMES must be at the very least blind and deaf. The best keeper we’ve had in the last 20 odd years and you’re branding him a flop. Unbelievable.

    White Hart Pain, where do you get these crazy people from!

  17. We swopped the great Jimmy Robertson with David Jenkins in a deal worth 50,000 at the time,with the lot up 7 Sisters road.Jenkins cannot not of played a few games for us before he disappeared off the radar,Robertson continued to play well for a few seasons after that.

    Asimovic is another that did not hang around after his 1 yard open goal miss,dont think he played in the starting line up after that.

    But my favourites were Austin and Edinburgh,never never were they Spurs quality,Venables must of got them from a Southend car boot sale

  18. btw in my humble opinion,I think that Gomes is world class,just like our Luca Modric,boy do we miss him..Comolli did something right,not a lot but something

  19. luka modric and gomes worldclass ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ha ha ha !!!!! cant stop laughing ,u guys r really delusional and our city bench has twice more quality players than modric and gomes, ha ha ha ha h h a ha u guys r funny

  20. Well with the plans and investment that General Levy has in the pipeline for us,just maybe the future is Lillywhite.I wonder how the clubs indebted to the eyeballs will cope???..apart from the Citieh end of Manchester

  21. “Freddie KANOUTE was one of the best strikers to ever play for spurs, and if it wasn’t for Berbatov, the Keane/Kanoute partnership would be remembered as the best strikeforce we’ve had in the last decade.”


  22. The worst Spurs player of all time was a poor lad called Freddie Sharpe. He played two games in 1958 and was truly dreadful but in one of those games he scored the winning goal much to Danny Blanchflower’s amusement.

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