Fraizer Campbell, good addition?

Fraizer Campbell, good addition?

What do we think? I haven’t see much of him if I’m honest, watching Hull wasn’t high on my agenda last season.

I’ve had a look through some highlights and he has scored a number of good goals. I know he started for Utd against Newcastle and was involved in their pre season games so Ferguson must have rated him.

It’s only a loan deal for this season but I’d imagine that was because of everything being done last minute and is probably with a view to making the deal permanent.

So we had Berbatov, Keane, Defoe and Bent this time last year, now we have Pavlyuchenko, Campbell and Bent. A step backwards perhaps but hopefully we now have three strikers that want to play for the club and will give 110% week in week out.

We got good money for Berbatov. I’m a bit disappointed with didn’t bring in another player but I’m sure there will be more activity in January with all that cash in the kitty.

29 thoughts on “Fraizer Campbell, good addition?

  1. Wouldn't quite see it that we have THREE forwards who want to play for us… as let's face it, this time yesterday, I'm sure Campbell hadn't given us a 2nd thought… he's been TOLD to play for Spurs, simarlarly, Berba has TOLD Spurs he doesn't want to play for us… players, money & Man Utd talk in this day & age I'm afraid!

  2. we wanted 30 mil we got 30 mil and a player for a year no panick buys witch is good the team is good till jan when we can take our time to get who we want its 3 games let every one gel stop all this slaging of the team at evey chance you get you sound like a load of wankers from the scum end of town you all say you surpport the yids well fucking support then you bunch of wankers

  3. Feel like we have all had the wool pulled over our eyes but if this is not the case Levy has embarked on a personal vendetta with Manure rather than focusing on our own objectives…
    Whilst there are positives in the transfers of modric, gio, bentley now i feel less optimistic given they have no outstanding goalscorer in front of them. Granted the Berbatov saga was late on D-day but the board should have envisaged it, furthermore should have replaced keane (the 110% player) with a like for like – Arshavin.
    To me this Summer is increasingly looking like the board has been trying to chat up our top 4 chances whilst making sure the books look more appealing to a potential takeover.

    I for one want to see the back of the devil’s spawn damien C!!!

  4. As long as we have the option to buy Campbell I’m happy, the last thing we needed to do was sell a world class striker and buy a donkey. We have a world class team, let’s get behind them, come Jan if Arshavin is still doing the business we can deal then. COYS

  5. I’m not upset that Berba has left, it was inevitable and was always going to happen once he had stated his intentions. I also don’t blame him for wanting to play at the highest level as he possibly can. We as deluded fans continually expect our players not only to love our club as much as we do but also to act diffently from us in making career decisions. We also got an excellent price for him. What I’m disapointed about is that we haven’t used the money to re-strengthen the squad. A year ago our strike force was arguably as good as any in the prem. The feeling this morning is that we have regressed despite our protestations that we are a top 4 club waiting to happen. From time to time players will envitably want to leave the clubs they play for. All I hoped for from Spurs was that faced with that situation they would set about getting as much money as they can for the player (which they have done) and then to reinvest that money to try and maintain momentum (which they manifestly have not). The club and fans desperately needed some demonstrable evidence that we are going full steam ahead for a champions league spot. Last nights events have only served to prove what I have been in denial about for some time: Spurs are now a second tier club whose sole purpose is to generate as much money as it can for its shareholders. We buy up promising players with the sole intention of selling them on to bigger clubs for a huge profit. Nothing the board has done in recent times has done anything to dispell this viewpoint. I’m sick and tired of continually waiting for the next transfer window. Last night was a depressing signal of intent from Spurs that has finally lifted the wool that was covering my eyes.

  6. I got nothing against the boy but I can not see why we would didn’t give Pekhart the roll? Pav is UEFA cup tied so Frazier will gain the experience playing in that and the Prem, then come the end of the season he is back to United all the better for the experience.

  7. Why all this talk of January…Blah blah blah….by then the season is half over we’ll be strugling justv above relegation with no striker scoring no defensive midfielder and a glaring hole in defence where King and Woody are both crocked …who shoulsd we ply there Rocha and Dawson…wake up and smell the is official we are in the shite!!!

  8. great swap berba and keane – pavlyuchenko and campbell (on loan) i mean wtf
    campbell is a player for the future we are actually doing man u a favour by taking him
    giving him experience….
    we spent like 70m and recouped 80m
    hopefully we will have a huge budget for january with our usual 30m? + 10m left over we get 1 quality striker and 1 holding player and 1 attacking mid or striker
    also, why dont we pre sign that ,zaki on loan to wigan as our 3rd/4th striker for when fraizer goes
    he score like 4 goals for a team who cant normally score to save their life.. in 3 GAMES

    febuary team

    Hutton Wood King Bale
    Bentley `modric
    Moutinho Jenas

    Bench:Lennon, Huddlestone, Giovani, Corluka, Sanchez, Zaki, Campbell

  9. Ferguson has had the last laugh!!! open your eyes spurs fans!!! he offered 20m then continued to unsettle the player through the press. Picked up berbshite from the airport without permission, then for an extra 10m he buys off commoli and levy, we should have taken his ass to the premier league and let berbashite stay in the reserves till jan, but ferguson had the last laugh because he got off scott free for 10m which is not alot for a club like man utd BUT we also took a striker with no premier league experience and are now gonna give him some and send him back to ferguson a better player!!! i can’t believe it, we are mugs!!! frazier should be booed like berbashite, anyone related to man utd should be booed and levy and commol;i sell the club to some arabs!!!!

  10. what’s the problem? we got rid of a bad apple for £30m. robbie, whilst i love and did have occaisional dream of a team of robbie keane’s, he didn’t know whether he was a striker, midfield or winger and ended up unbalancing the side – i understand that ramos did not actually rate him very highly anyway. we now have one of the best strikers from the euros, bent (!?) and a hungry, keen striker waiting for the chance to prove himself. let’s not also forget that during the window we have also brought in bentley, modric, dos santos and corluka. on balance, in my opinion, a vastly improved squad. for good measure, apparently we have put in by far the most crosses in the league so far, with 2 strikers we should start to see some end product.

    really can’t understand all the negativity, don’t believe all that you read in the papaers.

  11. I wasn't that unhappy with our business but some of the more 'pessimistic' comments are quite intriguing. As supporters we tend to forget our clubs are PLCs with stakeholders to attract. every board knows that on-field success (necessitating top players) is the only sure way to financial success given the TV, gate and sponsorship money it attracts.
    However, there's obviously a balancing act to be able to deliver success in the financial markets.
    We've been very good at this in the past few years since the public statement about the policy of buying young players with resale value.
    Maybe the recent dealings have tipped the balance towards returns vs. investment, but (1) I doubt it was intentional – whilst Berba going was obvious, Keane's move wasnt and (2) as everyones aware we've been among the biggest spending clubs since the EPL started.
    Ultimately, we've become a marginally better team/club in recent seasons (two 5th places & v.good cup runs) but does anyone honestly think we've pretentions to be more?
    These days the only route into the top 4 is to get a money-no-object private owner (Chelski, now ManC) or by having a combination of players, coach & luck that come along once in a blue moon (e.g. Mourinho's Porto). I'm afraid our shot was the season that ended in Lasagnagate – that incident really is proving to be a watershed in our history.
    …Anyway, for anyone still with me…Frankly, If we did make it to the Champs league, once the novelty wears off and we get knocked out, we'd be back to fighting for glorious moments in the cups, beating rivals and hoping to finish 4th again.
    It's called being a Spurs fan, so get over it and enjoy the ride

  12. The reality is that Berbatov is a Champions League player and its disappointing that he’s left. We needed to have finished in the top 4 to have any chance of keeping him and the same goes for RK who also deserves a chance at the highest level. Lets hope that JR can equal or better BMJs two 5th places. That’s the only way we will keep our top players.

  13. all this keen and baba shit they dint want to play for us so fuck them off are you forgetting they only scored less than 18 goales each in the leauge cant wait fucking wankers just wait and see how the new boys do call your self supporters you lot had never heard of the sulk before he came here so shut up and get behind the team or fuckoff down to the scum where you sound like you belong

  14. Look we can all go over this for the rest of the season or we can be realistic. Berbatov and Keane both wanted to go. We needed a striker but no one was available at a price that they were worth (Arshavin was too much money for his ability).
    We have brought in Pavlyuchenko who has a good scoring record, Bent may come good, and Campbell means we can take our time to get in a quality striker in the next window. It is not as easy to attract the top players if you are not in the Champions league or have a billionaire in tow.
    We have made so great signings across the team (Bentley, Gio, Modric, Gomes) so lets wait before we slash our wrists shall we…

  15. frazier will be a tottenham player it was only put down as a loan cos of the time i know this as fact as i work in thfc office

  16. Pissed off. Sell Berb and Keane – a proven Premiership strikeforce!!! And then replace them with an unproven strike-force!! Only Pavlo. has a decent goals to game ratio!

    WTF?!?!? What a farce!

    Why did we not have anyone lined up to replace Berbatov? EVERYONE knew he was going to be sold.

    Pissed off. Another season of transition.

  17. whatever…really bored at work…COME ON YOU SPURS – mid table and a good cup run, i’m psyched!…who are we trying to kid with this top4 shit, we’re Spurs of modern times not of the 60’s!

  18. The Russian is the replacement for Berbatov . To be fair to Ramos if a player refuses to play you have no choice but to sell . It was the Keane move that has caused the problem because although people saw that Berbatov would be off and wanted out Keane was a bolt from the blue . Ramos thought the Russian , Keane , Bent would be his main 3 strikers . Giovani can also play an attacking role . Now we have Bent and the Russian and Giovani and Campbell as the back up . Not perfect but as Bent and the Russian will start most games not a disaster .

  19. oh dear. some us have really got our knickers in a twist. keane and berbatov wanted to leave. we have to face the facts. pavlyuchencko is one of the best strikers in europe. campbell is the hottest young striker in england, regarded as the new defoe, and bent has already proven that he knows to score goals in the prem. hell, he’s already off the mark, against chelsea, away, and he only had one chance. add our other sigings – modric, bentley, gio, gomes, corluka – i see no reason why we cannot compete right at the top end of the table. in fact, i predict a top four finish this season. that’s how highly i rate our squad, but above all our head coach. so come on fellow yids, there’s plenty of reasons to be cheerful for the coming season.

  20. im loving the fact that those guys went for man city. Papers reckon that they were looking and are5ni1 and Liverpool….dosent bear thinking about does it. top 4 and cl football is now near impossible by the way….now that the top 4 has become the top 5.

  21. Don’t see the point in this shoulda, woulda, coulda nonsense. The facts are we’ve signed more quality and than we’ve sold. Squad is stronger and much more solid than last season. The only weak areas are defensive midfield and a striker that links the midfield with the attack. With money in the bank i dare say those areas are the next to be filled. We’ve now got three months to broker good deals for those players. Let’s stop moaning and get behind the lads!! COYS!!

  22. Would have loved to have seen Arshavin sign(find everything a bit hypocritical that we held on to the last minute to get the full fee for Berb’s but wouldn’t match the fee asked for Arshavin), but am highly releaved that the Heskey thing fizzled out

  23. £50m+ for sulky Berbs and Keano a scorer of great gaols but not a great goal scorerer plus the good money for all the dross we have outed. If our team were as good as our Chairman we would be qualifying for the Champions League by Xmas!!

  24. Can’t put it any more simply than this:-

    07/08 08/09

    Robinson Gomes

    YP Lee Bale
    Dawson Woodgate
    Kaboul King
    Chimbonda Hutton

    Lennon Corluka (DMF)
    Jenas Dos Santos
    Zakora Bentley
    Malbranque Modric

    Keane Pavluychenko
    Berbatov Bent

    No please, take a step back, compose and tell me honestly which team (on paper) is more balanced and has the greater quality.

    We have another £30m to spend in Jan and Ramos hasn’t bought a shit player yet, so I cant see him changing that soon. And for anyone who thinks that man city will be playing champions league football next season… are deluded.

    The arabs will soon get bored and seeing as those skint mancs struggle to fill the stadium at the best of times (ie last season- 6 wins on the bounce at home), I cant see that changing anytime soon.

    Football is so much deeper than throwing money at it and hoping for the best. We are in the top 5 because we have the History, Infrastructure but more importantly the fan base. Likewise Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Villa!!!!

    Ask yourself this question, How many City fans do u know?

  25. Is there a sting in the tail for ManUre with the last minute signing of Berbatov?
    There are rumours that, if he signed after 11pm last night, he is not eligible to play in Europe because it would be after the midnight (European time) qualification deadline. Sky kept reporting last night that the club secretary was called in at 11.20pm to check and fax the paperwork, so it would seem the time is post 11pm.

    Does anyone know if this ruling is true?

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