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Injury Crisis or Opportunity?

Injury Crisis or Opportunity?

It seems like we are reverting back to the Spurs of a few years ago with awful luck where players getting injured is concerned. After losing Bassong and Ledley on Sunday, our defence is literally in pieces. Woodgate has no imminent return date and although Dawson isn’t too far away now, him leading the line is something I don’t want to think about.

There is no doubt about it, Tottenham are left without a commanding presence at the back with the current defensive injury list. There is no real centre half that is fit for that matter other than the vastly inexperienced Dorian Dervite. Corluka and or Hutton are able to play in the middle but it isn’t their preferred position. We do have options at full back but again there is nobody I would call dominant or a leader.

The only plus point is the fact this has happened prior to a run of somewhat easy games. I realise no games in the Premier League are easy, but if you have to blood some youngsters, I’d prefer to do it against Preston and Burnley rather than Man Utd and Chelsea. Hopefully Dawson, King and Bassong will all be back by the time we go to Bolton a week on Saturday. Kevin Davies will have a field day against a Spurs defence full of inexperience and players out of position.

I’m am holding out in the hope Alan Hutton will come into his own now he’s put some of his problems behind him. He settled with the agent that has been giving him grief since his move to Spurs this week and he has had a fair bit of time to get back to full fitness after his long term injury. Hutton has never really played to his full potential since he arrived at Tottenham. Admittedly, some of that has been down to injury but there has also been personal issues holding him back. Now is really his chance to show what he can do and win a regular first team place in Harry’s side.

The players up for sale

The players up for sale

As there is still a distinct lack of solid activity on the transfer front, and with the rumours getting more and more desperate, I thought it might be a good chance to analyse those players that Spurs would probably be happy to offload this summer.

We are still quite heavy on the Team Comolli front but I’m slightly concerned that we won’t even be able to give a couple of those superstars away.

Definite Departures
Kevin-Prince Boateng – He’s the one that could be most difficult to shift. I believe he’s on quite decent wages, he’s got a little bit about him but doesn’t have a brain. Borussia Dortmund were interested but we apparently wanted too much money. I doubt any club will want to take a punt on him if a few million quid in transfer fees are involved, best to cut our losses imo.

Didier Zokora – As much as I like him as a person, his attitude is good and he’s probably a decent character to have in the dressing room, he adds very little in the way of value on the pitch as far as I can make out. Sevilla and Sunderland are both allegedly tracking the Ivorian but Spurs are again being greedy where the transfer fee is concerned. I’d bite someone’s hand off for £5m let alone the rumoured £8-10m Levy is after.

David Bentley – I still don’t really understand what went wrong other than the fact he’s another one without much going on upstairs. He did us all a favour by leading the revolt against Ramos and his goal against Arsenal was special but his head was never right at Spurs for one reason or another. Hopefully he’ll pop off to Villa and we will take a hit for a few million quid but have another big earner doing nothing for his money off the books.

Gilberto – Not much to say really, looks shockingly bad at times, has to go but like the Ghetto Kid, could be difficult to move on.

Maybe Moving
Alan Hutton – I don’t want to see him go anywhere but he might struggle to nail down the right back spot next season and with Everton and possibly Utd sniffing around he could fancy a move.

Jamie O’Hara – While he might not be the most talented player in the world, Jamie O’Hara is the man you know will give his all when many others have given up. I’m slightly disappointed with his choice of girlfriend but as long as it doesn’t affect his performance on the field, I don’t really care. Fulham are close to agreeing a deal if the rumours are to be believed, I hope not.

Gareth Bale – I wouldn’t be that bothered if Bale went to be honest. He doesn’t seem to have progressed at all since his arrival and he still hasn’t nailed down the art of defending. He had the potential to be one of the best left backs in the Premier League, he now has Championship potential.

Who do you want to see out the door in the transfer window? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

West Brom won’t be a walkover

West Brom won’t be a walkover

The majority of football fans think West Brom are going to be back playing Championship football again and I’m in that majority but they have 12pts left to play for and while it’s still mathematically possible for them to stay up, I’m sure they will put up a hell of a fight.

West Brom’s 3-0 victory over Sunderland last weekend was arguably their best performance of the season and will give them a lot of going into the game at White Hart Lane. On paper, Spurs should have far too much for the Baggies but at this stage of the season strange things often happen.

Like West Ham and Newcastle, it’s a game I think Spurs will win but I don’t expect it to be over by half time or a comfortable 3 or 4 nil result. The difficulty West Brom face is their style of football. They play an attractive passing game and I believe that is likely to be their undoing at Tottenham. They aren’t going to come and sit back and I’m sure we will get a number of openings which will be taken advantage of.

I’d imagine the Spurs line up will be largely unchanged from the team that faced Man Utd. Hutton is pushing for a return and Huddlestone might also get a game after some good performances prior to being on the bench last week.

I can envisage plenty of goals and a 3-2 or something similar would not surprise me. It should be a lot more exciting than our recent home games although a 1-0 win every week would suit me fine!

They might have managed the great escape four years ago but the unfortunate thing for West Brom is that they are playing a Tottenham side who are becoming one of the toughest to beat at home in the league. A Spurs victory will take West Brom’s chances of staying up from slim to none and I think that’s going to be the case come a quarter to five on Saturday afternoon.

The players that should not be sold

The players that should not be sold

It looks likely that a number of the current Tottenham squad will be allowed to leave the club at the end of the season. The likes of Gilberto, Rocha, and Boateng obviously have no future under Harry Redknapp. Some high profile players including Bentley, Zokora and Pavlyuchenko will also probably be available if the right sort of offers come in.

Are there any players on their way out that we should be keeping hold of? I’ve always been a fan of Taarabt but how long do we give to to convert his unlimited potential into the final product we need? I know his chances have been fairly limited and it’s going to be even harder for him now he needs knee surgery but I’d be keen for us to keep hold of the lad for now.

It’s a similar story with Giovani Dos Santos. He’s been excellentin hi brief spell at Ipswich and he’s another player I’d like to see get more chances next season. I’m hoping Harry uses the Carling Cup next season as an opportunity to blood players such as Taarabt, Dos Santos and Bostock.

Of the established members of the squad, I wouldn’t be that disappointed to see Zokora, Bentley and even Huddlestone going.  The thing that annoys me with a lot of these fringe players is the fact they run to the press the second they aren’t in the side. I realise it’s all part of the game and they are probably just doing as they are told by their agents but speak to Harry in private and tell the press you are working hard to get your place back, don’t throw around threats about leaving when you just ain’t that good.

Obviously Lennon and Modric speak for themselves and I can’t see the club letting either of them go no matter what kind of offers are on the table. I’ll just be keeping my fingers crossed that Sir Alex doesn’t take a shine to either of them because he has 100% control over transfers as well as refs! Alan Hutton in a red shirt would not surprise me before too long.