Damien Comolli to be dishonorably discharged?

Damien Comolli to be dishonorably discharged?

There have been rumours flying around about Damien Comolli for the last week or so. The man that made Martin Jol’s job impossible is to be removed as quietly as possible once all the transfer activity is done and the season gets underway.

The figure that was apparently so influential at Arsenal for seven seasons has been a total disaster for their main rivals. Younes Kaboul, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Ricardo Rocha, anyone think he’s still on Arsenal’s payroll?!

He may have had his critics but I loved Martin Jol. He was a great manager for us and a great character. The way he was treated by Levy was a disgrace. It seems to have all been forgotten so quickly now we have the dream team of Ramos and Poyet but it still sticks in my mind, especially the role Comolli played in his demise.

It’s fairly common knowledge Martin Jol wanted to sign certain proven players to sure up the side, especially the defence, but instead he was given some complete disasters from the very man that wanted him gone.

Comolli is credited with unearthing the talent of Gaël Clichy at Arsenal but there are also claims that he thought Peter Cech, Michael Essien and Didier Drogba would never cut it in the Premiership.

Why Levy allowed Comolli so much power at the club I don’t know but let’s hope he does the right thing and gives him the bullet as soon as possible.

In other news…

Keano should tie up his move to Liverpool this week but to soften the blow Spurs will announce the capture of Bentley and one other player on the same day. Robinson’s move to Blackburn was a sweetener in the Bentley deal.

Portsmouth are confident of signing Younes Kaboul this week. Roy Keane is getting fed up with his indecision.

Spurs have made an enquiry about IF Elfsborg ‘keeper Johan Wiland.

28 thoughts on “Damien Comolli to be dishonorably discharged?

  1. Martin Jol was an idiot. All the players that left, like Mendes, Pamarot and Defoe (yes, I know he didn’t leave under Jol) and others were all better players under a different manager. Further, the revelations about players’ diets at WHL were shocking. My 14-year-old son has a better idea of what athletes should eat.

  2. too right mate dont they remember pleat and hoddle in didnt work either,just let the manager run the footballing matters and report only to the chairman

  3. I agree that DC has acted as though he still gets paid by Arsenal.

    By the way, if you mean strengthen, bolster, etc, you should write “shore -up” rather than “sure-up”.

  4. jol was an idiot,you clown to fifth place finishes going places and stitched by the board and comolli put the club backward two years

  5. Your the idiotin fact your a total prick. MJ had laid the foundations for something bigger and should have been backed by the board and his under performing overpaid pre-madonnas.

    Levy is hyprocrite for his recent actions.

  6. frankly, Jol had to go the minute he lost the changing room, and that was clear when he didnt have the balls to take players off when he needed to, or to drop others….he did a good job, but like Erickson and England there were far too many occasions when he needed to make changes and simply sat still, or did not have the tactics to outwit teams.

    Ramos and Poyet have so far shown flair in team selections, and courage to show players that no one is bigger than the club.

    Berbatov will stay till Jnauary bag 10 goals and leave, Keane wll be gone by the end of the week, and Villa, Bentley, and a midfield enforcer brought in with the cash.

    If no midfield enforcer is brought in, then forgetwhatr I have just said about Ramos and Poyet, and start crying as we have another puppet manager.

    by the way Levy should have sacked Comolli with Jol. He has wasted about 40mill on players we didnt ned, or have sold on for a loss.

    Get rid…

  7. Jol was great when he came. He, however went down the route of sticking with his favourite players even though they were not performing. His tactics at the beginning of last season were really bad too. A real pity as it was looking good.

  8. Jol was a nice bloke and I loved him (“and Martin Jol loved me!”) but let’s not forget that when it came to tactical decisions under pressure he did not deliver. I for one was expecting him to be ditched but certainly not in the manner that was used (which was a disgrace). I don’t think Jol ever changed things decisively for the better during a game. Look at that Chelsea cup game where we were 3 up and ended up losing over two legs. and there were plenty of other games like that. The one that stuck in my mind was the QF against Seville where we conceded two goals very early and it still took him almost an hour to get Defoe on the pitch. nice bloke, but nice guys don’t win prizes.

  9. I don´t know if you guys are aware of that Martin Jol Twice went behind Tottenhams back and took contact with first Ajax and by that he got his sallery up a bit and some from the board wanted to kick him then but he had to much support among the supporters. Than he did it 6-9 months later with Newcastle and after that he had lost his support completely so all that together with the lousy start of last season made it an easy choice to start looking for a new manager.

    Regarding Comolli I can just agree his signings have been a sad story most of the time if not all.

    Let´s hope we will see some good signings a s a p so we can relax and just wait for PL to start so we can start to dominate 😉

    Peter Sweden

  10. Rubbish.

    Firstly, it has been stressed tie and time again that Daniel Levy, the DOF and the Coah have a ’round-robin’ of discusions to discuss possible targets, players to pursue and players to purchase, as well as those available for transfer. To blame all of the ‘failures’ on the DOF, all of the successes on the coach, and leave the chairman out of the affair, shows gross niaivety.
    Secondly, Comolli, like Arnesen before him, operates a high intake/high outoing policy – usually of young players. The theory being that you pay less, overall, and bring more in in transfers, whilst building a team capable of competing, than if you try to compete with the likes of ManUre and Chelsea in the transfer market – as evidenced by the disatrous policy pursued before Arnesen came in. So, there are always going to be players who don’t make it, players who are just okay, and players who thrive. Does anyone really believe that Ramos was here two months and knew all about Hutton (I’m sure he knew about Woodgate), and that Comolli had nothing to do with these purchases?
    Under these two DOFS (Arnesen and Comolli) Spurs have finished 5th twice adn won a trophy in three years – well, yeah, that is a hell of a lot LESS successful than in the fifteen previous years, ain’t it!
    The primary influence Ramos has in transfer policy is not on who the targets are, but in hias name, meaning better players will be willing to arrive. And who insisted on Ramos coming in (despite the abuse he inflicted on himself) – yeah, that’s right, Comolli – and I too hated the way he did it.
    The primary reason Spurs struggled at the start of last season was nothing to do with the players that ‘Comolli’ brought in – it was to do with the fact that King Ledley was supposed to have recovered from his injury problems – but hadn’t. Not because Kaboul who was supposed to be cover, was purchsed. If, accepting the structure outlined above for transfers (Levy, comolli, Head Coach), Martin Jol demanded cover last summer and Comolli debnied him this, then where was Levy? I just don’t accept the story at all – it is media crap!
    The bottom dollar is that the media is pursuing a vendetta against Comolli and you are all buying into it!

  11. Anyone in Comolli’s position that pays what he did for Kaboul and the Ghetto Kid, or even buys someone called the Ghetto Kid for that matter, should be sacked on the spot!

  12. I refuse to believe that Comolli will go because he was the key man that pushed the signing of Ramos. Which in retrospect was a mark of genius because of the calibre of players Ramos is capable of attracting. Damien does need to take a back burner on the transfers i agree that much …his youth policy is spot on but he also needs to listen to the manager and staff and buy what is needed. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’.

  13. For the darren bent deal alone he should have been sacked!!! His judgement on players stinks, 8m spent on kaboul last yr i rest my case!!!

  14. This has to be the worst article I have ever read. It is absolute bollocks.

    Martin Jol wanted younger players, Martin Jol had the right to say who he wanted to join the club, and apparently Comolli is to blame for anyone you dont rate.

    No credit given for getting Berbatov, Hutton, Bale, Modric, Dos Santos, Ramos, Woodgate, but blame for anyone who hasnt delivered yet.

    Bent might look quite cheap if tonight is anything to go on.


  15. Anon 10.11 – fcuk off. True spurs fans now recent players have done good. time to move on. I love Robbie as much as anyone. Good luck to him. Jol was GREAT – Unlucky to him —— GREAT MANAGER = MARTIN JOL = FCKU YOU = DOUBTING CNUTS

  16. If Kaboul is so crap why are 3 premiership teams bidding for him? 3 managers i have big respect for also. I also believe only the manager should choose players for the first team. I cant really see the point in a DOF at all.

  17. What a pile of crap!

    Jol was going nowhere and fast. Trust me if he had remained in the hot seat then we would be supporting a Championship club now.


  18. They will get rid of DC the moment Levy sells all the players that backed Jol…


    Shown the door..

    Kaboul and Steed will be next!!

    Then that twat will be pushed out the door!!

  19. Jol could not work with DC and from what I have heard neither can Ramos. DC has bought far more poor players than good, and personally I dont think he warrants being at our beloved club.

  20. think it says alot that Hamburg haven’t tried to sign any of our players! If BMJ had really wanted the likes of Kaboul, Kevin the Prince etc. Surley he’d have tried to sign them for his new team?!?!?

    That being said, the signings we’ve made since January, Woodgate, Hutton, Gunter, Dos Santos, Gomez, and of course little Luka all look to be exceptional. Can Ramos take full responsibility for all of them or is there something to Comolli after all?

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