New goalkeeper a Given

New goalkeeper a Given

Spurs have been strongly linked in the press today with Newcastle Goalkeeper Shay Given. Harry is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying: “Shay Given is a great goalkeeper who I admire. Any manager would have to be interested in him if he became available.”

Given is a very solid goalkeeper and would be a great acquisition for Tottenham. He was previously unsettled at Newcastle and I’m sure he would be keen on the move but I’d assume uprooting his family may be a stumbling block.

Redknapp’s been making all the right noises about Gomes saying he is a top keeper etc but I think more than anything it’s because he’s stuck with him until January and wants to give him plenty of confidence.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Gomes is a decent goalkeeper in his own right but he’s another with the problem of the press highlighting every small mistake. It seems Tottenham goalkeepers are their favourite target for career destruction. He’d need to have an incredible season from here on in to shake the clown tag and I can’t see that happening.

The simple errors are just part of his make up. I would say they have probably increased this season with the team’s poor performances but while he’s different class at times the other part of his character will always be there.

In other news, Sir Les Ferdinand has signed on to be a ‘strikers consultant’. Exactly what he’ll be doing is anybodys guess, consulting the strikers I’d presume! I can’t see him giving Harry advice on buying players so this must be to work with the existing players on different aspects of their game. He’s a good character to have around the place whatever he’s doing.

6 thoughts on “New goalkeeper a Given

  1. Gomes is one of these ‘eccentric’ keepers that I personally can’t stand. With the ability Gomes has, and he does have great ability, he could be a top keeper but he just has to come for everything and do more than he has to in a bid to…er, actually I have no idea why ‘eccentric’ keepers have to do half the crazy stuff they do!

  2. arsenal should be signing Given, geezer deserves a crack at a top club – one of the top 3 keeper sin the PL imo

    and yes Gomess is a cunt, but you can thank Comolli for him


  3. I actually think Gomes should be given a longer chance before any speculation arises as he a quality, but needs to sort out his rash decisions on coming for crosses and knocking out his own defenders!

    Could the editor of this blog please get in touch with me at – thanks (I can’t find your contact form?!)

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