Is our season over?

Is our season over?

Five points behind Chelsea, six off Man City. We haven’t scored in our last three games, haven’t won in five. Since the 16th January, our strikers have only scored six goals between them. Worst of all, Tottenham are highly unlikely to be playing Champions League football next season. A heavy defeat in the Bernabeu on Tuesday night would really finish us off. Even the biggest optimist would struggle to see us winning the Champions League and I’m worried whether the players will have the motivation as well as the threat in front of goal to go to Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool and get results.

Admittedly, we have three home games coming up in the League against Stoke, Arsenal and West Brom. Maybe things will look very different after that, but the fact we couldn’t manage to beat any of the bottom three sides in our last three games doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence.

Tottenham’s destiny is most certainly still in their own hands. On top of the games at the Lane, Spurs also have to go to Chelsea and Man City. Having dropped so many points in recent weeks, the likely scenario now is that we go into those games desperate for a result. Had we managed to beat a couple of the relegation candidates, the pressure would have been on Chelsea and City to win their home games.

There have been a number of stages this season where we have dropped off the pace a little and I’ve been worried we would struggle to get back in the hunt for a top four spot, but every time the lads have managed to get back involved. I certainly wouldn’t be having a bet on Spurs at the moment and I just don’t like the look of the little gap that’s developing or the fact Man City scored the same number of goals in one game as Spurs have managed in their last six…

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  1. Pure negative drivel, Football can swing from one extreeme to another.

    Huddlestone will be back for the run in and will hopefully be the stimulas for a great, tight run in.


  2. Silly bugger! Of course our season’s not over – We’ve got a CL quarter final tomorrow and still very much in the race for 4th spot. OK we had a disappointing weekend but get over it!

  3. I know that the thing that counts is the results but we have had more injuries by far then the other top 4 clubs. At least 9 top players have been out on average for 3 months of the season.

  4. it depends what you think of as season over. If you think top 4 is the be all and end all then yes our season is over. If you arent this stupid and realise that all the time we have our little ground with low capacity then 5th is a good season, especially when you put in the mix the excellent champions league adventure we have had. Most of our bloggers are young and foolish, they did not know the dark years of the 1990’s. because of this they havent been able to enjoy these last few seasons, instead they have got greedy and want more. When that isnt possible they get angry and moan the place down. The more realistic of us realise these are our good times and need to be enjoyed. Until we get a new ground this is as good as it gets chaps !! dont be an idiot, enjoy getting 5th !!!!

  5. No its not negative drivel! Open ur eyes! without a win since february 12th (yes the break in fixtures hasnt helped) but to have games against blackpool,wolves west ham n wigan n fail to win,cant buy a goal we’re in freefall!! Man city win by 5 yesterday when was the last time we put any team away like that,so much for the so-called Great Entertainers! I think what we’re seeing here is the result of the joke that was our january transfer policy and also a manager who has been Lucky but is actually tactically inept,heard him spouting his usual drivel on TalkSport “if we dont make top 4 we’ll just go for it again next year” is it any wonder the season’s petering out with this kamikaze happy-go-lucky approach!

  6. with supporters like u is it any wonder we’re always seen as a nearly team! U dont get a trophy for finishing 5th and if u wanna use the UNDERACHIEVEMENT of the 90’s as our barometer then we r doomed! Y dont u use the early 80’s which im OLD enough to remember! But no we’ve had our little “adventure” so u’ll b happy with that wont u jim,and we can go back to being mid-table nonentities with the odd carling cup run!!!

  7. A bit of realism please. The ball is still in our court with Stoke, Blackpool, WBA, Birmingham at home, and City/Chelsea away. Obviously we won’t win them all, but a) it ain’t over ’til it is over, b) what we did at the end of last season was pretty much what we need to do now. So that proves how difficult it was to get 4th place last season, and how difficult is is now. We have done fantastically well coping with CL and keeping up with the race for a CL place. But REALISM must be applied – when Chelsea first got in the CL, they didn’t get back in the following THREE seasons. So, that is our benchmark. We want to be the next Chelsea – it did not happen overnight, and it won’t for us either. So if we fall short, accept that the CL took it out of us – the injuries, the frequent games, the stress. We should then regroup, and try to get back in. You cannot expect to get into CL every year unless you are Man U / Arsenal – and usually Chelsea.

  8. Our season is definitely over – for all the egos and even the overpaid players that couldn’t hold a candle to some of the Spurs team Man City still did the job even less Carlos Tevez (easily one of the best players in the world). Hey even Liverpool look set to pip us to 5th place, though they did take advantage of the January window by buying the two front men that topped our list at prices we consecutively bid for one of them or other players with serious question marks over their ability to adapt to the Premiership before taking anything else into consideration – what a joke! We definitely need to find those 3plus world class players to compete next season and sharpen up in areas where we have plainly gone to sleep i.e. up front, defence. Even some aspects of midfield could do with adjustment – I don’t really care for the right wing anymore unless we are playing Van Der Vaart out there. Are any of the defensive midfielders really that great i.e. Palacios, Jenas?? They just seem to give away the ball a lot and commit fouls out of frustration. If Bale is injured or exhausted, wouldn’t it be nice to start Krancjar in his natural left berth with 90 plus mins on the clock to impress instead of 4 mins! Also, wouldn’t it be nice to give some of the promising young players a chance rather then let them go on to be brilliant at pastures new e.g. Taraabt, Boeteng, Dos Santos.

  9. chill up guys.. at least we don’t have cup drought.. let’s take a positive look by looking at our neighbor arse.. the last time they won something was 2005.. we won a cup on 2008.. so in certain angle, we a better than them 🙂 ..not to mention there’s now :))

  10. i think that spurs are doing well as there is always three permanent places for man utd, chelsea and arsenal. Despite not qualifying for europe, we have to reflect that the team we were beaten by are 350K stronger, also withour heads down we still managed to keep our place in fifth.

  11. Is there any truth in rumours that Arry will sell Modric to Chelsea and then probably take the manager’s job? Somebody once said how long will it be before Arry skints us out like he did Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth. At the time I just found it very amusing, but if Abramovich is seriously prepared to offer Arry the job I can see it being a reality – CL football; money; can raid Spurs for favourites Modric, Bale et al.

  12. Will Harry target the right players in the transfer window? Will he go back for players once the first bid is rejected? I am keeping my fingers crossed that the January window episode is not repeated!

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