Let’s not get ahead of ourselves but…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves but…

That was one of the most impressive Tottenham performances I have seen for many a year. I’m not saying everything about the play was perfect but the way we kept our heads after the penalty was exceptional. In previous seasons, we would have gone on to lose the game.

There are no two ways about it, Liverpool were completely outplayed. If Robbie Keane had been at all clinical in front of goal, the game would have been over by half time. It wasn’t a Liverpool team at their best but it was their best team. Torres couldn’t cope with Ledley and Gerrard had no answers either.

It was beginning to feel like on of those days when Tottenham were squandering chance after chance but then came Beniot Assou-Ekotto’s strike straight out of the top drawer. I didn’t rate him at all a few months ago but Harry has transformed Ekotto into a very good player. If he can add a few goals this season he’ll be invaluable.

Wilson Palacios is fast becoming my favourite player, I’m sure a lot of you feel the same. It just seems like he can’t put a foot wrong. He works tirelessly for 90mins, can tackle, go forward and never gives up. In his post match interview yesterday Harry Redknapp said Palacios is the type of player Tottenham have been missing for a number of years and I agree 100%. We look like a top 4 side when he plays it’s that simple.

I still panic when Gomes has to do anything. It makes the game more exciting but I can do without it to be honest! He had very little to do yesterday but still managed to try his hardest to give the game away by taking Glen Johnson out. Luckily, the rest of the team managed to continue their relentless pressure on Liverpool and come up with a winning goal. Sebastien Bassong made the perfect debut and it was great to see him get the winner. On what we have seen so far, Harry certainly knows his stuff in the transfer market.

I more expectant than hopeful about Wednesday’s game at Hull and that is very unusual. Our home form has been exceptional for a while now, let’s make ourselves a formidable outfit away from the Lane too.

7 thoughts on “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves but…

  1. Yeah, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Meaning: let’s not use the words “top” and “four” together for at least five months.

  2. Agree with the Gomes thing, i was fuming at the time. Anyone see keanes reaction to the penalty? classic!

  3. Gomes played a perfect game yesterday, never looked shaky once and yes he gave away a penalty, but it’s a penalty that EVERY SINGLE KEEPER IN THE WORLD has been guilty of giving away before…….Cudicini isn’t good enough to lace his boots, so get off his back and just him and the team…..moronic Spurs fans as ever can’t help but curse our own players…….Keane is the one who should be dropped for missing 3 sitters if anything!


  4. agreed on the Gomes issue. Yes, it was an error, but show me a keeper that wouldn’t have rushed out of his goal line. Even Hoddle and Gray were asking why keepers do that, not why Gomes do that. Let’s hope he learns from it. But cos Gomes has a previous, it’s so easy to knock him. I think he handling was very good.

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