I hope Millwall get promoted

I hope Millwall get promoted

I can’t wait to get down The Den next season and watch them play Spurs.

I’m kind of resigned to the fact we are doomed. When I saw the back four today with Hutton back I felt quite positive but then the game started. Bale is a great player but he is still a bit suspect defensively, quite similar to how Ashley Cole was early in his career. It’s something he will overcome but we can’t afford silly mistakes at the moment.

Maybe I’m being picky, but at times when the cameras were on Ramos and Poyet, there didn’t seem to be enough urgency. I’d much rather see the manager doing his nut on the touchline when we are in this position, not looking relaxed and composed.

As soon as Stoke scored and Spurs went down to ten men, they started playing quite well. Once Bent scored I thought we would go on and win the game but the comedy show that was the 2nd half put an end to any chance of that.

I’m not sure if Corluka is going to be out for a few games after today but I’d imagine so. Bale and Dawson certainly are, so that’s 3 defenders out for crucial matches and with Ledley only playing UEFA Cup games, we are basically for want of a better word, fucked.

Only one team has survived from our position in Premier League history. On paper, Tottenham have the players to become the 2nd team to achieve this feat. The performances on the pitch would suggest otherwise.

3 thoughts on “I hope Millwall get promoted

  1. I’ve heard Andrew Lloyd Weber has a new musical in the offing ‘Spurs – from football team to pantomime’.

  2. I hope Millwall get promoted also but it is a long way to go. Millwall have th euneviable record of being top of their division at christmas and still getting relegated so lets not count our chickens either way just yet

  3. This used to be a really good blog, but then the season started and now it’s just a farce.

    Here’s a stat though, every club Robbie Keane has left has gone on to get relegated the next season


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