Bale to Real claims in Spanish Newspaper Marca

Bale to Real claims in Spanish Newspaper Marca

It may not be the most reliable source of information in the world, but Spanish newspaper Marca are claiming that Gareth Bale is on the brink of agreeing a six deal with La Liga giants Real Madrid. According to Marca, Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has met with senior officials at Madrid and worked out a lucrative long term contract for his prize asset. Also mentioned in the article is the fact that Barnett told Real president Florentino Perez that Bale has “wanted to play at Real Madrid since he was a kid,” and showed him a photograph of the player wearing a Madrid shirt when he was 10 years old. That’s when my bullshit radar hit the red zone.

Tottenham and Real Madrid have a partnership agreement and both clubs have claimed that no offer has been made or accepted. I really can’t see Gareth Bale’s agent going behind Levy’s back to negotiate a deal with another club that Spurs themselves have a great relationship with. Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas reiterated the club’s stance on the transfer of Bale today;

“I want to repeat what I was telling you last season and what I was telling you from the beginning of pre-season so I cannot extend myself.

“He is a player that we are willing to continue to have. He’s a Tottenham player, he’s one of the most fantastic players in the world at the moment and we are counting on him for the future.”

Bale doesn’t look like being in the 2014 mobile World Cup betting picture as his Wales side are languishing in 4th spot in qualification, and it could be that he’s keen to embark on a new challenge on the world stage. I personally expect Bale to remain at White Hart Lane for another year, and depending on what Spurs achieve this coming season, he might well be on the move come the end of the campaign.

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5 thoughts on “Bale to Real claims in Spanish Newspaper Marca

  1. I really hope we sign Soldado. Then I can actually get some work done for the rest of the week, happy that were more or less rockin’

  2. spurs should include Jesé Rodríguez,Gonzalo Higuaín and fabio coentrao in the deal with maybe £15-20mill aswell then we will see how serious Madrid are. If we got them 3 players it would solve our LB problem, our striking problem and give us a speedster on the wing. plus we could tie up the soldado deal plus get maybe another player with the extra £15-20mill. I love Bale but I love the club much more! 😛

  3. Nice to see someone has at least a working knowledge of Spanish football. Marca was the paper accused by Sir Alex of being “the vehicle used by Real Madrid for unsettling players” (if anyone should know about using papers to unsettle players it’s surely Sir Fergie). By the way; Real are skint. When they last made silly money bids to buy the likes of Ronaldo, Ozil, Benzema and Khadira it was all funded by Spanish banks, who as anyone who’s read a proper newspaper in the last four years will know are boracic. End of. No bid. No nuthin. Stop frettin. The tabloids have to fill column inches and it’s nice for their pissed up incompetent journos to have someone else make up the shite for them. However, Spurs are serious about Soldado – the only thing I can see that is holding up is Levy insists on something in return. Valencia are playing poker with the Ace in their pack being release clause figure while Levy holds the Ace that says Valencia need the Euros to fend off the debt collectors. Who will blink first>

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