I love Ramos but…

I love Ramos but…

His English needs some serious work. He’s put what I believe to be a decent statement out to the press tonight but because his English isn’t that great, his point isn’t put across as well as it could be.

“We need to improve, little by little. It could be 10, 12 or 15 games. No limit.

“Yes, I am worried because we need points. We have a good squad and, I’m sure in the future, we’ll be better.”

I understand the point he is trying to make, that the squad needs time etc, but football isn’t a no limit game. If we don’t decide to start playing until 30 or so in, we’ll be in the Championship!

“I think in some positions we are better than last year, in others we are worse. The squad is the squad.

“For me, the big problem is adaptation and the need for time. The worst thing for us was losing Berbatov at the last moment and we didn’t have time to sign a new player. But business is business. It was impossible.”

That last bit is bullshine. Berbatov was always going, I don’t care what anyone says. We should have got a deal for Arshavin or whoever else done before the last day of the transfer window. Ok, so we have Fraizer ‘Spurs is a stepping stone’ Campbell but I’m not pinning much hope on his shoulders.

“We want to win all the matches, but it’s harder in 38 league games to finish above Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. In the cups, you can win five or six matches and win a trophy, so that is easier.”

This would indicate to me that he realises how important a win is tomorrow night. The UEFA Cup is probably our best chance of some silverware and I don’t think we can afford to go out there for the 2nd leg with anything other than a win.

Apart from the Chelsea game, (the only game we haven’t lost!!) I’ve tipped us to win every one. (Yep, lost them all). On this note, my prediction for tomorrow is a 4-0 win for Wisla Krakow, it’s nailed on!

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  1. To be honest, at this point I’d be happy if we were about 10th-12th come the January transfer window, and then push on from there hopefully.

    Ramos doesn’t exactly seem to inspire confidence, and it seems to me that Gus is the only one who can build a relationship with the squad, since everything Ramos says comes to them second-hand. At this point, I honestly think I would be happier if Gus was manager and Juande was his assistant. The Uruguayan monkey rules!

  2. Ramos is generally full of bull when hespeaks. He’s been waffling on about bad luck in the defeats by Boro and Sunderland when actually we were well beaten and lucky to go down by just 1 goal. Everyone knew Berbatov was going and he still had both strikers when he was delivering awful performances last season. Ramos is not great with the truth as he showed when he told Seville there was no meeting or apprach from Tottenham and that he would be staying with them for the season!

  3. I just checked some stats… even Derby managed 1 point from the first 4 games last season… and they got the lowest ever points total since a win has been worth 3 points!

  4. Hi everyone, just to say the key to Tottenhams success is to remain consistent from now piling wins in the remaining games we have now till we play the likes of Arsenal who are in good form.

    Can we beat them 5-1 again? who knows, just have to wait and see, we need a new tactic because at the moment, teams are eyeing up our weak point, and now us fans must be stronger than ever and make our totttenham get forward and encourage them to get forward and shoot, maybe even score and get a result.



  5. is it me me or does it have nothing to do with bebrs….fist two matches we a our 15 million pound winger playing on the left. agaisnt boro, we started to dictate the ply in the second half wehn bentley switched over to the right…is it me or should GIO start every match. he is an amazing talent….so it seems as if he should
    START on the left and DB should
    START on the right. bent will always score goals,…and alebeit very little seen, i like what i saw from roman in the villa match. IMO, i feel the entire squad and our ability to generate attack and scoring opportunities lie in gio and bentley playin from the get go in their proper positions. why do i see this and not JR our esteemed manager. i like him, but for fucks sake…this bad start to me rest in his poor jdugement specifically to to these two players.

  6. “We want to win all the matches, but it’s harder in 38 league games to finish above Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool.”

    Just focus on the above sentence, lads. Juande will be our best manager since billy nick.

  7. Ramos needs a solid english coach alongside him, not Poyet, that cunt learnt his trade with Dennis Wise – triffic

    Because until Ramos realises he aint in la liga anymore and needs to stop playing la liga formations/tactics spurs are a sinking ship

    saying that, you’ll be pretty good in europe – and I found that hard to say


  8. Wrighty, shall we just add

    Hamburg are top of das bundasliga

    P4 W3 D1 L0

    And have sold two of their best players in the summer

    One Martin Jol


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