Credit where credit is due

Credit where credit is due

This blog post was going to be totally different at about ten past ten last night. I had plans to start a campaign to out Harry and replace him with Mike Newell or Joe Kinnear. I’ll put it on the back burner for now.

Every man and his dog wants to take a pop at Spurs today, I can only imagine what it would have been like had we actually gone out the Carling Cup. I honestly believe some people would rather see Tottenham lose than their own team win. Looking at it objectively, I can half understand why.

It must be fun for football fans that support teams with nowhere near our resources see us get turned over by so called smaller clubs time and again, pay over the odds for players that turn out to be useless and continue to achieve very little year on year. It’s getting on for 2 decades since our FA Cup win. As nice as the Carling Cup and a day out at Wembley is, it’s not good enough for a club that’s spent as much as Tottenham have over recent years. I’ll still go back to Martin Jol’s sacking as the biggest mistake in Levy’s reign. The Premier League is what it’s all about and that man delivered two 5th place finishes on the trot. No other manager has come close to that in my lifetime.

Last night was awful to watch but wasn’t really as bad as is being made out. Two of the goals were down to goalkeeper errors. Burnley were always likely to get a result last night. 1-0 would have been fair enough. They are a decent side and have beaten a host of Premiership teams this season.

When it mattered, the team came up with the goods. They left it late but isn’t that the difference between the great sides. How many times do Utd and Chelsea win or get something from games by the skin of their teeth after looking down and out?

It sounds like we could be in for a hiding on Saturday with Harry saying he’ll be fielding the weakest side possible. More injuries were picked up last night and Tuesday’s game against Stoke is the one that really matters. Anything less than 3pts is unacceptable.

I’d rather see Dos Santos, Taraabt and Bostock go to Old Trafford, play some decent football and we get beat 3 or 4 than try to go lock down and lose 1-0.

Harry’s new approach seems to be to publicly berate the players now his being their best mate approach has stopped working. Whether it will reap rewards or not I don’t know but I’ll leave you with this little gem he came out with, made me chuckle for quite a while.

‘Palacios is suspended — he likes tackling you see, so I don’t know if he’ll be any good in our team.’

14 thoughts on “Credit where credit is due

  1. I think harry needs to keep his mouth shut from time to time!!!
    when things were going well… we had ‘good players’ and a ‘good squad’ now all of a sudden no one seems good enough!!!
    Surely it cant be motivating the players!!!

    But has anyone else noticed things started going down hill when we introduced sherwood and ferdinand, or is that just coincidence??

  2. These c***s are just incompetent. Let’s stop making excuses for them. Sure, it was a match they could rather have done without, but seeing they had a job to do one would have expected them to do it properly, with minimum fuss. Picking on Sherwood and Ferdinand is scraping the barrell for excuses.

  3. I think it could be coincidence ants. That is probably just the time Harry’s initial bubble burst and the players slipped back into their usual way of playing, ie shit.

    Giving all Harry’s mates job’s isn’t a problem when we are winning but when losing all the time, it becomes an issue for me.

  4. Clearly a lot of works needs to be done. The players seem clueless on the field. Under Jol even when we were losing the guys were still playing ok.

    I just read another article where the guy stated “It really irks me to see how even a Championship side is able to feed the ball successfully to feet, and then develop the play”.

    I cannot agree more. We are like 11 individuals who just run on the field. They kick and hope that something will come of it. Getting better players is not going to solve this. You need to some system that everyone understands.

    I will give Harry some time and right now blame it on the mess that Commoli created.

    Last night after 117 minutes, I could not take it. I decided to not watch for 4 minutes and then come back. Maybe I need to try that more often 🙂

  5. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. Poor Burnley they did well put up a great fight and they won ! However they will not be going to Wembley and The Spurs will, yes ive papered over all the cracks yes the burnley fans and players deserve a pat on the back and the Spurs played a Kick up the Back side but come March first will i care? No i won’t.
    There is a lot of hate towards The Spurs from all quarters right now Managers and Chairmen as well as the layman But do i care? No.
    We are Tottenham we are Tottenham no one likes Us we dont care we are Tottenham super Tottenham we are Tottenham from the Lane.When all is said and done Spurs goe marching on regardless what happened over the two games its Spurs Verse Manyoo in the FINAL and thats all that matters, Yesterday is history tomorrows a mystery todays a gift thats why its called the present and presently we are going to Wembley Yid Army Yid Army Yid Army………………………….

  6. Now that comment from Harry was funny and true good old Harry keep it up
    I do find my self wondering though how is this midfield is going to work with palacios what formation and who does Harry pick to play with him so what iam saying is who is he going to be droped to fit palacios in? zokora! modric! huddy! jenas! in my eyes its the choice of just 2 huddy and zokora sorry but you cant have all 3 on the pitch at the same time 2 at a push maybe but not all 3
    as we have seen you cant have Bentley and Lennon on at the same time unless Lennon players on the left? you cant have jj and modric on at the same time or can you? nothing else has worked
    I think Harry is going to play 5 in midfield and 1 up front witch I don’t think works!

  7. I think the reason that Harry originally said that they were ‘a good bunch of players’ was because they looked like it when they were trying to impress just after Harry arrived. Now they have gone back to how they were and Harry now sees the task he has on his hands.

    I agree sacking Jol was the biggest mistake Levy has ever made in management and I’m also starting to forgive Ramos – I’m not sure anyone could do anything with this lot and he had an even bigger job on his hands up against Comolli and Levy cashing in on our best players.

    This is the most imbalanced squad in the Premier League. One goalkeeper who we can rely on – and even then only just! No decent full backs (Hutton injured – why sell Chimbonda and Lee? Alright he wasn’t brilliant but our best left option) No actual left midfielder for I don’t even know how many seasons now (why sell Malbranque? He was not natural but good in that position – O’Hara never seems to do as well starting a game and isn’t fast enough), centre of midfield is so weak – why hasn’t Huddlestone got more strength being 6’2″ and 18 stone?) and forwards – well they’re ok but not scoring enough – I guess down to the service from wingers and central midfield. How has it come to this!

  8. These players let Jol down , they let Ramos down and now are trying to do the same to Redknapp. He talks a lot about problems with the mentality of the squad and I think he is right.

    Levy really needs to back Redknapp this time over the players.

  9. Clearly Harry’s public statements are an attempt to gain leverage over Levy to get more money for transfers.

    And as for yesterday, what a great turnaround in the end, but we never ever should have been in such a desperate position.

    Losing yesterday would have been a massive humiliation and the psychological effect it would have on these players would be devastating. Please Spurs do no be complacent now that we have scraped through. We have just avoided one of the greatest cup upsets ever, I am so grateful for Extra Time…

  10. I think its a disgrace that he’ll send out ‘the weakest team possible’ on saturday. I’m fully aware that the league games are most important but is it too much to ask of players on huge salaries to play a few matches over a short period? I, and all the other travelling supporters shouldn’t be paying for an expensive Old Trafford ticket (and probably an expensive train fare) to sing our hearts out and watch a poor spurs side get demolished. Almost half the people I know are man united ‘fans’ when it suits and so I’ll no doubt be taking the usual stick too.

  11. That may be another mind game to let United let their guard down, i don’t think he’ll put out an entire reserve xi. If we get hammered it will demoralise the entire squad so i would expect him to start about 8 first teamers. Realistically though we do no need to rest a couple of key players, survival is priority now.

  12. you cunt, all good teams leave it late – cunt

    in any other competition you would have had extra time to get enough goals



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