Miss Spur is In The Know: Matt Upson and more..

Miss Spur is In The Know: Matt Upson and more..

Latest rumours from the Lane…

Matt Upson is a player Harry Redknapp is very keen on. He had an enquiry rebuffed in January but will be going back with a further approach in the summer. Although the Tottenham defence is solid, Redknapp believes he still needs another top class centre half especially if his side make it into Europe next season.

Carlo Cudicini is unhappy with his current position at the club and had a recent training ground bust up with Kevin Bond. When he signed, he was lead to believe he would see a decent amount of first team action but this hasn’t been the case.

Both Darren Bent and Roman Pavlyuchenko are free to leave the club in the summer. Redknapp has told the board he is happy to listen to offers for both players but nobody at Spurs is holding out much hope of recouping anywhere near the transfer fee paid for either of them.

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9 thoughts on “Miss Spur is In The Know: Matt Upson and more..

  1. Upson won’t come, he’s an Arsenal fan for gauds sake. I have my own contacts and they have told me Upson’s dream is to play for Arsenal….

  2. I’ve been hearing the Upson rumours for a while now. Sol Campbell was a massive Arse nal fan but still played for Spurs for many years so it is possible.

  3. You’ll be lucky he’s just about to sign a new contract off the back of zola signing a new deal

  4. Forget Upson we have enough crocks with king and woodgate anyway dervite is playing well and henville we can see how they get on in the summer .And our defence whas playing well till we let 5 goals in 22 mins . now its back to the drawing board or the training ground its hard being in love with a schitzofrenic team .We seem to break records at both end of the spectrum its like the big one at blackpool big highs, and big lows . Oh well hears looking to next season and the revolving door of players .

  5. Upson? No thanks!
    Why pay out mopney for a player who will sit on the bench when everyone is fit?
    Load of cobblers if you ask me. The defence is fine, bar the keeper.
    Left mid and a top class targetman is what we need.

  6. we need Dawson to stay fit for somewhere near the whole season as he seems to me to be the only centre half who screams and organises players. The only difference between a John Terry or a Rio Ferdinand and the other decent defenders in the Prem, is that they organise their back 4’s which is what didn’t happen for us in the 22 mins when we ran around like headless chickens of Saturday.

  7. Are you lot stupid. Our CEO Scott duxbury said that we will not be selling any players to spurs. Therefore Upson will not go and join your push for the top 4 next season. Just fuck off redknapp you total crook

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