My Kingdom for a dossier

My Kingdom for a dossier

‘A dossier is typically a briefing paper based on an individual of interest in police or intelligence circles’. That’s the Wikipedia definition of a dossier.

My problem is Spurs aren’t the police and they are demonstrating about as much intelligence as when they brought Damien Comolli to the club.

I’m sure Utd haven’t gone strictly by the rule book where Berbatov is concerned but a dossier worth of wrong doings?! To me a dossier is a little book, maybe 50 or 100 pages, otherwise it’s just a letter surely? Although as soon as it enters a thin brown cardboard folder, maybe it automatically becomes a dossier?

Sevilla could certainly provide a healthy dossier on Levy’s pursuit of Ramos and I’ve no doubt Simon Jordan could come up with an even more impressive dossier on his pursuit of Bostock.

If every team did this when their players are approached, Premier League Towers would be renamed Dossier Central.

The hypocrisy here is astounding. Danny, do us all a favour and leave the dossiers to the police or those intelligent circles.

8 thoughts on “My Kingdom for a dossier

  1. quite possibly the stupidest thing ive ever read. you really need to do some research if ur not certain about things included in your article. there was nothing wrong with levy’s pursuit of ramos which is why sevilla are currently sueing RAMOS. bostock wasn’t under contract with palace when spurs wanted to sign him and they still offered money but jordan chose to try his luck with a tribunal. now the real gold is in paragraph 3 where you say “to me a dossier is a 50-100 page ….. ” not only did you fail to comprehend the definition you provided, but the only reason your definition of a dossier would matter is if you were the one who saw the document and described it as a dossier. you are either a truly stupid person or just ill informed (which still makes you stupid for not doing any research). PWNED

  2. dont take too much offense from my last post. I just want to know why, if levy says he has evidence of tapping up, you have a problem with him growing a pair and putting up a fight.

  3. Hi Glen,

    Thanks for your comments, I am actually ill informed and stupid, little bit of both!

    No offence(not spelt with an s by the way, hope this doesn’t make you truly stupid, perhaps just an ill informed speller or American which is just as bad!)taken.

    I just get the impression Levy is doing this out of spite because he is losing his two best players to teams that are in the Chapions League, something he’s failed to deliver on. This will drag on now and possibly over shadow our season on the pitch.

  4. Chill out a bit Glen, this blog is a breath of fresh air for Spurs fans, makes a change from the usual crap I read on the blogs.

    I like your style Mabbs, keep it up.

  5. if there was nothing wrong with Levy’s pursuit of Ramos why did Levy have to agree compensation? Anything to do with Ramos being under contract the same way Berbatov is?

  6. im liking this blog but why have you got a link to that goon wrighty7???!!!!!

    solid work other than that

  7. to the person who had a question regarding ramos. ramos was under the final year of his contract with sevilla and apparently this made it alright. im not gonna pretend i know these rules its just what ive heard and the fact that sevilla are sueing ramos instead of spurs supports this completely. to the writer, i feel stupid myself for calling you stupid. a lack of football knowledge is far different than stupidity lol. i was just fed up of going through this same arguement with opposing fans and this article got on my nerves especially since you’re a spurs fan. atleast we can agree on one thing though, our disrespect for the US. (im canadian it was a close guess)

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