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George Graham Should Stick to the Horses

George Graham Should Stick to the Horses

Former Tottenham and Arsenal boss George Graham is apparently a huge horse racing fan and perhaps he should stick to trying to predict the finishing order of the 2013 Kentucky Derby horses rather than voicing his unwanted opinion on Spurs in the press as he has been recently. Graham believes that both Chelsea and Arsenal will finish above Tottenham this season, meaning that we will once again miss out on Champions League football by the narrowest of margins.

“Tottenham will be the ones to lose out.

“They have a difficult run-in and they have played a game more than the others.

“But I want to stress that it would be anything but a disaster for them to make it a poor season. In fact, I would say the opposite.

“He (Villas-Boas) has been assembling a squad and has done well to be in such a high position in the league and still be involved in the Europa League.

“He can build on that. And I hope he can keep Gareth Bale – for the club’s sake and the player’s sake.

“It is unfair on Bale to compare him to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He would really benefit from another season in England.”

Although Graham isn’t completely negative about the club, he has always had a problem with Tottenham since his sacking back in March 2001. While some of what he says is true, Spurs have been improving throughout the campaign. A couple of bad results does not mean that our season is over and I’d be fairly confident that Graham was singing a different tune a few weeks ago. I truly believe it could well go down to the wire and with Spurs having Sunderland at home on the final day of the season, I’d say that would put AVB’s men in the driving seat. There is still a lot of football to be played before May 19th and many twists and turns still to come.

For more information on the Kentucky Derby visit

Wigan could be a corker

Wigan could be a corker

Back to some real football this weekend with the return of the Premiership and the arrival of Wigan at White Hart Lane. It’s just a shame we have to wait till Sunday! I’ll be at the O2 for the tennis unfortunately, but I’m hopeful of arriving home to a positive result and lots of goals.

It’s another one of those games that on paper, you’d fully expect Tottenham to win. Wigan are a good side who try and play the right way, but I’d imagine that will play into our hands. The home games where Spurs have struggled have generally been against teams that keep it tight. Allow our players space and time at the Lane and they will deliver.

The League table makes for interesting reading at the moment. I feel like we have been on a bad run of results of late but we still sit in 4th. If you’d have told me that after 12 games we would be just 3pts behind Man Utd, I would have been more than happy. Just as long as you hadn’t told me how well Arsenal would be playing!

Admittedly, Villa, Man City and Liverpool are all snapping at our heels but there is 5pts between us and the side that lie in 8th place, Sunderland. With Liverpool and Man City facing each other and Villa having to go to the fortress at Burnley, a win against Wigan will likely give us a bit of breathing space.

I’m going for an exciting encounter with lots of goals. I’ll plump for 4-2 Spurs with a Titus Bramble brace, one goal for each side.



So, are we going to bounce back from our lacklustre display against the old enemy or will the players put in another shocker against Steve Bruce’s men?

The defeat against Stoke doesn’t worry me. We played well, it was just unfortunate. Even more unfortunate it came before a big game but I think we would have lost at Arsenal in those circumstances 99 times out of 100.

A number of Spurs fans have a theory that we can still make the top 4 by winning the majority of our game against the lesser opposition even if we always get thumped by the current top 3.

While I can kind of see where they are coming from, constantly being shown up against the big clubs won’t do our confidence any good. Fortunately, our rivals for 4th place are all dropping points as well.

If we are going to be up there come the end of the season, Sunderland at home is a must win game, especially Sunderland at home coming on the back of two defeats.

Sunderland are without Kenwyne Jones and Lorik Cana due to suspensions, as well as long term injury Lee Cattermole. Spurs have better news with the return of Jermain Defoe and possibly Aaron Lennon. I just hope Defoe has his mind on the game and not going out afterwards for some laffy taffy now he’s binned Imogen.

I fancy a 2-1 Spurs victory with Darren Bent getting a consolation for the visitors.

Check out Salut Sunderland for an interview I did about the match.

The players up for sale

The players up for sale

As there is still a distinct lack of solid activity on the transfer front, and with the rumours getting more and more desperate, I thought it might be a good chance to analyse those players that Spurs would probably be happy to offload this summer.

We are still quite heavy on the Team Comolli front but I’m slightly concerned that we won’t even be able to give a couple of those superstars away.

Definite Departures
Kevin-Prince Boateng – He’s the one that could be most difficult to shift. I believe he’s on quite decent wages, he’s got a little bit about him but doesn’t have a brain. Borussia Dortmund were interested but we apparently wanted too much money. I doubt any club will want to take a punt on him if a few million quid in transfer fees are involved, best to cut our losses imo.

Didier Zokora – As much as I like him as a person, his attitude is good and he’s probably a decent character to have in the dressing room, he adds very little in the way of value on the pitch as far as I can make out. Sevilla and Sunderland are both allegedly tracking the Ivorian but Spurs are again being greedy where the transfer fee is concerned. I’d bite someone’s hand off for £5m let alone the rumoured £8-10m Levy is after.

David Bentley – I still don’t really understand what went wrong other than the fact he’s another one without much going on upstairs. He did us all a favour by leading the revolt against Ramos and his goal against Arsenal was special but his head was never right at Spurs for one reason or another. Hopefully he’ll pop off to Villa and we will take a hit for a few million quid but have another big earner doing nothing for his money off the books.

Gilberto – Not much to say really, looks shockingly bad at times, has to go but like the Ghetto Kid, could be difficult to move on.

Maybe Moving
Alan Hutton – I don’t want to see him go anywhere but he might struggle to nail down the right back spot next season and with Everton and possibly Utd sniffing around he could fancy a move.

Jamie O’Hara – While he might not be the most talented player in the world, Jamie O’Hara is the man you know will give his all when many others have given up. I’m slightly disappointed with his choice of girlfriend but as long as it doesn’t affect his performance on the field, I don’t really care. Fulham are close to agreeing a deal if the rumours are to be believed, I hope not.

Gareth Bale – I wouldn’t be that bothered if Bale went to be honest. He doesn’t seem to have progressed at all since his arrival and he still hasn’t nailed down the art of defending. He had the potential to be one of the best left backs in the Premier League, he now has Championship potential.

Who do you want to see out the door in the transfer window? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Do you care about Robbie Keane?

Do you care about Robbie Keane?

The rumours have been rife for the last couple of weeks but in recent days, more substantial stories have appeared claiming Robbie Keane will once again be leaving Tottenham before the season gets underway. Opinion seems to be very divided over whether this is a good or a bad thing as far as the future of the club is concerned.

Although Robbie’s performances have been lees than spectacular since his return, I feel his presence in the side ensured we weren’t involved in a relegation battle. It’s easy to say now that we would have been in no danger of relegation having finished within touching distance of Europe, but without Keane in there pointing and shouting, who’s to say how close Spurs would have been to the drop?

It’s been suggested that Sunderland is Keane’s likely destination. I don’t really understand why he would want to move there rather than stay and see what happens in what will be exciting times for Tottenham next season. Has he fallen out with Harry? Is the club not being run to his liking since his break in Merseyside? Does he regret coming back to the Lane and feel the step down is too much? If the latter is the case it would not explain why a move to the Stadium of Light is a good idea.

I don’t want to knock Robbie Keane without knowing the facts but I would expect a little more respect and consideration after the majority of the fans at Spurs welcomed him back with open arms when things didn’t work out for him under Rafa Benitez at Liverpool. He spent his best years with us and prior to arriving at Tottenham, he struggled to find a club to settle at long term.

I’m hoping all this speculation is just that and Robbie will be a key part of Harry Redknapp’s plans come next season but I do get the feeling there is no smoke without fire and the fire seems to be getting stronger.