Can a club like Spurs accommodate four top strikers?

Can a club like Spurs accommodate four top strikers?

With the arrival of Peter Crouch, Tottenham now have four top strikers at what should be the peak of their football careers. In this day and age, Premiership clubs need to have a depth of talent in all areas of their squads but this means some players are likely to miss out. If all our strikers can keep themselves fit for the majority of the season, how will Harry keep them happy?

The likely pairing for the start of the season will be Defoe and Crouch as far as I’m concerned. If they can hit the ground running, it’s hard to see Pavlyuchenko starting many games. Robbie Keane will force his way in as he’s done in the past I’m sure, but Pavlyuchenko will be the one who is the bit part player. His return last term wasn’t bad overall with 14 goals in 32 appearances but his actual play was very inconsistent. With a sustained run in the team that could change but I just can’t see him being given the chance. I’m more than happy with a player of his ability as back up but I’m just surprised he would be willing to settle for that role.

Robbie Keane strikes me as a man that is too confident in his own ability to worry much about the arrival of Crouch. Having said that, after his patchy performances since his return from the failed spell at Liverpool, coupled with the fact he’s never managed to play well with Defoe, some negatives thoughts must be in his mind.

We aren’t in Europe this season and the length of time you spend in domestic cup competitions is somewhat of a lottery, therefore we only have a guaranteed 40 games. While competition for places is a good thing I don’t think a side that isn’t playing European football can a squad of players like ours content. That being said, it may bode well for our league position and I’m hopeful of a decent run in the League Cup and with some luck where the draw is concerned, the FA Cup also.

Maybe Harry’s man management and tactical skills can prove me wrong and he will get all four of our forwards playing and scoring. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Can a club like Spurs accommodate four top strikers?

  1. seeing all the chances we are creating against wet spam today, without finding the net suggests that we haven’t actually got 4 top strikers!

  2. When Crouch was signed it brought me no joy… very rare for this feeling to happen when we have a new player

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