Harry needs to get his own house in order

Harry needs to get his own house in order

Before I start I’d like to say I have no problem with what Harry has got out of the players on the pitch. He’s done wonders to get Spurs to the standard they are playing at currently and I hope he’s at the helm for the foreseeable future.

What I think is a problem is when our players pick up the tabloids and find yet another Harry exclusive. His reputation has always been a little bit shady but his likeable personality and good managerial record has allowed him to get away with it over the years.

Today is meant to be telling off time for the naughty Christmas party boys. Robbie Keane and company were very stupid and ended up being caught out by The Sun but I’d imagine it’s difficult for Harry to give them too much of a dressing down when he’s in the papers more than them.

Redknapp’s current tax problems may be unrelated to his position as Spurs manager but it still undermines his authority. A bit of rule bending isn’t a bad thing but this is the second scandal he’s been a part of in recent times. There are also unanswered questions about the betting coup landed when he left Southampton for Portsmouth.

While I believe Harry will be whiter than white during his reign as Spurs boss, I hope his previous indiscretions don’t upset our season.

14 thoughts on “Harry needs to get his own house in order

  1. It is very easy for HR to give the players a dressing down, he picks the team, you dont toe the line, like Bentley, you are out of the squad. Players can only make an impression on the pitch, the only person that decides that is Harry. You can see that the players have the utmost respect for him and everyone in the game has a great deal of respect for him.

    They went behind his back, Harry found out and he is discipling them, good, he is managed the situation well, he has come out and said they were wrong but also defended them by saying they are good lads etc, they are being fined and a donation is being made to charity.

    Everyone is a winner, the players had their time away, HR found out, tells them off, footballers are donating a nice chunk to charity just before Christmas, nice bit of PR. The players get two good wins after a shocking performance against Wolves.

    It is very clear that the team spirit is very strong by the way the team celebrate together.

    This stuff about Harry has been floating around for ages and he has always denied any wrong doing and took advice.

    Until anything is proven i am very happy that Harry is in charge and long may it continue.

  2. Why did you bother writing this article?
    We knew all about Harry before we employed him. What you see is what you get.
    As for the tax matters they were known to us as well.
    Harry should be judged by performances on the field.

    Congratulations Harry on Saturday’s result.

  3. I found the article both pointless and negative,Harry seems to be able to do nothing right in your eyes,i am sure that if he took no action he would be critised for lack of back bone and the club for lack of discipline.The effect he has had on the team since his arrival has been immeasurable,he has sorted out the wheat from the chaff regarding players who want to play for the club and those that are passengers.long may it continue.

  4. Innocent until proven guilty.
    Just because he looks and sounds like he sells second hand motors doesn’t mean he sells second hand motors. Plenty of time to tear him appart if he is guilty.
    The mans an angel!!

  5. Aaaaarrrrgghhh. Every time Spurs get their thing on the pitch together, something happens that ruins it. Remember 1987? 3rd in League, FA Cup finalists, League cup Semi-finalists…. I thought next season we could go one better – then Pleat had to quit (I’ll leave it at that). Then there was that enjoyable season where Venables was director of football, and Livermore/Clemence ran the team. I thought, next season we will be challenging for honours – then Venables, Livermore AND Clemence get sacked! I fear that this tax stuff will either bog Harry down or cause him to quit. I hope not, but it could be back to square one again!

  6. Twitter, more like Twit or stronger. Go get a life. I take it you personally know him and all his business. I take you wear red much like your face.

  7. Truly terrible article, are you a gooner?!

    If Harry’s guilty or not of not paying taxes I don’t really care, go take a look at what some of the current MP’s in parliament and Peers int he House of Lords have been done for and are still there, then come talk about a stupid tax issue, which in fairness to Harry, he has accountants and stuff, he probably didn’t have a clue anyway, but whatever happens WE SHOULD STAND BY HIM!!

    What I care about is the man took us in a season were we had our worst EVER start in our illustrious 127 year history and finished it with us boasting our best EVER defensive home record and a comfortable finish in the league. We’ve now pushed on and are GENUINELY being talked about as top 4 contenders (I say the sky’s the limit this season, oh and this is without our first choice centrebacks playing together once, funny how no one ever mentions that) with the likes of Villa, City, the scum and maybe Liverpool….if they get rid of Rafa now!

    Can we not just accept that yes Harry is a shady and volatile character, but he is a true football man, were now playing flambuoyant open attacking football…THE TOTTENHAM WAY…..he’s learn’t his trade in the proper way and is by far the best English manager in the league. The players seem to love him….all the player’s I mean who have played for him, not just our boys now, can it not be fate that it has just clicked with our club at the right time for Harry and for Spurs,in Harry we have amanager at the peak of his managerial ability, plus we truly have the best squad of players we’ve had in years……

    Oh and as for this piece int he press undermining his authority with the players….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……..
    seriously, what planet are you on?!?! They all know what he’s about, god we did, you think they didnt?! lol Do you think this is going to make a difference to what they think of him?!?!?
    This will probaly spur him and the players on even more now, to shut up them top 4 loving redtops, be honest, how often do you see a POSITIVE article about Spurs, they love to bash and ridicule us, they always have…..I say it’s time we shut them up with our football.

    If I’m wrong in any of this please let me know.

    30 yrs and still in love with the lillywhites!

  8. Just a couple of questions requiring answers from the “author”
    Do you have qualifications in accounting, taxation or the legal profession? Right, now that we can conclude that you don’t, perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of a taxation inquiry. No, well that’s covered. I was a director of an international bank and was on the receiving end of anenquiry. It was actually a fishing trip with no evidence but when this became apparent, they became petty, vindictive and desperate. They don’t like to be made to look stupid publicly.Fact!!
    ” this is the second scandal he’s been a part of in recent times” One should be careful about printing potetentially libellous comments dreesed up as fact when they are merely rumoured in the media. No evidence or prosection was made let alone convictions.this smacks of a poor researched article by someone with absolutely no coprehension of the FACTS let alone even procedures. It’s a poor imitation of articles by proper journalists. seeing as these professionals deal in rumour and pub gossip it shows the benchmark. How many players have Spurs been definitely going to sign in the last window?? Load of b*lls as we don’t now have a squad totalling three figures. It’s either an article from someone with their own agenda or someone completely out of their depth.On second thoughts it’s evidently both.

  9. Redknapp is basically a weak willed cunt, blaming some agent for him not paying his ruby wax is not an acceptable excuse and I hope they throw the book at him.

    As for him coming out like some disciplnarian banning xmas do’s left right and centre is absolutely laughable, this is a man who allowed John Hartson to kick a team mate full in the face during training and do nothing. The fact that Hartson pretty much ran the club during his time there is about all you need to know about old ‘Arry

    So yes he does need to get his house in order, prick

  10. The original piece is a terrible article as stated by other Spurs fans above. I read on another board there are a few gooners about posing as Spurs fans online to make trouble. Are you one of them?

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