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Do I like a wander? Absolutely!

Do I like a wander? Absolutely!

Absolute RadioAs you’ll probably remember, Tottenham’s last Premier League game after a midweek European fixture wasn’t all that successful. I feel the Young Boys were kind of just a warm up to our European adventure, let’s pretend the Wigan game was the same thing where the Premiership is concerned!

Apart from last weekend’s slightly unlucky defeat at the hands of Fulham, Wolves have made a solid start to the season. Although you’d struggle to pick out any real superstars from their team, Mick McCarthy has them well drilled and they are more than capable of picking up points on the road, as demonstrated when they turned us over at the Lane last season. In fact, Wolves were the only team apart from Man Utd to take 6pts off us last season. I do, however, think we can put that right tomorrow.

Even taking our injury problems into account, we still have the squad to be able to shuffle the pack after European games, and come up with a side that man for man is far superior to Wolves. Whether they can match a Wolves side’s work ethic and team cohesion is debatable but with home advantage, Spurs should still have too much for Mick McCarthy’s men.

As far as team news is concerned, Van Der Vaart, Modric and King are all doubtful. Jermaine Jenas could well keep his place after a very good performance against Werder Bremen but personally, I’ll be wanting to see Wilson Palacios in the starting line up to combat Wolves’ aggressive style.

I’m working closely with Absolute Radio throughout this football season and for any fans that can’t make it to the game tomorrow, they are providing full match coverage.

Listen to Spurs VS Wolves this Saturday 18th September only on Absolute Radio extra – on DAB Digital Radio, 1215AM and online in the UK from 1.30pm. For more go to

Is the honeymoon period officially over?

Is the honeymoon period officially over?

Harry can’t do a lot wrong as far as most Spurs supporters I speak to are concerned. He’s improved the squad, team morale and our league position massively since he took over. Almost 14 months ago, Tottenham looked doomed. Since then, Redknapp has been considered a hero amongst the Spurs faithful. Saturday was the first time I’ve heard more than a handful of people questioning his credentials.

The defeat to Stoke was one of those days, getting turned over by a second string Utd in the Cup was a shame, dropping two points at Everton from a strong position was very disappointing but losing at home to Wolves is unacceptable. It’s no going putting nine past Wigan if we can’t break down teams like Wolves and Stoke. On a more positive note, it was nice to see Modric back and hopefully he’ll be back in the starting line up before too long.

Wednesday’s match against City now takes on extra significance. I think a draw is the most likely outcome but we really can’t afford to lose another home game. Slightly worrying is the fact I’m sure it was a Wednesday night I was sitting with my Granddad watching a Tottenham v Man City game where Tottenham were 3-0 up at half time but still lost. Anybody remember that one?!

For me, the top four dream is looking less and less likely as the season goes on. I know we are still in touch but can you imagine us going to Old Trafford and winning 1-0 like Villa did? I can’t see it happening anytime soon personally. I don’t want to sound too downbeat because I’m quite happy with a top 6 finish which I think is our realistic target this season. We don’t yet have the mental toughness to match the big sides in the Premiership and until we do, a Champions League place will have to wait.

I’d take boring sometimes

I’d take boring sometimes

Another blank weekend with no Premier League action until the 17th but as is normally the case with Spurs, there is still plenty of off field drama to keep us ‘entertained’ for want of a better word.

The current intelligence doing the rounds is that Harry was questioned by the fuzz for four hours on Tuesday and bailed until the 21st. I find it all a bit confusing. Surely if he’d done anything that bad they would have some hard evidence to charge him with something by now. It would appear the authorities are clutching at straws.

I hope Redknapp’s current issues aren’t affecting the players. It doesn’t seem to have had a negative impact thus far but if the case does drag on and the tabloids continue to run stories, that could change.

Now we finally have some stability and are moving in the right direction, something had to happen. That’s just the Spurs way. It wouldn’t be right if we had the same manager for more than a season and a half would it?!

No offence to either club, but it must be nice supporting teams like Stoke and Wolves. While you may not be setting the world on fire, at least there is a certain level of stability. As interesting as it is being a Spurs supporter, I’d take boring sometimes.

Tottenham Player of the Season

Tottenham Player of the Season

I did something similar on the Goons over at North London Divide last night and I thought it would be interesting to see who people thought was our player of the season.

I don’t want to dwell on this too much but Arsenal are in a position where they can still win a trophy this season so their player of the season could change if someone drives them to FA Cup or Champions league glory (unlikely I know), but our season is pretty much over other than the battle for 7th place and UEFA Cup football next season. Not that I can see much point in that battle because we probably won’t bother with that competition if we have an important league game away to Wolves or something similar on the agenda.

Here is a list of the leading contenders;

Ledley King – Ledley’s one of the main reasons we aren’t still in a relegation battle for me. His performance’s this season have been of the highest order and what sticks in my mind as pivotal to our season was his goal at West Ham when we were in desperate need of points.

Jamie O’Hara – You’ve got to love him for having a crack at Danielle Lloyd after her previous boyfriends if nothing else. He may be small but he has the heart of a lion. I hope he continues to improve and establishes himself as a key member of our squad in the coming years.

Aaron Lennon – I was ready to write him off at the start of the season, how wrong I was. He’s been magnificent for us in recent months and seems to have really blossomed under Harry Redknapp. The headless chicken has finally found a head and has the world at his feet.

Jonathan Woodgate – He’s proved to be worth every penny of his £7m transfer fee unlike some of the rubbish we have shelled out for in recent times. He’s our rock, seems to have put his injury nightmare behind him since arriving and has been an ever present force this season with 37 appearances thus far.

Verdan Corluka – Some people are still undecided but I am a massive fan of this guy. He works hard and has that touch of class some defenders lack. Other fans I’ve raved to about this guy argue he makes too many individual errors but I don’t believe that is the case. There is no one else I would want alongside King and Woody.

Luka Modric – The ugly little girl is our class act and I don’t even think we have seen the best of him. Had he got the winner against Arsenal at the Lane he’d without doubt be our player of the season, I’m sure he’s most Spurs fan’s choice in any case.

Who is your Tottenham player of the season?