Levy vs Fergie, I don’t fancy our chances!

Levy vs Fergie, I don’t fancy our chances!

Sir Alex Ferguson is considering legal action over Daniel Levy’s comments about Ferguson’s comments about Berbatov!

As I’m sure everyone is aware, Levy complained to the Premier League that Ferguson has done his best to unsettle Berbatov labelling Ferguson’s comments to the press saying Utd have made a bid and is confident of getting his man ‘disgraceful’.

I can understand why Levy doesn’t want to sell his best players without putting up some kind of fight but against Sir Alex and Man Utd I think there will only be one winner.

What makes the situation worse for Levy is the fact Ferguson’s comments weren’t reported very accurately. He apparently didn’t mention Berbatov’s name at all; “We have made a bid for one player who would enhance us a great deal.”

Best just to sell up and move on Mr Levy.

4 thoughts on “Levy vs Fergie, I don’t fancy our chances!

  1. Levy is a prat and he should keep his mouth shut. How can he talk after Bostock, Ramos and now Bentley?

  2. Utd think they can do what they like and always have done. Levy is right to stand up to them.

  3. Fergy is the Prat…He is an insult to all decent people in football….and a greater insult to the memory of Munich 58….He needs to be sanctioned NOW because he will only get worse in the future. A HEAVY Fine and A points deduction should make him reconsider his future conduct….but who am I trying to con? Give him free run of the Prem and add in the players wives too? Aaaah sure why not? Dirt is always dirt….and he is the dirt that nightmares are made of….Prison is too good for him….he may contaminate the prosoners…beyond redemption? lol

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