Sending Newcastle and Shearer to the Championship

Sending Newcastle and Shearer to the Championship

Obafemi Martins’ pile driver of a goal at the Lane a couple of seasons back still haunts me. I thought we would win that game comfortably but the inconsistent African came up with some magic to ruin that Sunday for me. I can see this Sunday being a different story.

I have a lot of time for Newcastle, especially their fans but I really fear for their Premiership status this season. The arrival of their messiah Alan Shearer is a move borne out of desperation rather than planning.

Shearer is clever. He didn’t fancy the job in the middle of the season because he knew the side was full of average, lazy and injury prone players who would have needed a serious kick up the backside and possibly even some headlocks the likes of which we’d not seen since Keiron Dyer was part of the Toon. By taking the job at this late stage of the season, he has nothing to lose. Save Newcastle from relegation and he’s untouchable for life. If they do get relegated, he’s lost no face because he didn’t have time to do a proper job and can walk away before next season if things behind the scenes aren’t the way he wants them.

If I was a Newcastle fan I would have been very happy with Joe Kinnear and the job he did under difficult circumstances. I don’t believe that any other manager would have had the club in a better position with the resources he had at his disposal.

Supporting Spurs I can identify with some of the issues the Newcastle fans have faced over the last ten years or so, false dawns etc but having Bobby Robson at the helm and the first reign of Keegan must have been amazing.

Harry has a strong squad to pick from for Sunday’s encounter with Alan Hutton now fit, David Bentley staking a claim for first team action with two goals against Arsenal reserves and Wilson Palacios returning from his one game ban.

Like with West Ham last week, I just think the current Tottenham side will have too much for the Toon Army at White Hart Lane. I realise they will be playing out their skins for both Premiership survival and to avoid the wrath of Sir Alan but they just don’t have the quality to take all 3pts. Had the game been at St James’ Park I would have been worried but current form points to a comfortable Spurs victory.

49 thoughts on “Sending Newcastle and Shearer to the Championship

  1. Newcastle are obviously going to be really up for this game, I think it’s going to be a really tough one. They will see this as a match where they must take all 3 points.

  2. As a Newcastle fan, regrettably I have to agree with this article. For all Spurs defensive frailties, I hadn’t realised just how good their home defense was. Second only to Liverpool in goals conceded, with a miserly 9 in 16 matches.

    Big Al is going to have to pull something out of the bag with this one, and I would probably be happy with a draw, though we really do need to pick up wins.

    Maybe we can hope some of the work ethic Harry is trying to instill, still hasn’t sunk in with some of them. Safe from relegation, and maybe too far in some of the Spurs players minds from qualifying for Europe could help us. Lord knows, we need all the help we can get.

    Hopefully Shearer will have learned a lot from the Stoke game, and realise that no matter what Ameobi does in training, he is in effect utterly useless in every game he plays.

    With a tail wind behind us, and a performance borne out of she(a)r need, combined with a near end of season feel at Spurs, then maybe, just maybe we can get all three points. But, I can’t honestly see it.

  3. I can honestly say that i HATE newcastle and really hope that we take them to the cleaners on sunday. I will never forget that semi final at OT when dabizas handed the ball in their penalty area, the ref said fuck off and shearer the slag went up the other end a scored.Lets make sure we do our bit to send the geordies down, hopefully with their cousins from boro. COYS x

  4. I tend to agree with this article too apart from the kinnear bit. He’s awful surely we can make a better appointment and start spending some money on players. Our owner is a joke. Dont expect a win though, I feel a draw is the best we can achieve.

    As for the comments by lee above you need to chill out mate you’ll give yourself a hernia.

  5. Great article shame a nob like Lee had to spoil things. Will be a tough match thats for sure with a 1-0 going either way. COYS

  6. Erm, Lee’s opinion is valid. If he’d been slating Ars*nal none of you would have whinged.

    Anyway. I quite want to see the Georgies go down, as much as I like them it’s good for the league to see a ‘big’ team take a kick in the balls. No one is untouchable. Everyone is beatable etc etc.

    As for this game. I’m going to stick my neck out and go for a frustrating Newcastle win 1-2.

    Not because i’m expecting a Newcastle performance but it would be typical Spurs to slump to a team suffering at the bottom. We’ve been great against higher placed teams, and not so great against the lower.

    Regardless, come on you spuds.

    Incidentally, Kinnear has been the most successful of Newcastles 4 managers this term stats will confirm. And he called one of the Press a c*nt at a press conference. Worth it’s weight? Surely?


  7. Yes I think our run of six wins in a row against Spurs might just come to an end, but I wouldn’t be disappointed with a draw.

  8. I can’t wait for this match having migrated to OZ three years ago I sorely miss going to the Lane to cheer on the lads, even though the Geordie boys will be fighting for their lives I can’t see anything other than 3 points for us. COYS. Great job Harry!

  9. Toon fan here.
    We seem to have a very good record at Spurs for some odd reason and I’ll never forget that 3-2 win at WHL.
    However you guys are pushign for Europe this season and we’re hoping to stay in the league.
    Which team will have the most determination?
    We need the win but it seems Obafemi will miss out.

    I really hope we can win but it will be tough.

    Lee : That comment is from an immature individual, get a life.
    You don’t see any Toon fans hating Spurs and hoping they’d go down.

    To the rest of Spurs fan here, the mature ones, lets hoep for a good game on Sunday (and a Toon win :P)


  10. To all the geordies who dont like my opinion bye bye to the yids that have made a negative comment ssshhhh. Our game is all about passion and the will to win, and history is what determines how we feel. So to all the SPURS fans who dont care about previous loses in high profile games please go and support the other lot up the seven sisters. COYS X

  11. Listen we are gonna turn your arses over this weekend. Shearerrrrrrrrr has got us playing great football so back to the gas chambers for you lot. Toon toon tonn army lets do the jew scum

  12. That 3-2 game…………arggggghhh! Most baffling result I’ve ever witnessed. We battered the geordies for the entire game. Something like 65% possession and 25 attempts on goal. Wave after wave of attack.

    But Given had one of those games. A succession of breathtaking saves, coupled with some glaring misses by Spurs. Then came Martins’ wonder goal and two losses of concentration at the back and somehow, Newcastle had scored three goals from five or six attacks in the entire game and Nicky Butt was accepting the adulation of the away corner.

  13. to all you geordies – FUCK OFF back to shitsville supporting your shit team and fucking your cheap ugly women. Enjoy your little outing this weekend as it will be the last time you visit to WHL hopefully for many a year. Enjoy Loftus Rd – you mugs!!!

  14. Well im pleased to read so many lovely comments from the Village People. Your the type of fellas who give it large on the net and when match day comes you are nowhere to be seen! I hope you go down so badly.

  15. if i was a rich man yabba dabba dabba dabba dabba doo.

    My pediction for SUNDAY:

    A few geordies get whacked
    A few geordies get whacked some more
    A few goals are put past Given – oh no sorry he doesnt play for you anymore
    A few more points for SPURS
    A few more inches towards the championship for the geordies

    At least your messiah should be able to save you from Div 1 next season –

  16. Complete contradiction in the article, didn’t you get to the end of it and realise that what you just wrote does noting but make you look intellectually inept.

    1. Shearer having nothing to lose? The way I see it he has everything to lose. He doesn’t need £1m contract he is one of the countries top sports earners still, so he hasn’t done it for money. He will see it as a complete disaster and his hometown club will be relegated so I would count that as something to lose.

    2. Newcastle have been your bogey team regardless of form for the last 3 years…Your form is too strong so you can’t see us getting anything from the Lane…make your mind up, you can’t say both. The way I see it is this one is completely unpredicatable. What I will say is that Spurs fans should have learned their lesson by now not to get too confident about this fixture because if I politely remind you since our return to the premiership we have smashed more goals against the spuds than any other team, an aggregate score of NUFC 56 V THFC 44. Aggregate score being NUFC 18 V THFC 7 in the last 3 years.

    I’m not saying I fully expect a win at WHL but to be completely fair, you lot need to wake up and start paying us some respect otherwise this run will carry on for a lot longer.

  17. Im a Sunderland fan and we are all relying on spurs to do us a favour on sunday and smash the geordies. Good luck spurs!

  18. To all you racist and ignorant geordies…I bet you’d let Martins and Ameobi bang your Mrs for 3 points! In fact, they’re probably doing it now while your wasting your time at the job shop! Going down, going down, going down…and that’s just her!

  19. Superal: If you “fucking destroy” us, then I will personally take the liberty of chopping my own balls off. However, if you don’t destroy us, I think it’s only fair that you shut the fuck up and quit wasting our time with your delusional, good for nothing comments.

  20. What you are too thick to understand is that we called ourselves the yids long before you pricks new jews existed. Even before you lot won…oh nothing ever!! Yids and proud.

    Joe you are a cock, your punctuation suggest that you have a mental age of 6, and I really hope we smash the granny out of your lot on sunday.

    Sorry to all the sensible geordies that wrote decent posts earlier on.

  21. comments should be moderated on here, there’s way too much spam esp the crap racist/antisemitic kind. it could go either way given our weakness in defending set pieces, but i don’t see either side winning by more than one or two goals and i suspect a drab draw is most likely. newcastle have had a good run against us in the last few years, but that hardly means anything at the moment when the teams and managers have almost completely changed. the timing isn’t as good for them this year either, we should still be motivated since we’re in the chase for Europe.

  22. After reading some of the recent comments posted between the Spurs and Newcastle fan’s I suddenly remembered why I migrated to Australia, as for the true football fans graet comments!

  23. Shrearerrrrrrrr is going to take you down son. And good fucking riddance. Your just a small club with a big ground and no one else to support. And as for this greatest fans in the world bollocks, its your fault you have won fuck all. you put far to much pressure on your average team year in year out. Adios losers…

  24. Appropriate name Toontart. Your all a bunch of tarts, your team play like a bunch of tarts and you fight like women. Your birds love it when us cockneys come up there. Because we have a thing called money, which we spend on them, and we dont beat them up like you northern mugs.

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