It’s a good job we only need 4 more wins Harry

It’s a good job we only need 4 more wins Harry

I was having a look at our remaining fixtures last night and if I’m honest, I can only see 5 games we have much chance of winning, those games in bold below.

Wednesday, 04 March 2009
Tottenham v Middlesbrough

Saturday, 07 March 2009
Sunderland v Tottenham

Sunday, 15 March 2009
Aston Villa v Tottenham

Saturday, 21 March 2009
Tottenham v Chelsea

Saturday, 04 April 2009
Blackburn v Tottenham

Saturday, 11 April 2009
Tottenham v West Ham

Saturday, 18 April 2009
Tottenham v Newcastle

Saturday, 25 April 2009
Man Utd v Tottenham

Saturday, 02 May 2009
Tottenham v West Brom

Saturday, 09 May 2009
Everton v Tottenham

Saturday, 16 May 2009
Tottenham v Man City

Sunday, 24 May 2009
Liverpool v Tottenham

There is always a chance we could nick something from Sunderland, Blackburn or Everton but it’s doubtful considering the way we usually perform on the road.

Even the home games I would fancy us to take 3pts from aren’t going to be easy with 3 of the 5 teams involved in the relegation scrap. West Ham and Man City shouldn’t have much to play for but Boro, Newcastle and even West Brom will be looking at the trip to the Lane as a game they can win.

I think Middlesbrough will be key because our following 4 fixtures look very tough indeed. If we can get to 31pts after next Wednesday’s game, I’d imagine it will make the trip to Sunderland a lot more enjoyable for the players.

Obviously we are all looking forward to Sunday’s Cup Final but I’ll be hoping for 3pts next week just as much as victory against Utd.

17 thoughts on “It’s a good job we only need 4 more wins Harry

  1. personally I’d rather play a Man City side that are dogshit away from home than a Blackburn side battling for their lives at Ewood Park Mr PLUM.

  2. After the win at Hull, Tottenham will pick up more points away from home this season. That performance shows the team can get stuck in and work for a result on the road.

  3. anon 11:18, you are the plum. Manchester City have won 1 away game all season. Blackburn have won 3 home games having played all of the top 5 at Ewood Park.

  4. I have been through other teams’ chances and find that it is not beyond Spurs to reach the 7th place by the time the season is over. WBA and Stoke City are certainties to go down and probably joined by either Middlesbro, Blackburn or Hull.

  5. Since when did results ever go to form? We could win draw or lose any of those games. West Ham might have nothing to play for, but they love playing us because they hate us. Everyone does. COYS

  6. ANON 12:31 Steady on friend…. I can see some serious therapy needed in the years to come for you my boy

  7. why is harry telling everyone we need to win 5 of whatever is left, results breed confidence, we should go out there believing every game is win able, regardless of our position or whether it home or away. JOB VACANCY: MANAGER TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS

    Skill required:

    confidence builder
    positive attitude
    successful track record
    excellent man-managemnt skills wife not included
    organisation of the
    belief in getting results

  8. 14.05……..

    We had that manager, his name was Martin Jol, who after selling his best 3 players at Hamburg (one in Jan) is currently sitting at the top of the German league and well on his way to the next round of the UEFA cup…….unfortunately our club is run by a bunch of mugs who listen to idiotic fans who thought he couldn’t take us to the next level…… were languishing in the sh*t and have no chance of finishing anywhere near 4th for the forseeable future……and to top it all off, he LOVED OUR CLUB, if any of you were there, last game of the season before he left, you would have felt a chill run up your spine the way he spoke about wanting our club to get better and better…..f*ck I miss him! COY

  9. You never know which way results are going to go. There are games Spurs should win and they won’t and there are more difficult games that they will. It’s hard to predict!

    Top site by they way, would you be able to email me when you get the chance?

    Thanks a lot,


  10. “unfortunately our club is run by a bunch of mugs who listen to idiotic fans who thought he couldn’t take us to the next level…….”

    Martin Jol himself said he could not do it. This did not go down well with Levy, as was to be expected

  11. Looking at the remaining matches it is easy to pick out those we can beat. However those teams are in the same predicament as us and will be looking for a win to improve their situation. We need to take each match as it comes and not look beyond that team.

    If we show the proper desire and hustle for the ball whether there is no score, one-up, or down a goal then we will easily get ourselves out of this mess and move far away from the drop zone as possible.

    Hustle and Urgency is the key. This is something we have rarely shown this season. With the team we have we should beat alot of our opponents. Instead we play to their ability; this is the reason why we “perform” against the big teams.

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