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Help the Spurs Five get to the Emirates

Help the Spurs Five get to the Emirates

I recently received an impassioned plea from eight young lads to ask if I could help them fulfill their dream of getting to the Emirates Stadium. AFC Fink Brau are a group of Spurs fans who are involved in the O2 Fives. As you might have guessed, it’s a five-a-side competition where the 16 teams with the most ‘likes’ on their page get to play in the event at Arsenal’s home.

Captained by Matt ‘Micky Hazard’ Hamm, the team is made up of James Adams, Mikey ‘Chicharito’ Langdon, Johnny Kirby, Dan ‘Calderwood’ Clark, Paul Erwood, Roberto Rosenthal Di Straldio and Aaron ‘Pikey Bastard’ Adams.

The main reason we need to get behind these Bournemouth based boys is the fact they plan on wearing the Spurs colours when they get to the last 16, as well as putting a few goals away obviously. While it might not be quite the same as when Bale and co went there earlier in the season and scored three if memory serves me correctly, it would still be nice to see a team supporting Spurs getting to play and possibly lift at trophy at Arsenal’s home.

You can like AFC Fink Brau’s page and help their cause by visiting the link below and clicking ‘like’.

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Painful is the only word I can use to describe having to endure that woeful display. Do the players not understand the importance of this fixture to the Tottenham fans? Their pathetic efforts at the Emirates would suggest not.

While we may have been missing some key men through injury and suspension, our squad is meant to be one of the best in the league. Robbie Keane certainly thinks so and I was inclined to agree until I saw the poor level the stand ins played to on Saturday.

If we’d have gone there and played well but got beat I wouldn’t have a problem but it was a no contest. Arsenal were different class and we had no answers.

In his post match interview when asked if our next game now carries extra significance Harry said ‘no’ and ‘we’d still be up there come the end of the season’ or words to that effect. I’d have to disagree, at least with the no part. Any side harbouring top four aspirations having suffered two defeats on the trot in the league needs to bounce back. Add that to the fact Harry obviously didn’t rate Darren Bent and you have the potential for an especially significant game.

I do still fancy us to beat Sunderland, just a little less than I did a couple of weeks ago.

Just one of those days

Just one of those days

Firstly credit to Stoke. They work on a shoestring budget in comparison to us and they are consolidating their position as solid Premier League side. Unfortunately, the result did nothing for Spurs chances of consolidating their position in the top 4!

I don’t think you can criticise Harry’s tactics or the Tottenham performance as a whole. We had 66% of the possession and 12 shots on target to Stokes 2 and did everything but score. On another day, we could have easily been 2 or 3 up by half time.

Stoke’s goalkeeper Steve Simonsen had the game of his life and when Lennon couldn’t continue, they took full advantage of their extra man. The extent of the injuries to Lennon and particularly Woodgate aren’t yet known. Lennon is likely nothing serious but seeing Woodgate have to come off during his first game of the season is bitterly disappointing.

It would have been nice to go into the Arsenal game with a few points cushion over them and off the back of another win but it wasn’t to be. I’m still looking forward to Saturday with eager anticipation and it promises to be a cracking game. Arsenal have looked great at times this season but they have also looked very beatable as yesterday’s match against West Ham demonstrated. Let’s go to the Emirates and get a result.

Slippery Stoke

Slippery Stoke

As I do with most home games against any teams outside the top few teams in the Premier League, I’d expect victory for Spurs against Stoke. Tony Pulis has done wonders firstly to get his club into the league and secondly, turning them into a formidable top flight side.

While Stoke are renowned for their home form, they have also been a lot more solid on the road this season than they were last. Other than the 4-0 drubbing at Liverpool in their first away outing of the season, Stoke have managed to three draws and a win from their four away fixtures since.

It seems like Pulis has decided to take a negative approach to away games and who can blame him? With the winning habit they have at home, just a few points on the road will ensure Stoke’s Premier League survival sooner rather than later.

The problem with taking this approach at the Lane is Spurs ability to score freely. We always come out the blocks with all guns blazing at home and an early goal completely ruins a lock down game plan for the opposition. The longer the game goes without a Tottenham goal, the better for Stoke. They are always dangerous of nicking something from set pieces and we will need to be solid defensively.

This is a key game for Spurs prior to the Arsenal next weekend and for me it’s the sort of game that suits us. I’d fancy a 3-0 or 3-1 score line that can keep us up with the pace at the top of the table and ensure that confidence is high before going to the Emirates.

I feel for Arsenal fans today

I feel for Arsenal fans today

It’s certainly a tough day for fans of the Arse. The number of them calling for Wenger’s head all over the internet is quite astounding. Panic surrounding the futures of Fabregas, Adebayor and Van Persie is rife and it has turned into yet another trophy-less season for a club that expects a lot more.

Wenger’s methods are possibly outdated in today’s Premiership. Maybe his brand of football and obsession with young boys just doesn’t work anymore. Patrice Evra put it best, claiming last night’s match was “It was 11 men against 11 babies.”

I hold my hands up, the gap between Arsenal and Spurs over the last decade or so has been very hard for us Spurs fans to take but it does appear to be gradually being eroding. With some stability where we are concerned in the summer and with the likely unrest at the Emirates, it could be the season we pose a serious threat to their dominance as the premier north London side and hopefully edge them out of the illusive top 4 like we should have done a few years ago.

While Arsenal fans are in turmoil after last night’s result, I am taking heart from the fact they look very much like a club on the road to nowhere.