Bentley and transfer rumour round up

Bentley and transfer rumour round up

As we suspected yesterday, the Bentley deal has taken a step forward now we have seen Robbie Keane in a Liverpool shirt (yes, made me feel sick too!)

The BBC earlier reported that ‘Blackburn Rovers have confirmed they are in negotiations with Tottenham over the possible sale of David Bentley’.

He will be a great addition to our squad but I find it slightly frustrating Spurs are going to have to weigh out £17m+ for a player discarded by Arsenal only a couple of years ago for an undisclosed fee but thought to be £4m or less. Even more frustrating is the fact Arsenal will get a percentage of the fee we play Blackburn!

I can’t say I’m very impressed with the amount of stories I’ve heard about Spurs’ interest in Diego Milito. I know we are short up front now but surely we can do better than this? Everton are also being strongly linked with him so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the master of the Glasgow Kiss, David Moyes, can get him signed and sealed sharpish.

A deal I am a lot more keen on is Andrei Arshavin. He’s been rumoured to be very close to a move and is currently in talks with Spurs officials….could be an exciting few days coming up.

8 thoughts on “Bentley and transfer rumour round up

  1. Not sure about Arshavin, he was unheard of before last year, and even then he’s played well in two games at the Euro’s. He’s on mega bucks at Zenit and is a support striker at best. We’re unlikely to get Villa, and Pavlyuchenko misses far more than he scores. I’m happy to sign relative unknown if he’s good, afterall Berbatov was hardly a household name and he’s one of the best around…

  2. The only things Russians are any good at are drinking, being miserable and political repression. Leave the pretty boy for Arsenal and sign Capel instead.

  3. Guys, haven’t posted before but being a lifelong season ticket holder at spurs I think it makes me more than qualified.
    So Keano has gone and Berbatov is on his way. Now I’m not trying state that this is a positive move for any club to lose £45m worth of striking talent but life goes on. Football is all about evolving and after last night’s game (I know it was Norwich) I remain optimistic. I have seen us play 1 and 2 touch football like that for years. Reminded me of dare I say it Arsenal. Ramos is finally putting his stamp on the team. We will play with 1 out and out striker (Bent, Pavluychenko or Milito) with 3 attacking players (Dos Santos, Modric, Jenas, Bentley, Arshavin) interchanging creating space and playing FLUID football. Modric and Dos santos were popping up all over the place!
    Gomes threw everything and there was only 2 or 3 long balls in the entire 90 mins. Tottenham will now become a team rather than a few v good individuals!!!!!

  4. Top comments Carl, fully agree. Watched last nights game and they way the team knocked the ball around was superb.

  5. Why are we even looking at this idiot!!

    Bentley is over rated and will get a bigger head if he has a good season.. Keep well away!!

    Think we should go all out to get Villa and Arshavin

  6. I cant believe that Alan Hanson compared Bentley to Becklham last season on MOTD, he had a couple of good games but I just think that Spurs may make a mistake buying him

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