Jenas off, Bentley storms off and Modric taken off

Jenas off, Bentley storms off and Modric taken off

There are reports circulating today that Jermaine Jenas has submitted a transfer request. He has been linked with a move to Inter for a while after Jose Mourinho voiced his admiration for the player earlier in the summer. I wouldn’t be that surprised to see JJ go. I get the impression he probably thinks he’s a bit better than Tottenham and probably also expected to have moved on to a bigger club before now although his performances for us haven’t demonstrated that he’s worthy of such a move. If there is any genuine inquiry from Inter, I doubt he’ll be hanging around.

David Bentley got a rare start in our final friendly of the pre-season against Olympiakos yesterday. We didn’t come to life until the 2nd half and unfortunately, that’s when he was substituted. He stormed down the tunnel but it’s unclear whether it was because he needed to relieve himself or because he was in a strop, I’m hopeful it was the first one. Ok, he really struggled last season but he’s a quality player and if he’s not going to Villa as was looking likely last month, Bentley should to be given a chance.

Luka Modric came on for the 2nd half yesterday and was superb, being involved in the first two goals of the game before coming off in the 79th minute. I’ve got everything crossed that this was just a precautionary measure from Harry because he will be the difference in us achieving something or not this season as far as I’m concerned. One of the best midfielders in the Premiership for my money.

Goals from Olympiakos game here

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  1. lol, well maybe they can be that good. I admit, I’ve had my doubts about JJ in the past, but how can so many managers see something in him? I only have an issue with the ‘goals’ he scores, off his shin, knee, elbow, ar$e, but never a clean strike to be seen. If he lived up to a promise of 10+ goals from midfield that weren’t flukes, I’m sure we would all be asking him to stay! :o)

    I just think, if he did go, it would start to ease the mountains of midfielders we have, as I think we have some real talent in there that we need to blood in more. I also think that Hud and Wils would do the best job in the middle and JJ is surplus anyway.

  2. We need Jenas, theres no one as good as jenas to partner palacios in CM. As good as Modric is, he is better on the left in a ‘free’ role, as when the opposition have the ball running through the middle of the pitch, id rather have jenas there than modric… with modric on the left. Theres other players such as Huddlestone and Ohara who are good players, but not as first choice every week of the season. Get behind Jenas for once!

  3. Bently trains everyday, and thats the first place you have to prove to the manager your good enough to warrent a start!!
    when he is given a chance, he doesnt take it, in fact it confirms that he doesnt deserve to start games!!

    personally, for me he’s a waste of space!!
    i think his high slaray has got to his head!!

  4. I think everyone’s being too harsh on Bentley.
    He’s a quality player who wants to play for Spurs.
    I’m sure he hears all the murmurings from the ‘fans’ about how they think he’s rubbish.
    We really need to start showing him some support when he’s on the pitch – not piling the pressure on him.
    It must be difficult trying to keep your head when you feel unwanted.

  5. Jenas has scored some great goals for us, particularly against the arse. I personally love him, and don’t think he should go anywhere. A big game player, as suggested in his various great performances against Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and in my opinion the best game he played al season at Villa. Jenas is good and shows promise, at least for this season anyway, before he goes to either Everton or Villa. Don’t go Jermain.

  6. As much as it pains me to say it we actually missed Jenas in the first half yesterday, we just needed someone to put there foot on the ball and play it simple, as talented as Huddlestone is he always seems to pick the hardest option when sometimes all it needs is a simple 10 yard pass, O’Hara isn’t good enough and no one will ever convince me otherwise, Bentley just needs a change of club and the sooner the better for both parties. I like the look of Livermore and Bostock they both seem to have presence about them especially Livermore. If we can keep hold of him for long enough then Modric could go down as one of the best players to ever pull on a Spurs shirt . And finally just to get a bit of a debate going Robbie Keane is finished as a top class striker.

  7. Give Bentley a chance. A chance isnt 20 minutes here or an odd game there. A proper chance to deliver and he will come good. Jenas has been a let down consistently. The worst free kick taker in the league and he has had a million chances. If someone wants him take the money. We have too many midfielders kicking their heels

  8. I say we ship JJ off to Italy and put Bentley inn the middle with Palacios. He’s a quality player and I believe he could do a great jobb there.

  9. omfg, your a cock author.

    Modric was taken off due to the international coming up, it would have been agreed in advanced to help him pick up match sharpness, but reduce any chance of injury.

    Show evidence of JJ, although I’m happy to see the useless lad leave, you seem to be the only person reporting this, and to be fair, who the fuck are you?

  10. If you watched the game yesterday, you would have seen there was something up with Modric starting to limp, nothing serious but was a precaution… NOT the international! also i saw the highlights and the commentator said that the word from the bench was he had injured his foot. Who the fk are you?

  11. Agree with the last statement about Keane, he has lost his edge in the final third of the pitch, is not a clinical finisher, and often drops way too deep into the midfield. At this point, Crouch and Defoe would be the best strike partnership, with Pav coming in to provide quality finishes such as his goal from yesterday. Would like to see Keane transferred to Sunderland perhaps, with the funds going towards a left sided player (LB or LM, we need cover for BAE since Bale is still out) or a strong central midfield presence (love the Hudd but he is way too inconsistent!)

  12. for all the ppl slagging bentley off for going down the tunnel when subbed, next time watch what happens properly. as he came off he didnt ignore harry he stuck his thumb up at him, then was back on the bench chatting to the other players within 5 friggin minutes so folks get ya facts right

  13. I wonder if some of you actually go and watch matches as opposed to watching on TV which is not the same thing at all when it comes to judging players.

    The JJ question is complicated a player of ability but also one who all too often doesn’t quite cut it. He was one of the few player who blossomed under Ramos. I could argue it either way.

    Bentley is simple. He is SO not good enough. He’s slower than I would have believed and just doesn’t contribute. We have to take anything we can get and cut our losses. Far better to give Rose a chance to develop.

  14. bentley and jenas are going to stay in spurs!!! there is no point us sitting here and talking about it! Jenas said last week hes not going anywhere and redknapp loves him! I remember when spurs fans were saying pavlychenko was a waste of money and he wasnt good enough! Did anyone see him yesterday againest Olympiakos??? He was fantastic! i think bentley needs the same chance! he didnt play bad againgest olympiakos and if he was going to leave i think he would have left by now!

  15. I think we have a better squad this season than we have had for years ,so let’s just wait and see what happens .if harry says he thinks we can reach thetip four than I think we can so let’s get behind all our players so we can get ha k at the top of the prem where we belong

  16. ok ….fed up with the usual stupid bullshit regarding bentley etc…this is becuase some spurs fans views change like the wind…..
    when he scores a great goal hi a hero….
    sod off all the fickle fans and show loyalty to the players so they feel part of the move ahead
    1,Bentley was on the bench afterwards….so didnt have a strop and redknapp stated afterwards he is to help crouch ..deliverie cross’s etc

    2, jenas isnt going anywhere as squad needs to be strong for challenge…etc

    3,Modric saved for liverpool

    also rotation reason from harry is to confuse the opposition…..not naive spurs fans

  17. JJ can go. What is it that the managers see? Are we so blind as to the fact that he is a good player?!! I have watched the geezer for 10 years, seen glimpses of what he can do but he is as consistent as Ian Bell’s batting.

    Hud can also go IMO. I know what people see in him but the facts are he cant tackle and has no pace or agility. In the prem this is no good. Look at every top draw centre mid, they are all complete. Hud might have a great pass and shot etc but people can run and pass around him, plus he has no presence!

    Im after a left winger, Rose cant cut it and Modric is wasted out there – he need to be in the mixer. Diego Capel anyone..?

  18. Jenas is pony and always has been he built his reputation on a couple of decent strikes against Man U playing for Newcastle and admittedly scored a good goal against the arse for us! The trouble is he goes missing and is ineffective not to mention prone to missing the target from 2 yards! He is not good enough to propel us into the top 4 and it is time for a changE!!

  19. I like JJ but wouldn’t be surprised if he left for Inter. Hopefully he’ll take Bale with him, which should bring in enough to buy Young from Villa. We can throw Bentley into the mix since O’Neil seems to like him.

    Whne Bentley & Lennon play together Lennon gets stuck out on the left since Mr Stroppy won’t play there. Bit of a waste of Lennon’s talent since he has to keep on cutting inside – ok as an alternative, but not all of the time.

    Yesterday Mr Stroppy decided to try and cut in from the right at the same time, so at one point we had two right wingers on the left and nobody on the right! It was just crazy – you had to be there to see it.

    Rose isn’t ready yet – better to send him back to the hoops for another year on loan.

    Modric went down and had some treatment before coming off – didn’t look too serious.

    Don’t think Diego Capel is interested in coming – I’d prefer Ashley Young – pairing him with Lennon would be amazing.

  20. Have a listen to yourselves all you ever do is slag our players off. Admttidly JJ isn’t the best centre mid in the country but we could do alot worse and Bentley has struggled so far but we all know he’s got talent, but unfortunately its so called fans like you lot that dont help give them the build up of confidence they need to find that talent within them. We’ve seen players that we all thought were sh*t come good, Essou ekoto is a great example and with the right support from the manager and fans these players can do a job for us this season and we can finally achieve what we all know we are capable of. Start with some positives rather than being a bunch of cinical cu*ts.

  21. Jenas should not be sold, He’s the only player we’ve got who can get box to box all game and has a quality finish. You could see it in the 1st half yesterday, we ran out of ideas so started lumping it to Crouch, which is part of his game but not all that he can do. JJ would’ve been a decent link player and someone who can run at defences. I guarantee that he’ll be missed if he goes.
    As much as I like Huddlestone, more performances like yesterday and he’ll be gone, always looking for the killer pass, when the simple one will suffice. and got bullied off the ball a couple of times when that shouldn’t happen for someone of his size.
    Modric is perfect on the left where he can drift infield and cause damage, starting him in the centre, I think he’ll get overrun.

  22. Bentley may come good and personally I’d like to see him be given the chance but his delivery has been awful. Theres no whip or pace on his crosses they are just ballooned efforts which are easy for a keeper to get under and gather.

  23. Pathetic article.

    The Inter link is just lazy journalism based on The Special One picking Jenas for his fantasy football team!

    As for Bentley “storming off” yesterday. One has to assume that you were not there because (a) his substitution was clearly pre-arranged (he jogged towards the bench before his number went up – I know coz I was watching); Harry clapped him off; and (c) Bentley jogged down the tunnel to the changing rooms and returned a few minutes later (with his training top on), and took his place on the bench. There was no hint of a strop, and no reaction from the crowd other than applause for his shift.

  24. Couldn’t agree more on that, look at Darren Bent, we were all confused as to why we signed him but we can’t fault his efforts last year he came good, even if he did fluff too many chances.

    BAE is a prime example, I think we need to give Bentley more time he was outstanding at Blackburn and still has the quality to provide the same form given minutes and added confidence to his game.

    With JJ, I wouldn’t want to see him leave, I hope Harry brings the best out of him, he seems to have a habit of that. Jenas has a lot of the right attributes, he can see a pass, he can hit a pass, he’s tall, he can run his socks off he can shoot, he’s not slow. Just needs to improve all over.

    And people ENOUGH of the buying a left midfielder. I would choose Luka Modric over Ashley Young or Diego Capel or whoever every single game of the season. Luka is too lightweight for the middle of the pitch, we need another brute in the middle to dominate the game with Palacios, Sissoko from Toulouse? Could be worth a gamble.

  25. I was there yesterday and I have to say, Bentley was abosolute toilet!! he still tries his flicks and tricks and looks an ass when they do not come off! Game totally changed with the intro of lennon amongst others.

    JJ Does a solid job, if he has handed in a request…then let him go, we only want players commited to the cause.

  26. I understand everyone’s pain with Jenas, but if he lives it will be our loss. We do not have a replacement and it is the things he does off the ball that doesn’t get recognised.

    He should score more goals than he does as he does play a similar position to that of Lampard and Gerrard did before Rafa’s arrival, but look at their supporting cast. He has more defensive duties and runs constantly. No one at the club does what he does and to think that Huddlestone or anyone else we currently have will fill that void is silly.

    As for Bentley, I hope he stays but if he does leave then so be it. He has to do what is needed to compete and right now he has Modric and Lennon in front of him on both flanks. Personally I think working with a speed coach to improve his pace will help, as that is the only thing letting him down. And if I’m not mistaken, isn’t Bentley coming back from an injury and from being punched in the face while out with friends enjoying a meal? How would anyone’s confidence be after that?

  27. Can anyone tell me how Kevin Prince-Boateng did? From what I’ve read outside the obvious comments about yesterday’s match, he actually played and did okay. Could we be seeing more of him? He came to us highly rated so I would like to see more of him. The same can be said of Dos Santos, anything on him?

  28. what a load of shit ,sell jenas he`s pants ,move modric inside too good to be out on the left ,thats like wenger putting fabregas there,or benitez gerrard ,chelsea lampard they are all far to effective in the middle controlling the game ,dictating the play ,something jenas has never been able to do ,and i think he is getting worse not better ,maybe spurs is another goldfish bowl,we desperatley need a left winger and stop wasting modic`s talent ,he can win us games with his genius but not if he`s on the left ,hardman palacios (the guys a monster ) with a little magician beside him ,we will be by far a better team going both defending & attacking,great goals against arsenal jenas but you are far to inconsistent & lack bollox & any real class that modric possess

  29. Why would JJ submit a transfer request after telling everyone last week how happy he is at Spurs. The author of this article states: “he probably thinks he’s a bit better than Tottenham and probably also expected to have moved on to a bigger club before now”…how do you know that?! Even his critics have run out of points to criticise him with so are making things up. Some moron above says he never scores with a clean strike, which just about shows how ridiculous these people are! What planet are these ‘fans’ from? People criticise his goalscoring record but he has scored 25 goals in 143 appearances which is no bad return for a midfielder. Compares this record to legends like Gazza (33 goals in 110) or Ginola (20 goals in 126). Yeah he can improve, but why so many fans dislike him, when so many highly respected managers (Bobby Robson, Martin Jol, Harry Redknapp) have sung his praises is beyond me. I ignore people like Dazza because their arguments are so lame, it is obvious they just have a personal dislike because of the way he looks or acts off the pitch, which has nothing to do with what he does on it.

  30. Giz, that’s the impression I’ve always had about Jenas, that Spurs were a stepping stone but he’s never managed to get to that next level. I don’t know for a fact, just my opinion.

    omfg, I have no words for you son.

    Rudiger, sorry if I’ve upset you. I wasn’t there yesterday and I did say I hoped it wasn’t because he had the hump at coming off. From a few things I’ve read today it looks like that wasn’t the case.

  31. I thought Boateng played really well when he came on. He showed some lovely touches and also worked very hard off the ball. I was very impressed with his attitude and hope he is happy to play a squad part this season.

    As for JJ debate, if he goes he goes. He has a good engine but no vision whatsoever. Hudd has amazing vision but no engine whatsoever. If only we could combine the two!!

  32. Another point – why do people constantly suggest he should be more like Gerrard or Lampard or compare him to them, namely two of the best attacking midfielders in the world? Probably because they feel it vindicates their appalling argument. This is like comparing Defoe to Henry or Torres or Keane to Rooney or Tevez – it is nonsense. Compare him to Petrov at Villa, Ireland at City, Noble at West Ham, Murphy at Fulham or any team who finished around us last season. Even Tim Cahill, who is widely regarded as the best goalscoring midfielder outside the top 4 has scored 37 goals in 121 apps, which doesn’t exactly blow JJ out of the water. And Moyes has built the team around him, IE: 4-5-1. I would also suggest that JJ has more assists and, having watched Cahill both on the telly and when Spurs have played them home and away, would say JJ is more involved in our overall play.

  33. If only it were true!! jj & bentley ffing off both overated and both we can do without, as for crouch jeeee-zus. I’m just glad i ditched my season ticket another season of ordinary fayre!

  34. Folks. Many of you should leave the beer alone and watch the game. Jenas has been valued by every manager he’s been with – do you know better than them? He is box to box. So he misplaces the odd pass. All players do. Just stop slagging off our players. They are our boys. Criticise them in the pub but not on the pitch.

  35. Haha.. in the first paragraph I know what you’re trying to say. But it is the same game of football isnt it, in fact, you get a better view on the telly..

  36. If there is any truth in the link with scott brown at celtic then that will be enough for jenas to look to leave as he will soon realise that he will be watching brown show genuine energy in midfield , brown is also more than willing to put his boot in when required which would be nice to see rather than jermaine’s jockey that he likes to do…jenas is a prime example of the average players that get an england squad place so they can play for the bibs in training…as far as bentley goes , the boy has got to deliver and i wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen as i would expect that harry has managed to find five minutes this summer to tell him to get his game right or he can miss out on a chance of becoming part of a spurs side that will be genuinely competing for honours

  37. u obviously aint spurs otherwise u wouldnt b bumming im up eez rubbish and should never av worn the armband last season. scrorny little git it waz embarrasin. thfc

  38. Bentley will come good after about 8 games. MARK MY WORDS. Bentley will immediately return to his Blackburn form if the fans chant his name JUST ONCE at White Heart Lane. If I were in London for home games I would organize a Bentley support rally…that would stir him up!!!!!!

  39. i honestly do not get why people are so critical of jenas! any true football fan would know that it is not all about what you do on the ball, most particularly if you are a CM. If you start to watch JJ closely then you will see that he works extremely hard off the ball and that he is always there to help out at the back and to make last ditch tackles which have saved the team in the past. although a lot of you doubting spurs fans out there seem to think he lacks skill and the ability to influence a game, i seem to recall him coming up with a piece of brilliance or an important goal to bale us out of trouble or to win us a match. you only have to look back to the emirates last season to know that JJ is a team player who cares about the club. i would be sad to see him go. COYS!

  40. For God’s sake, give Bentley a chance…
    We all know he has natural talent.

    To me it just looked like that he was trying too hard to win us over…

    He needs to relax & do what we know he can do.

    Players who want to play for us, should be respected by the fans…

    When they act like Berba, then boo them…

  41. People being a little harsh on Bentley. Watched Olympiakos game and he started well and put some good crosses on. I dont think Naughton gave him much support and after half an hour the team became very sloppy with Hud and O Hara in centre not offering much creativity we needed, Second half Bently started to come inside and linked with team mates well. I do not believe he is quick enough to be a winger but think if given a go could do well in the centre, especially for the home games when a bit more creativity is going to be needed. In the away games we can then bring in a more hard working solid type player to go with Palcios. I belive we really have a good squad at the moment and only 1 maybe 2 signings are needed with JJ and Keane to leave providing quality is bought in to replace them as Keane played ok but wrecks the system by dropping too deep leaving the other stricker isolated and JJ just runs.

  42. Please tell me that it is true JJ leaving. This is the worst player wearing the Tottenham shirt ever I always thought it was Andy Sinton but changed my mind. I can not remember seeing JJ doing anything else but hiding, playing the easy balls or giving the ball away. Bently is a good player and should be given a chance and support why is that when Gomes had problems he received support and help but not with Bentley? We do not need another winger just play Bentley this boy can cross the ball. Starting a match with JJ is just as good as starting a match with 10 men. We need another hardman in midfield like Palacious to protect Luka and Lennon and Bentley.

  43. Are you all gooners on here? We know all about Bentley and Jenas, but for fuck sake dont start before the season kicks off. I want us to be in the top 5 at least but we need to be positive you planks. Harry will make sure we give it 100% ok!

  44. Jenas is the laziest Motherf*** in the Premiership. He’s clearly got the talent – and that’s why managers cream off about him, but he rarely produces it because he’s a lazy bastard. That goal he scored against Arsenal last season (which outrageously didn’t even make the top 10 on MOTD) was the goal of the season by a country mile. Anybody that can do that and then does cack all for the rest of the year is not worth having. He will be better off at a galacticos type club where they can afford passengers – and so will we. Palacios is worth 10 JJs.

  45. Great comment… keep the squad weve got and let the players do the talking, Harrys got enough options to drop players when there not playing well. All we would get for Jenas or bentley is 8 to 10 million, which we wont find players any better for 8 million.

  46. Jenas doesnt stop running… remember the liverpool game a couple of years ago when he missed from a few yards and all the ‘spurs fans’ slagged him off… what they didnt see was jenas sprint from a tackle he made in our box all the way past the whole liverpool team to colapse on their line when the ball was played accross by davids.

  47. I agree Pav is superb and Bentley needs a chance and support not just our support also from the dressing room.

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