Players Please

Players Please

Tottenham TransfersSo where are these summer signings then?! I expected Tottenham to be very active in the transfer market by now but it just hasn’t happened. It sounds like Harry expected to get Joe Cole but I still thought we’d have three or four new squad members by now. Our boss was quoted in the press today talking about Man City’s resources, claiming fans would not care if ‘Saddam Hussein’ owned their club so long as he was pumping ridiculous amounts of money into it.

City’s spending power is incredible and eventually, I’m sure they will manage to buy the Premier League title and possible even the Champions League, but I believe we still have another season or two before the Abu Dhabi United Group complete their mission! Although it must be exciting times for City fans, I’d imagine it must also be a little tedious being able to basically go out and get anyone. As a fan you want success, but just buying it in that way makes very little appeal to me personally. If Spurs paid the type of transfer fee and wages that are being quoted for James Milner, I’d feel more than a little sick!

‘There’s still value in the transfer market, but you’ve got to be a genius. You’ve got to go and find somebody, but top players, they want top wages. That’s your problem.’

While Redknapp does have a point with regard to the transfer market being a tougher place to unearth bargains than it has been in years gone by, it’s not impossible. If anyone can come up with a couple of gems for fair money, it’s Harry. I think wages are an issue but there is a balance you have to find where that issue is concerned. The club have that balance about right at
the moment.

It just doesn’t feel normal being a Spurs fan this Summer. Champions League football and not being linked with every player under the sun while buying and selling lots of others. Maybe this is the new Tottenham, a more settled and stable one hopefully. That being said, two or three new faces before we kick off our campaign proper would be very welcome.

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  1. Personally I don’t think Man City will do much better than last year – the players they are buying, despite being decent are not ‘World Class’ (except maybe Yaya Toure).

    I don’t think they will be able to buy their way to the title – Chelsea were a bit different in that they were not far away anyway.

    The number of players they have will probably mean either half of them will be unhappy not playing, or they will keep changing the side so much they will not get any continuity!

    Plus where is the achievement in buying your way to the title?!?

    Plus how will City cope with the rules re. English players and youth players, as well as being in profit for a number of years (I think that is the case)?

  2. I agree with Paul here, man city won’t be able to cope with those new measures. I’m positive we will make at least 2 big name signings this season.

  3. Harry and Spurs have got to be careful two things have to be considered. Firstly we have to make sure we are replacing a better player than the one who is departing . Lets look at our possible outs Keane a prolific goal scorer who has found is form dip dramatically for three reasons splitting up with Berbatov and going to is boyhood club Liverpool the hard core Spurs fans hatred because of is betrayal . He is also suffering from a four striker system and because of all three combined he is playing football with massive pressure saddens and the worse one of all the love of his once adoring fans missing Highlighted perfectly in New York with his misses and subsequent trade mark Goal wants to stay. Jenas a once great prospect with a great engine that in two many games is switched of he needs a strong Captain to make him switch on his engine wants to stay. Pavlyuchenko started slowly hit a purple patch and then faded he also suffered from rotation of four strikers he wants to stay .Crouch a great odd ball player at 6ft7 who finally got us to the Champions league loves the big occasion games one of Cappelos big mistakes in the world cup by leaving him out admiring overtures from Hodgson and Liverpool he must be kept. Ekotto also attracting Liverppol Bentley Bassong Kaboul Woodgate Ohara Dosantos Taarabt are all potential sales. Potential buys Suarez Bellamy Caihill Young Huntelaar Richards and many others who want to much money .So better the devil you know i am Happy with all our emerging and in waiting squad.

  4. Agree DAVSPURS – we do have some quality that is trying to break through in Pav, Dos Santos, Bentley etc. Harry must be forced to play them this year because he will need to rotate to compete seriously in all competitions.

    Would like to see some improvements. Could do with a world class left back and right back, though Corluka is good, but if he is injured we can struggle…Thinking Phillip Lahm and Capdevilla. Micah Richards would also be a good signing with potential who is comfortable with the English game, strong and fast.

    A world class midfielder would also be good like Bastian Schweinsteiger.

    Would also opt for Forlan, Suarez, or Podolski.

    With a two or three of these additions we could be capable of anything.

  5. In terms of players to offload, we have plenty. Bentley needs to go, Keane also. O’Hara, Bassong, Woodgate and probably Pav to name but a few. We need a quality right back (Richards has potential but not there yet) another central midfielder and 1 striker (Hunteelar).
    I have to add that I’m getting a little annoyed with Harry and I don’t think I’m alone. What’s annoyed me more than anything is that he openly touted himself for the England job (which isn’t even vacant which shows a lack of respect also). I’ve never known any manager in history to continuosly repeat his interest in a player (Joe Cole) quite as frequently as Redknapp did, TV, Radio, Newspaper, it was every day he was saying how much he’d love him to come to Spurs. Cole’s decision to then join Liverpool has made us look like mugs as a consequence. Redknapp has also used potential job offers elsewhere to secure a better contract with us (nothing that doesn’t go on elsewhere I suppose). The final nail for me is his latest, ‘we need 3 top players to compete’ statement which is surely aimed at Levy with the intention of putting pressure from the fans also on him to spend yet more money. Haven;t you had enough Harry? Have you spent wisely thus far?? Do you deserve any more or should you not offload what we didn’t need in the first place. Football is a fickle game and I know last year was great but I am getting a little fed up so forgive me.

  6. It has definitely been a quiet market but when you think about it, there has been a month for the world cup, while this month sees us on a tour around the US. Surely Redknapp would have to back in the UK before the signings start.

  7. Keane and Crouch need to be sold asap, together with Jenas and O Hara. If Spurs want to improve, these are not the players that we need.

    Each one of your potential sales “Bentley Bassong Kaboul Woodgate Ohara Dosantos Taarabt” are pivotal to our success and stability this season, bar O Hara who can fuck right off for his FA Cup tirade. Bentley, Dos Santos, Bassong, Kaboul and Taarabt will be fresh and ready for our domestic cup campaign, together with Kranjcar. They will ensure that we remain strong in all competitions this year.

    Off your potential buys, i would only take Richards and Huntelaar (purely because he would be sold cheaply – max £12 mill)

    If Redknapp and Levy are serious about our up coming campaign, we need to sign Ronaldhino, Klose, Forlan and Richards. Although the 1st three are 30+, we don’t need young mecenaries to showboat but experienced campaigners to consolidate our league campaign and stregnthen our European campaign.

    If that is the case, other clubs and players will take Spurs seriously. Once we have established ourselves within the league and in Europe, we can pick and choose the players we like. By this time Ronaldhino, Klose and Forlan should be ready to retire…

  8. Oh, and i forgot to add…thank you Jesus that Joe Cole went to Liverpool…wouldn’t want to pay 90K a week to be sitting on the treatment table – another sick note…

  9. Why? What gave you the impression we’d be very active in the transfer market this summer. Every quote printed from Harry suggests we’ll add quality if we can find it, but if we don’t, we’re OK with what we’ve got. Sure, since then he’s suggested we do need a couple if we are to push on. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big admirer of all the Spurs faithful who provide countless hours of entertainment for the masses with their posts, but all this stuff about why aren’t we doing this that or the other and how the new season is in danger of going down the crapper if we don’t sign someone soon is a bit premature unnecessary IMO. It seems that every other blog is preaching the same doom and gloom message at the moment. For me this is a monumental period in our recent history and I really intend enjoying the ride with my glass half full.

  10. Remember what happened when we was very active in the market? Bringing in Gomes, Modric, Dos Santos just to name a few.. We had a terrible start to the season.

    Our team is good enough but as Harry said 2/3 players will do the trick.


  11. I think you probably are alone in your critisism of Harry because I haven’t heard anything else but praise for him thus far for the amazing job he has done from the fans or the media. Of course he is going to sell some players and if you think that Levy doesn’t also understand that we need a few more players then you really aren’t giving him enough credit either!

  12. Not sure what alot of you are on about, naming 6 or 7 outs and a similar number of ins – particulary the calls to sell bassong!?!? Where has that come from and on what basis? Are squad is quality – even the likes of jenas and keane could be handy at times and don’t deserve the treatment most of you give them that suggests they routinely score 5 own goals a game. Let’s remember Sandro is coming (yes I know his current season hasn’t ended yet) and gio showed at the WC that he can be another weapon in the squad. If woodgate gets fit which the itk’s on coys suggest he will be, then I don’t really see the need for a defender or midfielder. I still have faith in the likes of Hutton and particulary BAE to contribute greatly in a long long season.

    The only area we should look at IMO is one player and that’s up front. Again like defence and midfield I’m inclined to say we don’t need anyone either but if we can get one special striker then we should and I’m talking in the tevez, torres mould or why bother. Big problem is there not out there available. Maybe huntelaar or suarez but unless they were someone like samuel eto’o I do wonder if it’s worth us just holding onto are money.

  13. to the man how suggested phillip lahm if he joined i would cry in happines best wing back in the world

  14. andd i have been tempted to comment

    how can you consider selling bassong ekkoto bentley woody or dos santos

    bassong unsung hero kaboul looked very good toward the end of the season bentley will be the new bale ( as in you know improvement) woodgate well noone would buy him plus if fit a huge assit and dos santos well would be silly to sell him now he could become very useful next season i would sell keane hutton jenas and o’hara keep tarrabt and the ones ive commented on above bring in pletikosa suarez richards and taiwo no midfielder needed in my opnion

  15. I can’t really understand the logics in the comments of some of you people here. For one, naming Bassong and Kaboul as players we need to get rid of!? Bassong played most of last season alongside Dawson and did it quite good as well. And he is still young. IMO he is one of the better young defenders in the PL. Why should he go? Kaboul only came here half a season ago, and like him or not, is not going to be sold. So no need to discuss it really.
    Some of you also have to get in touch with reality when it comes to who we will be capable of bringing in. Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Klose… They all play for the finalist in last seson CL, why the hell should they want to move to Spurs?
    We are still a couple of years away from attracting players from clubs like B Munich. You need more than one season’s top four finish to manage that.
    Regarding who we should bring in, I think two players will suffice. A striker (that has be better than the ones we have), and maybe a classy right back. Can’t believe that many of you consider BAE a weak link that has to be replaced, when Corluka is a liability against the better teams. He is not fast enough and rarely makes an impact offensively against those sides. BAE were one of our best players before the injury in january.

  16. ‘we need 3 top players to compete’
    was definately a ridiculous statement i think he should keep his optimistic mouth shut ‘joe cole wanted to come to spurs’ ‘we can win the league’ he is a joke

  17. lahm and schweinsteiger will never go to spurs. if they were for sale a big club would go for them and spurs would have no chance. capdevilla is shit! YOU ARE DELUDED

  18. Wow…Liverpool have re-signed Fabio Aurellio on a 2 year deal having been released by Rafa. Well, that just about sums up Rafa’s weird sense of judgment and epitomises just how clever Roy Hodgson is; Fabio joining a growing number of world class players available on a free…Where are you Harry? Sure, some fans might say ‘Harry said just one or two that can improve the team’ and, in my learned opinion wrongly consider Fabio and Joe Cole to not fit the category. Fact is these are 2 exceptional players that would have enhanced the squad, prospects of success and saved on massive transfer fees. Also fact that the players Harry has been linked with are uber expensive and comparatively crap!!! Before anyone gets critical the site is called White Hart Pain for a reason.

  19. V Happy with the new signings; they definitely improve areas of the squad and provide good quality competition for places.

    Also, have to confess that BAE has looked much more self-assured this season…good man!

    Champions League group also looking good. It will be nice to see how we match up to Inter.

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