Anyone else hate Internationals?

Anyone else hate Internationals?

These International breaks drive me mad. Settling down in front of the racing and Soccer Saturday just isn’t the same without some Premiership action, specifically without Spurs.

I really have very little interest where International football is concerned. Don’t get me wrong, I support England in their matches but I just don’t have the same passion for them as I did when I was younger. The period under McLaren where most of the players looked like they couldn’t give a feck was the final nail in the coffin for me.

While it’s nice to see the Spurs players doing well for their countries, I just don’t have any enthusiasm for it unless there is a major tournament going on and I’m generally just worried about one of our players returning from duty with a nasty injury.

Probably the only thing I am interested to see is whether or not Aaron Lennon can take his improved form for Tottenham onto the International stage. He’s certainly good enough to be a permanent fixture in the England side and his distribution should only get better from here on in. I’d imagine Capello will give him at least a half so lets hope he takes his chance.

Defoe seems to be the player everyone is talking about in the build up to the game after his brace against the Dutch and his superb form for Tottenham at the start of the season. I’m not having a pop at him but I think he’s that type of player that thrives on the attention and I’ll be surprised if Jermain doesn’t get himself on the score sheet again.

35 thoughts on “Anyone else hate Internationals?

  1. Yeah, a thousand times over. Tedious, pointless kick-abouts – a gathering point for morons and the politically challenged.

    Bring on United next Saturday!!!

  2. Yes they bore me stupid, as do most other games that dont involve Spurs. Something like Aston Villa v Birmingham has me running for the hills.

  3. Yeah it’s crap isn’t it. I’d rather watch the lads than Ingerland any day. I’m always terrified that one of our players will get injured in some pointless friendly. I see no reason why we have to stop football for two weeks just so that they can ‘bond’. Just play the game and get on with the Prem like we did in the past.

  4. Yeah, just when you think we’re on the verge of something big, a whole weekend of fixtures get wiped out for a poxy friendly.

    I suppose they do need some practice playing together in a ‘proper’ match, but it does piss most people off.

    It’s like watch a brilliant action packed film on the box, it’s just getting to the best part, only for it to be interrupted by half an hour of boring news. Oh well.

  5. Actually, no.

    Most Spurs blogs are full of donkeys saying that Tottenham should be happy being 11th, and you should get behind the team even when they lose at Wigan. “Be realistic” (which translates as “be happy when Tottenham look like West Ham.) Those w*nkers drive me nuts.

  6. Stratty:

    I’m with you there mate.

    If everyone was like those types in life in general, fu*ck all would ever be achieved. We’d still be sitting around watchING black and white TV, and they’d be saying: ‘There’s nothing wrong with it, why do you want a new one’.

    Some people can’t grasp the idea that you still actually love the club, even when you’re when your’re moaning your arse off.

    I just want to see Spurs win the league before I die. Is that too much to ask for?

    Bring on the glory days!

  7. GEORGE you must get pissed watching spurs you say lennon cant cross is your partner good at everythig because if she at hull is two goals is lay of to defoe .Theres not a player in the world that can cross every time and lennon is doing what other players are like messy does take defenders on and scoring with is speed thats easier than crossing .Now to the main question the pressure i feel latly when my beloved team plays is terrible and any break is welcome yes i miss spurs but my heart needs rest. And why is it when we play utd there is always somthing spoiling our preperation wembly we had loads of games the bad penalty the weakened FA cup team we played this time loads of internationals playing early on sat .ferdinand waiting to play resting and fuck england .So thtas were my thoughts are but when we kick of i will be shouting for engeland and our lads to score .The only other thing is the dump truck tapping lennon up for utd and gerrard

  8. Good for you davspurs, you’re (just the one this time) England’s greatest non-punctuating fan.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Hey TMWNN davspurs can’t spell either,
    Messy should be Messi
    latly should read lately.
    But hey we know what he means, unlike the Hammer’s sites where a decoder is required.
    Regards Baggyshorts

  10. Hey, arguments aside.

    I’m just tired why our team called the
    what… ‘Lilywhites’? Doesn’t that sound
    like a tootsie name? Hull are known as
    the Tigers, Manyoo are Red Devils, why
    can’t we have something like White Sharks
    or White Comets or something like that?

    Just wondering all these years is it
    because the Lilywhites makes Spurs played
    like tootsies especially our dark times
    under Christian Gross/Ossie Ardilles/David

  11. Kenzo, I so hope you are being sarcastic.

    If not your either a gooner being a tw@t or spetic tank – either way jog on!

  12. Find it strange that International players get 10 days or so before an international, but are expected to return after 3-4 days to play for their respective clubs. Surely the international should be on the Saturday and if a friendly is required play it mid-week. Better still just don’t bother. Also this time of the season an international player may pick up an injury which hampers the club from progressing, which in turn sticks two fingers up to the real supporters. As for Lilywhites…Love it. COYS

  13. What would you suggest, Kenzo? The “7-foot bronze cocks”, perhaps?

    Othello (are you the Othello from OleOle?) – totally agree in regards to Lennon, I can’t believe some people still have it in for him. He gets assists, scores goals, and the way he rips teams apart with his speed more than makes up for any shortfall in crossing – of which he is nowhere near as bad as some of you like to make out.

    Like it or not, he’s our most potent attacking threat.

    Ask Patrice Evra. 😉


  14. Hey pal… would I call Spurs ‘our’ team
    if I’m a god damn (thank god I’m not) Gooner?
    I swear I rather castrate myself & wear a
    mini-skirt than being a Gooner fan.

    I still think Lilywhites sounds cissie, sorry
    to those who feel offended but Spurs deserves
    something that sounds heroic and solid.

    Anyway, hope Kranjcar can do the same as what
    Modric did so far so when Mod comes back we are
    twice as better than before. COYS!!!

  15. I hope Spurs have enough physios to
    monitor our big guns when they return
    from international duty.

    Better still if we have the best fitness
    trainers available at Spurs Lodge. We
    need a solid team that are built to LAST.

    It’s sure fun to see fully fit Spurs playing
    half-dead devils when we face Manyoo next so
    I can see us like a finger poking thru jelly.

  16. Mate, it’s you, me and Daniel Levy against the world – in it ’til we’ve got more European silverware than Madrid! 🙂

  17. Yeah Mate, you’re so rich, that’s why you’re always splashing cash on such fantastic players.

    I don’t think that poll took debt into consideration, did it…

    Still, not easy to work out, I imagine.

  18. hey chicken-Arse limp noodle,
    Gooners are 3rd most valuable
    team in the world but ranked
    2nd as the most cheapskate manager
    in the Premier league this season,
    just behind Alex Ferguson. Y’all
    can stop selling Kebabs and sell
    all your good players so you can
    clear your debt bill. Poor thing…

  19. I think we can still manage with the
    club’s wealth backed by ENIC and a
    billonaire, rather than some club
    next door having need to depend on
    middle-east wealth.

    Proud to be 100% English club. COYS!!!

  20. Who wants a club to be pride of London
    that spells ‘ARSE’ at the beginning?
    Forget London, kiddo…

    Should be renamed as AL-SERNAL near future.

  21. Hahaha… that’s a good one.
    Never thought of that. 7ft bronze cocks
    great one, mate… cheers. my stomach went
    cramp laughing to death

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