Painful is the only word I can use to describe having to endure that woeful display. Do the players not understand the importance of this fixture to the Tottenham fans? Their pathetic efforts at the Emirates would suggest not.

While we may have been missing some key men through injury and suspension, our squad is meant to be one of the best in the league. Robbie Keane certainly thinks so and I was inclined to agree until I saw the poor level the stand ins played to on Saturday.

If we’d have gone there and played well but got beat I wouldn’t have a problem but it was a no contest. Arsenal were different class and we had no answers.

In his post match interview when asked if our next game now carries extra significance Harry said ‘no’ and ‘we’d still be up there come the end of the season’ or words to that effect. I’d have to disagree, at least with the no part. Any side harbouring top four aspirations having suffered two defeats on the trot in the league needs to bounce back. Add that to the fact Harry obviously didn’t rate Darren Bent and you have the potential for an especially significant game.

I do still fancy us to beat Sunderland, just a little less than I did a couple of weeks ago.

11 thoughts on “Painful

  1. I think we will sruggle for a top 6 place. People will have another pop at bentley but he was no worse than alot of the others. Jenas and hudd are not good enough, bale should be given a run on the left of midfield and can someone tell me when keane last played consistently well

  2. Agree with Spencer, Keane has been poor overall since arriving back from Liverpool. He was playing far too deep on Sat for the majority of the game. Whether that was under instruction or not I don’t know.

  3. Haha turkey neck got proper stuffed! hahahaha
    what a joke we should have won by at least 7 goals! o well we will when we come to your crap ground! only one team in north london COME ON YOU GUNNERS!
    maybe next year lads after you spent another 40 mill.
    ps we bring on eduardo and u bring on bale hahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Firstly, there are too many players not good enough if we really think we can be a top 4 team. Corluka, Ekotu, Jenas, Huddlestone, Bentley, Pav and Keane (he has completely lost his game since he went to Liverpool) are not good enough. Secondly, we cannot rely on Ledley King against the top teams. I think he can get away with playing every seven days but when he misses additional games with injury he seem to be well off the pace when he returns.
    Thirdly, any talk of the top four by any of the players or management should result in a large fine because it is invariably followed by a weak performance as the players do not have the mentality to deal with the expectations they willingly put on themselves.
    Having said all that, we are only a strong midfield player, two full backs and a centre back away from a top team (as long as they come to Spurs with the correct mentality).
    Surely Harry can raise the money for the above by selling several of the squad that are clearly not up to it.

  5. hmmmm, i think a bit of an over reaction there. True, we capitulated and went under with some woeful defending…… but i think Harry is right….. the next games carry no more significance than every game we have played so far and every game in the future. You have to take it one game at a time in football, and the premiership is proving this year more than ever that each game has the potential to go either way.

    We didnt play badly at all at stoke, the fact we couldnt put the ball in the back of the net was the reason we lost and on another day we could have finished 3/4/5-0. It was a blip, but i wasnt displeased with our performance.

    Saturday was a hard pill to swallow, but the doom and gloom is not needed. I think so many years of hurt and let downs have left the spurs fans with a constant negative attitude.

    Arsenal threw away their lead against Man U in a similar if not worse style to us against them and have throw away a 2-0 leads against a team significantly lower then them in the league….got thumped by man city who are’nt considered to be in the ‘top 4’ yet. Every team has had off days this year… chelsea (against wigan) Man U (against sunderland, liverpool, burnly) Arsenal (against man city, man u – TWO LOSES ON THE TROT).

    i agree we need to bounce back but i think a little clarity is needed before people start losing faith and getting the hump. We are a good side and every team has suffered a bad defeat this year…. ok its third, against all the big teams, but as long as we can avoid any more or minimal loses to the teams below us, we will do ok!

  6. Cesc,
    you are right due to poor finishing we got away with only conceding 3, Bale on the left of mid-field you bring on Edwardo and what !!!!
    Bale is a far better player than Edwardo who missed an absolute sitter one on one with the keeper,
    But enjoy your’e bit of glory we will see who has the last laugh at the lane

  7. The bitterest pill is the manor of defeat, all 3 goals could’ve been avoided. The second was worse than park football, at least on a sunday morning someone would’ve taken that little twat out

  8. As an Arse(; fan, i wanna give you the credit for playing the way you did for 42 min. it was almost good for the better part of 25 min out of the first 42. better teams then you have suffered in our stadium. if your aim is top-4 then just beating the “smaller” teams is all you really need. you still look better then last year, and making progress. the thing is, we are also getting better, the young are older and we got Arshavin, Resitky and Eduardo from the go. with Lennon and Modrich you are as good any team in the EPL outside of the top-3. keep working hard, and you will make the grade, it’s just that we will be in the next grade by then – champions i hope!
    the only thing is your Harry is a muppet and a sore loser, and that is my only grievance.

  9. I have to agree with the Arsenal fan, our main task has to be to beat the teams around us if we are to maintain any charge for a Europa or CL spot.

    The last time we had a real at getting 4th in 2006 we didnt beat ANY of the Sky Top Four, but regulary beat those around us and the so called lesser teams.

    But we also managed to throw away a lead in the last minute to draw with a hapless Sunderland, who went on to be relegated with 15 points. We did exactly the same a week later against Fulham, only this time we lost a match we really should have drawn. Forget about East End Lasagne conspricies, these were the games that cost us the Champions League.

    Three years later and the job is now harder, with Man Citys cash and the fact that most of the league are now harder to beat, but we are still among the “best of the rest”, so it isnt all doom and gloom.

    However, there are some hard decisions to be made here, especially concerning Ledley King. On his day he was one of the best in the world, but his day has gone and we have to accept it. The 2006 Ledley would never have been beaten to the ball for their first goal.

    I expect to be shouted down, but you all know its true

  10. how far have spurs slipped since Martin Jol left???

    Arry hasn’t got a clue about being a top four side, when has he even got a side into the top 6????

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