If players were valued in inches

If players were valued in inches

£27m would be a decent offer for Luka Modric. The fact is they are not, and that sort of price still isn’t enough for our top commodity. It might seem foolish to call any player priceless, but that’s what Modric is to most Tottenham Hotspur fans. Harry Redknapp described the earlier £22m offer as a joke. I didn’t find it all that amusing and the improved one is still not making me laugh very much.

I understand why he’s tempted by the move to West London. Chelsea are very likely to be challenging in both the Premier League and the Champions League next season. Spurs definitely won’t be doing one of those and are unlikely to be doing the other either. The problem biggest problem I have with this situation is selling your best player to a team you are trying to close the gap on is a massive mistake. The fact the Premier League is now arguably the biggest league in the world means these sorts of transfers will happen more and more often. We have already seen how Arsenal are struggling to hold onto their stars even though they did qualify for the Champions League.

With the reports of Michael Essien being unavailable for up to six months due to a knee injury, Chelsea are even more likely to keep coming back until they get their man. Modric is probably going to official request a transfer soon enough and that will make the club’s position pretty impossible. I like that we are showing resolve and not just rolling over but when a player decides they want to move, it’s pretty pointless trying to force them to stay.

At what is likely to be the peak of his career, a player like Luka Modric should be competing at the highest level possible and winning major honours. It’s just unfortunate for us Spurs fans that he probably won’t be able to do that while playing at the Lane.

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  1. So why did he sign a 6 year contract without a release clause? Is he/his agent that stupid? Are they lying? Gentlemans agreement is about as useful as a chocolate kettle when you have signed a contract with no mention of it. I bet he had a smile on his face when the signing on fee cleared in his bank account. Sorry to be cynical – but this is about money. All his talk last season about how much potential he beleives Spurs have, how happy he is – blah blah. Whatever – if we had the money of City or Chelsea – I would let him rot at Queen of the South for the best playing days of his career. In Levy I trust! COYS

  2. “Tottenham Hotspur gave me my chance in the Premier League and I want to go on to achieve great success here with them.
    “Yes, there have been enquiries from other big clubs, but I have no interest in going anywhere.
    “Last season’s top four finish was an indication of where we are as a club and I feel I can continue to improve and go on to achieve everything I want to at Spurs.”

    Luka’s words in signing his new deal last season. I feel very let down by a player I admired absolutely, and who seemed to have values that were about football. In my opinion, he has to be allowed to go now, but, if he were to return to honesty, HE would be saying that Chelsea are having a laugh and KNOW that he is worth more than they are so provocatively offering. He also has to understand that he will not, under ANY circumstances, be allowed to go to such a dishonest bunch of Johnny-come-latelys, not even if they now put in an honest bid.

  3. It’s not at all pointless to force him to stay with 5 years left on his contract. His value is unlikely to sway too much over the next two seasons. And hopefully it will ward off other members of the team from trying to engineer a way out – seeing the harm that he is doing to his profile in front of fans – and show Spurs have some resolve in the marketplace.

  4. Spurs need to make a stand here if they are ever going to achieve something worthwhile. What Chelsea are doing needs to be stamped out.

  5. If it is true that we at the Chels bid £40million for Modric and it was turned down all we can say is:

  6. It’s all about the money, it always has been. The more you have the more you want. Think about how conceited players are nowadays, their move will always be to the one that pays the most.

  7. Modric is a key player for us. If Chelsea had offered £40m in first place then they might have got him but they clearly tapped him up and then low balled the offer.

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