Can we prep for Utd in a day?

Can we prep for Utd in a day?

With a number of players not returning to training until Friday, it means we only have one day to prepare for Saturday’s crunch clash with Manchester United. Harry Redknapp isn’t happy about this situation;

“I have no idea in my head of what team I will be able to play against United because of these internationals and because many of them won’t be back at the club until next Friday. They are returning from all over the world.”

Obviously, Utd are in the same boat but their squad is arguably better equipped to deal with any injuries or fatigue that the players pick up during the International break. With Modric already out, we can’t afford to have any more players get injured or not be at their peak for that matter against a Utd side sure to be buoyed by victory over Arsenal.

Redknapp is suggesting teams shouldn’t play until the following Saturday when players return from International duty to give them a week to recover. I can understand his point but I very much doubt the powers that be would consider his proposal and I also can’t see any way it would be possible, especially in a World Cup year. They struggle to fit all the fixtures in now as things stand now.

As much as I miss the Premiership action during the summer break, I don’t think the players get enough time off. If there were two weeks between League games after each International get-together, it would have to impact negatively on the length of time off for both players and coaching staff in the summer.

With Keane and Defoe being in the thick of things both on and off the pitch for their respective countries this week, they are likely to be slightly drained both physically and mentally. On a positive note however, their confidence will be high after both scoring at the weekend. If they can carry this into Saturday’s game, hopefully adrenaline can do the rest.

9 thoughts on “Can we prep for Utd in a day?

  1. Shouldnt that be Can ManUre Prepare for Spurs in one day!
    Get used to it lads, belief is our jobs as fans if we dont think we can do it, it will filter to the players. We are above ManUre and playing better than them! Defoe is in better form than Rooney! Fact.

  2. We will play better and get cheated by the pro UTD officials happens every time we play them. Just hope Howard Webb is not playing any part.

    i don’t like Corluka and Hud in defence though

  3. It’s Palacios that I’m worried about. Still, we have a great chance of beating Utd, they have looked poor so far this season, Arsenal should have beat them.

  4. They’ve had it coming for a while, and as sjl mentioned, they also only have the same amount of time to prepare and to travel down to London.

    That lazy c@nt Berbatov will go missing; the Lane will be in full voice; Rooney will be isolated and frustrated; Defoe will be white hot after his midweek hatrick against the Croats (OK, maybe I’m over egging it) and the mighty Spurs will go marching on to a terrified second hand fridge with the 100% record intact.

    No problem.

  5. I agree with sjl and mandy. We have a poor record against United and negative thinking is our biggest enemy, because I think our time to beat them has arrved. We’ve also looked a bit shaky in defence, so I hope Harry can work wonders with what we have left in that department. If Hudd has to drop back, it opens a spot in midfield for … Bentley? Gio looked outstanding for Mexico … I assume Kranjcar will make his debut.

  6. We’ll be fine, Man Utd are in the same position. and they have the 400 mile round trip on top.
    I personally think their squad is the shallowest that it’s been in a while. No Rio, no Evans in defence Brown only just back. Valencia is no Ronaldo, Berbs throwhin his hands in the air, Rooney in Kings pocket. and we owe them something…

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