Disappointed but not despondent

Disappointed but not despondent

It’s a shame but it’s not the end of the world. We were beaten by a better side on the day. While I would have hoped we could cope with Utd at the Lane the fact is we couldn’t on Saturday. It doesn’t mean we can’t.

It’s easy for me to make comment after the game and I’m not criticising Harry’s tactics but I was a little puzzled by his decision to shuffle the side and start Keane out of position rather than bring Kranjcar in as a like for like swap for Modric. I just felt we weren’t as balanced as we might have been but I doubt it would have changed the result in any case.

Man Utd seemed to thrive with ten men. I know some people dislike Rooney but you cannot argue with his ability and determination. Having a player of that quality in your side is priceless. Not only is he world class, he doesn’t stop working for 90 minutes. Utd had four maybe five world class players on that pitch, Tottenham probably had one and he can’t train. Lennon and Palacios have the potential to be world class but aren’t yet. Keane, Crouch and even Defoe arguably fall just slightly short.

The positive thing about the game was that we weren’t totally played off the park. We had plenty of chances and on another day, the result might have been different. Utd played at their best and we weren’t that far behind. We are still moving in the right direction. If you’d have told me at the start of the season after five games Spurs would have won them all except for a loss to Utd, I would certainly have taken that. We still have more points than Liverpool and Arsenal and sit in the top four.

I try not to get too carried away any time Spurs put a decent run of results together but it’s hard not to get excited. Equally, it’s hard not to get a bit down after a home defeat even when it is to a side of Manchester United’s brilliance. It’s important to take a long term view. We have had a great start to the season and this is just a set back. There is no reason we can’t go to Chelsea and get something out the game. The likely scenario is we will hold them until the 93rd minute and they will get a late winner but there is always a chance we can do the same.

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  1. What game were you watching Danny? United played us off the park. Events conspired against us somewhat, with Modders injured, Palacios having played in South America in the small hours of Thursday morning and the international break meaning Krancjar had no time with his new team mates, but few teams in world football could have lived with United on Saturday. Having said that, the gamesmanship and rough house tactics of the Reds should have drawn more censure from the ref and Berbatov definitely mugged him for the free kick from which Giggs scored. Spurs will play a lot better this season, and on this evidence Keane needs to play in the middle of the park week in week out.

  2. TBH – unlike with so many recent games – there can be no complaints; they were the better team, fair-and-square.
    I will not use this as an excuse, but I did feel that Palacios was a bit jaded, and, after he was booked, the bite kinda went out of midfield – either due to caution or tiredness, or both, I can’t say.
    Keane didn’t have his best game – I presume ‘Arry wanted his experience and knowlfdge of the rest of the team for such an important game, something Kranks doesn’t have yet (having never played with most of the players before). But it definitely didn’t work – that’s hindsight for you!

  3. We where just not good enough to match United. They played like a world class team and we couldn`t figure out how to break down their well organized midfield. We gave the ball away many many times without being under pressure.

    I believe Palacios was taken off because Harry knew he was close to getting sent off. We played just as tough as united did.

    For me, Lennon had a bad day. Crouch played very very well and proved he can do amazing things against the very best of defenders.

    Kranjcar for me is a bad signing. He just hasn`t got anything that can make spurs a better team.

    And why on earth bring on Hutton? He proved in the international match against Holland that he isn`t at the right place at the right time when defending.

    Jenas played a very good second half, proving that he is an excellent player. He makes all the right decisions. Passing the ball generally very well, and always capable of finding the creative smart solutions.

  4. If Fletcher was so good against Keane how good would he have been against O’Hara. Keane does not get the ball back and goes not keep it for any period of time this is not the case with O’Hara, I cannot understand why he was let go he proved the point when replacing Modric against Johnson of Liverpool.

  5. …..but he got it soo soo wrong on Saturday, to play KEane out of position was the first mistake, to not even let Gio on the bench ws another(the kids on fire, been Mexico’s best player this year, is a true left midfielder and goal scorer), Pav scored 3 times for Russia in 2 games last week never got on the pitch, Kranjcar has just signed for us, he should never have played ahead of Gio and Pav and I’m sorry for the last half hour we played like Wimbledon…..long balls to Crouch which Vidic and Ferdinand kept on eating up…..

    I love Harry, but I hate that he has favourites, come Jan we will lose both Gio and Pav and I’ll be gutted, because they are better than Crouch and Krajncar!!!

    Should have been 2-2 Saturday though even after all that!!!


  6. There seems to be a consensus that Robbie Keane being played instead of Krankjar was the reason behind the defeat on Saturday. I know United were very good but the reason they found it so easy to play through us on Saturday was that Crouch and defoe started. The main reason for our ealry season success has been the work rate of Robbie Keane dropping into midfield when we lose possesion and closing teams down from the front. reference the Liverpool game. They couldn’t get into any sort of rythm because they weren’t allowed to. Add to this the fact that Berbatov dropped deep and we were over run in midfield. Why Harry decided to change a winning formula is beyond me. Perhaps Ferguson has a bit of an Indian sign over redknapp but I think it was a mistake to start Crouch. His height and nuisance caused the first goal but the tactic of ‘Stick it on his head’ just didn’t work after that as United just shielded him with two players.

    Harry also decided to bring on a right back and a left midfielder into an already crowded area when utd were reduced to 10 men and left an international striker on the bench. This was a glaring tactical mistake and one that would concern me a little!!!

    Dissapointing performance by the team and manager not so concerned about the result.

  7. totallytottenham- Got to agree one majorfactor in our defeat was team selection. Crouch despite his 100% was redundant after 15 mins marked out of the game. HARRY is wrong to refuse Pav and Gio game time. he maybe a genius in some areas but I think he has made a mistake this week. we do not punt it up the field against quality teams because at best you have a 50/50 chance its gonna come straight back at you. If we try this tactic against Chelsea expect the same scoreline.

  8. We were outclassed no doubt, but i think Harry’s selection was cause for concern. With JJ fit, the midfield should have read Palacios,JJ,Lennon & Hudd with Keane & Defoe leading the front. What a combination that would have been.

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