City agree fee for Berbatov

City agree fee for Berbatov

The biggest shock of the day comes in the shape of Berbatov going to Manchester City?!

I just don’t get it at all, he must be really desperate if he ends up there. They certainly won’t be in the Champions League anytime soon. I know things look more secure than they did under Shinawatra if the buy out actually goes through but it would still be a risky move for Berba.

Obviously it’s not a done deal yet, he will still need to agree terms etc but Hughes sounded quite confident.

Utd might well come in and match City’s offer in which case Berba will still end up at Old Trafford but if they have decided he’s too pricey the Andy Garcia lookalike will probably be taking a step down or at the very least sideways.

5 thoughts on “City agree fee for Berbatov

  1. Hi guys been away on business for the past 3 weeks so missed our awful start to the season, apart from our wonderfull display against the chavs yesterday.

    Although the hold up in transfer movement has affected team morale, I think it show’s how much of a wonderfully astute our Chairman Daniel Levy is. Manure will have to match, in the very least, City’s bid of wait ofr it…..£34m, or they won’t get the player.

    Thats £34m to spend on new players today and in January. couple of strikers and a dmf and away we go. COYS

  2. Didn’t know it was £34m Carl, that’s some serious wedge.

    What happens though if Utd don’t match it and he turns down the move to City?

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