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Can we finally offload David Bentley?

Can we finally offload David Bentley?

The stories currently doing the rounds are that both Sunderland and Athletico Madrid are interested in the most disappointing Tottenham signing since Helder Postiga.

David Bentley was meant to be the man to take Spurs to the next level. Arguably the best right sided player in the Premier League at the time of his arrival at White Hart Lane in July 2008, he was expected to oust Aaron Lennon and become Spurs’ star man. Unfortunately for Bentley and fortunately for Tottenham, neither scenario materialised.

Rumoured to be on around 60k a week, a Bentleyless wage bill would certainly be a good thing for Tottenham Hotspur. It’s unlikely we will recoup anything like the £15-£17m paid for his services, but I’d imagine someone will take a punt on him for around £7 or £8m in the January transfer window.

While Bentley’s goal against Arsenal was probably worth a couple of million to Spurs fans, we more than paid them back with the chunk of the transfer fee they got from Blackburn.

David Bentley will be best remember for kicking a ball off a roof into a skip and his drink driving charge than anything he contributed during his time on the pitch whilst a Tottenham Hotspur player. I hope he can mature a bit and get his career back on track elsewhere but I have the feeling he will go down in the history books as a player that never managed to fulfil his potential.

From the worst to the best

From the worst to the best

As our currently absent Miss Spur alluded to some time ago, Niko Kranjcar finally completed his move to Spurs yesterday. It’s a Croatian to replace a Croatian by the looks of things after Luka Modric picked up a significant injury at the weekend.

After being linked with a number of targets on deadline day, some good and some worryingly bad, we ended up with just the one signing and probably the best of the bunch at that.

Apart from landing a very good player, the price which Spurs apparently paid makes the transfer one the best pieces of business in this window. Just under £3m for a player of Kranjcar’s quality is a snip, even he was coming to the end of his contract at Pompey.

Kranjcar should be able to do a great job of filling in for Modric while he’s out injured. With Modric, Corluka and now Kranjcar, I think Harry is gradually putting together a nice little Croatian Clique!

The final day of the transfer window may not have been filled with excitement as it often is for Spurs fans but for me that is a good thing. It’s a sign that we now have a level of stability at the club and are not getting sucked into our usual desperation stakes where the only answer is to pay over the odds for average players.

It seems like we have gone from being one of the worst clubs in the country where the transfer market is concerned, to one of the best. The fees we held out for on Berbatov, Keane and Bent were excellent and players like Palacios and Kranjcar looks like absolute bargains. Let’s hope this trend continues in January and that the days of paying £15m and upwards for players like David Bentley and Darren Bent are well and truly behind us.

Jenas off, Bentley storms off and Modric taken off

Jenas off, Bentley storms off and Modric taken off

There are reports circulating today that Jermaine Jenas has submitted a transfer request. He has been linked with a move to Inter for a while after Jose Mourinho voiced his admiration for the player earlier in the summer. I wouldn’t be that surprised to see JJ go. I get the impression he probably thinks he’s a bit better than Tottenham and probably also expected to have moved on to a bigger club before now although his performances for us haven’t demonstrated that he’s worthy of such a move. If there is any genuine inquiry from Inter, I doubt he’ll be hanging around.

David Bentley got a rare start in our final friendly of the pre-season against Olympiakos yesterday. We didn’t come to life until the 2nd half and unfortunately, that’s when he was substituted. He stormed down the tunnel but it’s unclear whether it was because he needed to relieve himself or because he was in a strop, I’m hopeful it was the first one. Ok, he really struggled last season but he’s a quality player and if he’s not going to Villa as was looking likely last month, Bentley should to be given a chance.

Luka Modric came on for the 2nd half yesterday and was superb, being involved in the first two goals of the game before coming off in the 79th minute. I’ve got everything crossed that this was just a precautionary measure from Harry because he will be the difference in us achieving something or not this season as far as I’m concerned. One of the best midfielders in the Premiership for my money.

Goals from Olympiakos game here

The players up for sale

The players up for sale

As there is still a distinct lack of solid activity on the transfer front, and with the rumours getting more and more desperate, I thought it might be a good chance to analyse those players that Spurs would probably be happy to offload this summer.

We are still quite heavy on the Team Comolli front but I’m slightly concerned that we won’t even be able to give a couple of those superstars away.

Definite Departures
Kevin-Prince Boateng – He’s the one that could be most difficult to shift. I believe he’s on quite decent wages, he’s got a little bit about him but doesn’t have a brain. Borussia Dortmund were interested but we apparently wanted too much money. I doubt any club will want to take a punt on him if a few million quid in transfer fees are involved, best to cut our losses imo.

Didier Zokora – As much as I like him as a person, his attitude is good and he’s probably a decent character to have in the dressing room, he adds very little in the way of value on the pitch as far as I can make out. Sevilla and Sunderland are both allegedly tracking the Ivorian but Spurs are again being greedy where the transfer fee is concerned. I’d bite someone’s hand off for £5m let alone the rumoured £8-10m Levy is after.

David Bentley – I still don’t really understand what went wrong other than the fact he’s another one without much going on upstairs. He did us all a favour by leading the revolt against Ramos and his goal against Arsenal was special but his head was never right at Spurs for one reason or another. Hopefully he’ll pop off to Villa and we will take a hit for a few million quid but have another big earner doing nothing for his money off the books.

Gilberto – Not much to say really, looks shockingly bad at times, has to go but like the Ghetto Kid, could be difficult to move on.

Maybe Moving
Alan Hutton – I don’t want to see him go anywhere but he might struggle to nail down the right back spot next season and with Everton and possibly Utd sniffing around he could fancy a move.

Jamie O’Hara – While he might not be the most talented player in the world, Jamie O’Hara is the man you know will give his all when many others have given up. I’m slightly disappointed with his choice of girlfriend but as long as it doesn’t affect his performance on the field, I don’t really care. Fulham are close to agreeing a deal if the rumours are to be believed, I hope not.

Gareth Bale – I wouldn’t be that bothered if Bale went to be honest. He doesn’t seem to have progressed at all since his arrival and he still hasn’t nailed down the art of defending. He had the potential to be one of the best left backs in the Premier League, he now has Championship potential.

Who do you want to see out the door in the transfer window? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Tottenham’s Top Transfer Targets

Tottenham’s Top Transfer Targets

Peter Crouch – Crouchy looks the most likely of the current crop of players being linked with Spurs. Harry’s a big fan having signed him for decent money while at Pompey and he seemed to enjoy playing with Defoe during his time there. If Robbie Keane is on the way out then Crouch would be perfect to come in and play alongside Jermain. For all that people like to knock the world’s tallest man, he is a proven Premiership goal scorer and would be worth shelling out for.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar – Spurs were strongly linked with Huntelaar prior to his move to Madrid but how true these stories were I’m not so sure. The fact things haven’t really worked out for him at Real make him a more realistic target now and with his current side splashing the cash like there is no tomorrow, he may be willing to take a step down to guarantee first team football. He won’t be cheap and neither will his wages but I’d prefer we took a punt on a player of his calibre rather than another average English player that will cost just as much such as Bent or Bentley. I don’t include Crouch in this because he has a much better track record.

Ashley Young – I was initially very surprised when we were linked with Ashley Young. I thought Villa were more than ok financially and after having to sell Gareth Barry I would have thought they would have been desperate to hold on to the rest of their star players. Martin O’Neill is supposedly interested in both David Bentley and Tom Huddlestone and either of both of those players could go in the other direction. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the pair of them leaving to be honest. My main concern with Young would be his fee. The fact he’s under 25 and English means he’ll probably valued at close to £20m but if we can get away with £8m and Bentley it wouldn’t be a disaster.

Everton, The Toffees, The People’s Club

Everton, The Toffees, The People’s Club

Why can’t any of our recent managers have come up with a nickname like the people’s club?! In the same way The Rock was the people’s champion, Everton are a side that most football fans seem to like and have respect for (Liverpool fans not included obviously).

He may look like a nutcase, have regular head butt matches with Duncan Ferguson, and put players in torturous submission holds when they make mistakes, but David Moyes is certainly one of the best managers in Premiership history.

With very limited resources, he has moulded Everton into a consistent and hard working side that always achieve more than they should on paper. He doesn’t often make a bad signing and takes a punt on players that other managers wouldn’t. Tim Cahill, Phil Neville and Mikel Arteta show what a talent he has for picking players. I’m obviously happy Spurs have more spending power in the transfer market but I wish they could follow Everton’s lead and be a bit more astute. It would be no surprise to see Moyes nick David Bentley off us for £4m and turn him back into a decent player. He’s also recently been linked with Pavlyuchenko, another he’d no doubt be able to get much more out of then Tottenham have been able to.

Harry Redknapp has no fresh injury concerns and I’d be surprised if Defoe doesn’t feature. Robbie Keane has been out of sorts in recent games but I don’t expect that to last long and I don’t expect Harry to leave him out the starting line up either.

Spurs have a very solid record against Everton and we haven’t lost in our last 4 visits to Goodison Park but the Toffees did beat us at the Lane earlier in the season. On form, I’d be happy with a draw but we need a win to keep the pressure on in the battle for that 7th spot and history is on our side. We have won here 7 times in the Premier League and I wouldn’t bet against us making it 8 wins tomorrow.

Sending Newcastle and Shearer to the Championship

Sending Newcastle and Shearer to the Championship

Obafemi Martins’ pile driver of a goal at the Lane a couple of seasons back still haunts me. I thought we would win that game comfortably but the inconsistent African came up with some magic to ruin that Sunday for me. I can see this Sunday being a different story.

I have a lot of time for Newcastle, especially their fans but I really fear for their Premiership status this season. The arrival of their messiah Alan Shearer is a move borne out of desperation rather than planning.

Shearer is clever. He didn’t fancy the job in the middle of the season because he knew the side was full of average, lazy and injury prone players who would have needed a serious kick up the backside and possibly even some headlocks the likes of which we’d not seen since Keiron Dyer was part of the Toon. By taking the job at this late stage of the season, he has nothing to lose. Save Newcastle from relegation and he’s untouchable for life. If they do get relegated, he’s lost no face because he didn’t have time to do a proper job and can walk away before next season if things behind the scenes aren’t the way he wants them.

If I was a Newcastle fan I would have been very happy with Joe Kinnear and the job he did under difficult circumstances. I don’t believe that any other manager would have had the club in a better position with the resources he had at his disposal.

Supporting Spurs I can identify with some of the issues the Newcastle fans have faced over the last ten years or so, false dawns etc but having Bobby Robson at the helm and the first reign of Keegan must have been amazing.

Harry has a strong squad to pick from for Sunday’s encounter with Alan Hutton now fit, David Bentley staking a claim for first team action with two goals against Arsenal reserves and Wilson Palacios returning from his one game ban.

Like with West Ham last week, I just think the current Tottenham side will have too much for the Toon Army at White Hart Lane. I realise they will be playing out their skins for both Premiership survival and to avoid the wrath of Sir Alan but they just don’t have the quality to take all 3pts. Had the game been at St James’ Park I would have been worried but current form points to a comfortable Spurs victory.

We might need to sign some more rubbish

We might need to sign some more rubbish

Downing, Bellamy, Parker. These names fill me with dread but at the same time they could be a necessary evil. Harry’s honeymoon period is well and truly over. Our strikers are shit. Our midfield is shit. Our defence is OK.

The build the team round a little Croatian tactic was a good idea, but doesn’t work if your strikers aren’t intelligent enough to play with him. I know he’s small but I’d quite like to see two up top with Modric in the middle alongside Huddlestone. We would be lightweight but it doesn’t matter because at the moment, we aren’t making any chances whatsoever.

Harry’s forte is signing decent players on the cheap, how refreshing that would be to see as a Spurs fan. Bentley, Pavlyuchenko, Bent, Boateng are just the tip of the iceberg. It makes me physically sick to think how much these players cost, especially when you think of the decent players that have walked out the door.

Our dilemma now is do we sign some equally average players in the hope that they keep us in the league? I personally still feel Harry can get enough out of what he already has to keep us up but we can’t afford to take any chances. Seeing Stuart Downing arrive for £14m+ would likely give me a stroke but it could all be worth it as long as we aren’t playing in the Championship next season.

David Bentley and Real Madrid

David Bentley and Real Madrid

The British press are amazing. According to the Daily Star, Ramos is going to sign both Aaron Lennon and David Bentley!

According to most of the rumours I heard, Bentley was one of the main reasons Ramos got the boot. Not only because of his awful performances on the pitch under Ramos, but also for displays of dissent towards the manager in the dressing room. It was him kicking off when he heard he was being left on the bench for the 2nd leg of the match against Wisla Krakow that was the beginning of the end for Wendy.

I know Ramos has questions to answer after some of the methods he employed during his tenure at the Lane, but is he really stupid enough to sign a player after that? I think not.

As for Lennon, he was another player Ramos used sparingly especially toward the end of his reign at Spurs. Why would he want to sign him?

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Star, let’s hope for more of the same. Maybe the players he didn’t give squad numbers too could also be on his hit list?!