Berbatov out, Arshavin in

Berbatov out, Arshavin in

The revolving door at the Lane keeps on turning and the next couple of days should see Dimitar Berbatov finally tie up his move to Manchester United, while Andrei Arshavin will become a Tottenahm Hotspur player.

Both these transfers feel like they have been dragging on for longer than we had to endure Justin Edinburgh at left back, and that was a long frigging time!

Utd’s bid for David Silva was rebuffed by Valencia and it looks like they want to ensure they have another striker at the club before the weekend. Berbatov was always their main target until Dossiergate and it looks like they will get their man in the end.

I can’t say I’m disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, Berbatov has been magnificent for us since his £10.9m move from Bayer Leverkusen two years ago but the time has come for him to move on. His heart has been set on a move to Utd for a while now and although his negative body language has always been present and is just his way, it now screams get me out of here.

Arshavin isn’t the player Berbatov is but I’m sure he’ll be hungry, something which has been lacking from Berbatov’s game for some time now.

If the rumoured transfer fees are to be believed, we will basically be getting Arshavin and just under £10m in, and losing Berba. Like most of our work in this transfer window, it strikes me as good business.

Following yesterday’s capture of Cesar Sanchez things look like they are coming together just in time for the big kick off at Boro.

22 thoughts on “Berbatov out, Arshavin in

  1. its about time this saga ends! berba is a great talented player, but to be quite honest he can piss off.

  2. Bye Bye Berba!

    Still think we’ll have one or two more transfer suprises before the end of the window too… Like a central midfielder who used to be england captain….

  3. This is bad news, utter crap yes berbaflop should go but not to another club in the premiership this just shows we are a feeder club to the big four crap…

    very pissed off with Spurs he should of gone to Europe

  4. Berbatov will hardly get a game at man united, if u wana try to convince me that theyll chuck him on in front of tevez and rooney for half the season or more ur wasting ur time. Even saha is just as good if not better!

  5. We need players who’ll give 110% and Berba doesn’t do that. H e’s quality but if his heart isn’t in it he’s got to go. Am worried about the defence – we obviously need another proven central defender if this saga with Corluka doesn’t sort itself out. ………….and why haven’t we replaced Keane yet???

  6. The problem is his name – ARSESHAVIN – we are going to be the BUTT of too many songs!! May be Gillette will pony up with some nice sponsorship.

  7. “Still think we’ll have one or two more transfer suprises before the end of the window too… Like a central midfielder who used to be england captain”

    BRYAN ROBSON??????

  8. COYS top four if not top 5 berba is a waste of space at spurs hu doesnt even try while arshavin on the other hand is a goalscorer n a skillful player

  9. I’m not sure how you can say that Arshavin is not the player Berbatov is! sure they’re different but I think Arshavin is at least as good he was awsome for Zenit and Russia last season and I’ve never seen Berba being that influential on a regular basis , I think he’ll contribute more in a season than Berba as Berbs only really plays for two months a season

  10. Arshavin would be awesome but he’s more of a replacement for Keane (a much better player and cheaper than Keane) I’d be delighted if we got Santa Cruz or Kanoute as a replacement for Berbs but that would be harsh on Bent who has excelled in pre season.

  11. The thing about Berbatov is that he’s brilliant on his day but his day doesn’t come around often enough!!

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