Ledley going for a song?

Ledley going for a song?

It looks like all our defensive responsibilities are being pinned on Ledley King for the big kick off against Liverpool at the Lane in two Sundays time. Considering last week Harry was saying our hero was yet to kick a ball this pre season, I’m a little concerned.

What concerns me more is the fact Levy has authorised an £8m deal for a centre back. It must mean Woodgate and Ledley are in very bad shape. We know Woody requires another hernia op and the manager hasn’t exactly sounded positive about him but with all his previous injury problems, I’m just hoping our Jesus isn’t out for the season.

Michael Dawson’s Achilles problem is likely to only keep him out for a few weeks. He was superb at times last season but he performs a lot better with King or Woodgate alongside. He had a terrible time at the start of our last campaign when he was leading the line. I can’t see Dawson and Bassong together working but it might be our only option at times.

Since Harry took over, he’s managed Ledley brilliantly. Unlink Ramos, he understands that everyone is different and is old school enough to let King give his all when it comes to game time, not on the training pitch. The problem we are faced with is Ledley King’s condition is only likely to deteriorate and the number of games he will be involved in will decrease as time goes on.

Is Sebastien Bassong Ledley King’s long term successor at Tottenham? I don’t think he’s fit to lace his boots on the evidence I’ve seen so far but I’m willing to give the lad a chance and hope his performances in the coming weeks and months prove he can be.

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  1. ‘Considering last week Harry was saying our hero was yet to kick a ball this pre season, I’m a little concerned.’

    Considering King hasn’t trained with a ball for the last two years what does this have anything to do with him playing or not?

    It’s been said before but I wouldn’t trust anything HR has to say but if you look at his comments on this issue he never said that King wouldn’t play he just made a vague comment on him not ‘kicking a ball’. If he had said that King wasn’t able to perform his fitness training (i.e. swimming) then I’d be concerned.

  2. I heard he’s suspended for the start of the season. Great logic that from Redknapp, shouldv let him miss N’castles first game of the season so he’s not suspeneded for the Lpool game

  3. We need to buy another defender – what happened to the early interest in Richard Dunne? He would be a great buy.

  4. could not agree more think the hierarchy have missed a trick here, does not inspire me to think that they are on top of their game, still sky sports were saying he has 2 match suspension although when I looked it up it said 2 matches but he served 1 against Villa

  5. Has Bassong actually ‘signed’ yet or is the deal just an agreement?

    Don’t know how these things work, but I’m assuming the management knew about the ban and will actually get Bassong to sign officially after the Barcodes have played on Saturday.

  6. If you look at the fact Bassong is out for the first two games and then off to the African Nations in January I dont think Harry is overly worried about the defensive situation. Hes bought him in as a long term replacement to see if he can make him a better player. We will start will Ledders and Corluka in Central Defence and if one of them gets injured then Bassong may play but do not expect Harry to put him straight in!! TRUST IN HARRY HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING!

  7. Get Bassong training with the other lads ASAP. If we had waited with gentleman’s agreement to next week, mischevious rival clubs (Citeh, gooners, binpickers) would step in with higher fee/salary offers. Nothing happens because of said agreement, except loss of trust from P.L. and/or fine, re-imposition of games ban.
    Also now Spurs can give full attention with chasing other targets (Negredo et al).

  8. I hope that bassong’s confidence isn’t shattered like Kabouls was playing alongside Daws at the beginning of the season. Daws always performs best alongside a confident partner.

  9. If we progress in any competitions then we will be playing 2 – 3 times a week, and add to that injuries. Ledley cannot play that often, and so we need back up. Not difficult to see

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