Deflecting the heat

Deflecting the heat

The quotes in today’s press from Ramos have made me laugh. We have all known for weeks we need to let Berba go to Utd but only now we have lost our first two games, Ramos has decided to speak out.

“We need to get this matter resolved before the transfer deadline.

“If Berbatov goes, we will need time to sign a replacement. We want to have the best centre-forward we can possibly get.

“This is the first time I have faced this problem as a coach and the truth is I have found it a conflicting situation to be in.

“Of course, what has happened has had repercussions on the team and our results.

“Against Sunderland, for instance, we were only able to play with one forward and we didn’t have any substitutes for that player.

“Players go through physical problems all the time but in this case it’s a psychological issue which we have to deal with.

“If Berbatov works well during the week, maybe he will be able to play in our next game. If not, he won’t.

“But we cannot make that decision now. We can only decide that on the eve of the game.”

I’m a Ramos fan but please don’t give us all this bullshine now results have gone against us. If we’d have won both games, he wouldn’t have opened his mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, Ramos talking openly to the fans is something I would really appreciate but today’s speech is just to take the pressure off a bit because he’s knows it’s very likely Spurs will be bottom with no points after the Chelsea game.

The Sun have plucked Huntelaar’s name out of thin air today as our top target. I think there is about as much chance of us signing Andy Sinton at the minute.

I’ll leave you with a very interesting video about the Berbatov situation from yesterday’s Sunday Supplement

9 thoughts on “Deflecting the heat

  1. Ajax came out yesterday and siad that if anyone wants Huntelaar, its 35 euros non-negotiable. So forget that.

  2. Well if Dave is right about whats been said by Ajax abot Huntlaar we’ll definatley not get him…Spurs don’t do ‘non-negotiable’.

  3. What about taking the £25 mil for Arshavin and buying afew African or South American unknowns. We could probably get 6 or 7 players for that and 2/7 of them is bound to be good.

  4. ramos and spurs have done exactly the right thing in this fiasco. In an ideal world the sulking prick would be left to rot in the reserves as a lesson or flog him to the highest bidder from the continent. Unfortunately we haven’t had that luxury of choice. The fact is the club has to observe economic laws and as such are trying to get the best price they can in order to put us in the strongest position over the longer term. As roy keane said, sometimes you have to lose to win.

  5. I think the club are trying to do “good business” by holding out as long as possible to sell the player at the highest price they can. Unfortunately it is starting to backfire on them and we may well end up with no strikers!

    As a coach, Ramos is clearly frustrated with the situation. I’d imagine his ideal move would have been to sell Berbatov at the start of the summer and immediately get in whatever replacement he wants. However financially that doesn’t sound good, and the board would not have gone with it. Now we may miss out.

  6. Lol, I loved Jamie Redknapp saying you were a selling club

    anyway, Ramos is finally getting found out, he’s not a very good manager

    yeah in spain he did ok, but what sort of formations is he playing?

    And how bad is spurs youth system that they don’t have any young forwards they can try and blood?

    absolute shit, ha ha


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