It’s time to man up

It’s time to man up

Harry was always going to get a few results when he first came to Spurs. The players had been under a regime that none of them seemed to like and his jolly banter and inspiring, comforting words made them all fuzzy and warm inside again, a feeling that had been lost since the euphoria of a hard fought Carling Cup win many months previous.

So why did that fight suddenly disappear? Why have the Soccer Saturday pundits only just realised Aaron Lennon has no final ball? Has the new stadium been designed with an extra large dugout for all Harry’s coaches? Who is the bloke in the Wii advert with Jamie and Harry that doesn’t speak and get called a mug? I don’t have the answer to any of these questions but I think I do have the answer to our poor league form.

Bale can’t defend. He used to be good going forward. He doesn’t seem so good going forward anymore. Surely one of these many coaches we have can teach him the art of defending?

Lennon has no end product. He used to come up with an odd decent final ball or a goal. He doesn’t anymore. Surely one of these many coaches we have can teach him how to deliver a final ball?

Bentley and Jenas play at 30% most of the time. They used to manage 57%. Surely one of these many coaches can give them a swift kick up the backside?

I think we have the basis of a good team. I rate Gomes although others still disagree. Corluka and Woodgate are quality defenders and Ledley’s still very good when available. Modric’s class is unquestionable but where he fits in going to places like Wigan, West Brom, Stoke etc when we are in a relegation dogfight getting kicked all over the gaff, I’m not quite sure. Defoe’s our only top class striker. Pavlyuchenko has shown flashes of above averageness and I’ve come to the conclusion that Bent is just average. Zokora is likable and works quite hard but I just don’t think he’s all that bright. O’Hara and Dawson make up for what they lack in ability with their work rate, especially little Jamie. The rest of them are either not good enough, don’t give a shit or equal amounts of both.

These next two games are massive, I just hope the players realise their significance.

7 thoughts on “It’s time to man up

  1. agree with most of that mabbs, I feel Lennon gives us options and without him we would probably be even worse. Hunt to gives them a bit more bite!

  2. when has it ever been a good idea to build a midfield full of midgets and a strike force (force used in the loosest terms possible) that cannot head the ball?

  3. Neil Mosafi- T Hudds has been out with a few knocks and the flu recently.

    I agree with most of the points on this blog, however Bentley never had anything since joining Spurs other than that insane wonder goal.

    Jenas hasn’t changed much either over the last few years, it’s just there’s more of a spotlight on him since Spurs are so bad this campaign.

    Bent just doesn’t work in our system. It’s unfortunate but very true. Defoe might not be able to operate without a player like Keane at his side. Pavy will be good for us, it’s just playing two straight seasons without rest will take a toll on anyone.

  4. Did i hear that Spurs haven’t won their last 19 games in the prem with gareth bale in the starting line up? might even be 20 after wigan. speaks volumes.

  5. Bottom of the league is (quite clearly) not where we want to be. What a ridiculous turnaround from when we were fighting for 4th spot under Jol. When will our board ever learn – continuity is what gets you places in football. We badly need it.

    I still think Harry is the man for the job, and also that we have some excellent players at the club.

    I think however that players such as Zokora, Bentley, Huddlestone etc are simply not good enough, and i hope that we improve in particular our centre midfield in this transfer window.

    A few wins and all will be okay…

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