One Russian short of a Cold War

One Russian short of a Cold War

Firstly, I’m more than happy with Pavlyuchenko for around £12m. He’s more of an out and out striker than Arshavin and while he’s not as technically gifted, for half Arshavin’s fee it’s got to be good business. After all, how different can they be, they are both Russian!

The deal hasn’t been formally announced by us yet but it sounds like a goer.

“I could not decide if I wanted to go to England at first – first yes, then no,” said Pavlyuchenko.

“The only thing that stopped me from leaving was my family. But now all doubts are behind me and I decided to sign a contract with Tottenham and the formalities are practically settled.”

So that news made me all happy and warm inside but the feeling has been wiped out by the fact Berbatov is still with us!!! WTF are they playing at?! Do Utd still want him? I’m sure they do, but just imagine if they decide they can’t be bothered making another offer. I can’t see him ever playing for us again and as much as the club talks tough about letting him rot in the reserves, that just won’t happen. Best case scenario would be he’s offloaded to a club abroad quickly and probably on the cheap.

This is all speculation and more than likely he’ll be a Utd player before the week is out but Sir Alex is not the kind of guy you mess around. It would not surprise me if he stuck two big Scottish fingers in our direction and buys Huntelaar or someone.

Anyway at least it looks like we have a natural goalscorer at the club now and one without any dreams of Man Utd currently which is always a bonus. Let’s hope it inspires a bit more of a performance at the Bridge.

18 thoughts on “One Russian short of a Cold War

  1. screw berba, screw manure. let him rot in the stands. as long as levy splashes the cash on quality now, dont wait for manure to buy the sulky wanker. they’ll fuck us about as long as they think we are desperate.

  2. It would be nice if they arrived in pairs. If you’re going to a strange land, it helps if you take a friend with you. Especially if your friend is technically rather gifted and a good all round attacking player.

    Will it happen? I don’t know. Due to the dithering, we’ve already lost 6 points. According to some so-called ITKs the other key pieces (DM, CB) are in place, waiting to sign.

    Things can only get better. I guess.

  3. Who say’s they are friends. I play football with a right tosser, we’re good as a center back partnership (well as much as you can be playing division 4 sunday league) but I don’t like him.

  4. That’s a good point, 11.57. If they aren’t friends, best keep them apart. I suppose I was just thinking of how it helps (sometimes professionally, at least) if people come from a similar background.

    But, although they both come from Russia, they could still be like chalk and cheese.

    As long they don’t sulk and have a penchant for squirrels, I hope they’ll be breath of fresh air, wherever they come from.


  5. He will never be left to rot in the stands, because if a player plays less than 10% of his teams games he is with in his rights to have his contract cancelled.

  6. Yes, that’s right. All Russians are friends, they meet up for a pub lunch every Sunday. Which is awkward because The Red Bear only holds 43 — 51 including emergency chairs.

    And the population of Russia is 145 million, so the landlord has to do several ‘sittings’.

    All Russians look like the one out of Rocky IV – except, coincedentally, Arshavin and Pavlyuchenko.

    I hope we sign ’em both! Magic sutff. The Russian Steam Roller is coming to WHL…

  7. 12.12 – That explains why Berbatov has been giving a maximum of 10 per cent effort in his most recent games. ;O/

  8. 12.37 was me, by the way – 11.39.

    Now for Veloso, Corluka, Huntelaar and Arshavin. We can but dream.

  9. Think I read that ‘Pavvy’ and Arshavin ain’t mates…but for Spurs they’d practicly bum each other…ok maybe not, but having a fellow countryman always makes life a little easier for them. Corluka wasn’t just a target because he playes CB/RB he happens to be a fellow countryman of Modric too!

  10. This aint 1st grade. Palyvchenko is 26 yrs old and married with a kid. I think he’ll manage fine without a little russian buddy by his side like a safety blanky.

    And if manure wants huntelaar, its 35 million euros or fuck off, says San Marco Basten.

  11. pav is a good signing but is anyone going to mention the fact that unless we fuck off that gutless cunt jenas and buy a strong character to drive the team ie gatusso or torsten frings and help get the best out of modric then we will still be in nowheresville again has juande got a blindspot there coz if he relies on jenas it will cost him his job

  12. I know what you’re saying about Jenas, he’s a bit of a powderpuff. I thought he came across really well in a couple of the post match interviews after the friendlies but he just seems too lightweight in our already lightweight midfield. He has got talent but I don’t think you can afford him and Modric in that midfield, even worse if Lennon is with them.

  13. jenas has got talent he has everything in his locker to be as influential for us as steven gerrard is for liverpool the one thing he lacks cannot be taught that is desire , heart and will to win at all cost he doesnt hurt when he loses he just happy to do enough and pick up his dough thats why we will fail with him in the centre let alone as stand in captain fuck me when are we gonna get a player who physically scares the shit out of his teamates and wont accept them just doing enough like roy keane did for man u that is what seperates winners and losers at this level

  14. Aint this the same geezer who said that he’d rather play for Arsenal or Chelsea than the Spuds?

    Didn’t Arshavin say that too?

    I’m sorry but I’m slightly amused!

  15. he’s just a russian andy cole, has a bility and will get goals but will never be world class. About right for spuds though.


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