Absolute Disaster

Absolute Disaster

If Luis Figo has seriously been approached, things are a lot worse than I ever imagined. Bear in mind I was imagining quite bad things when Jermaine Pennant’s name was being mentioned without a comedy effect chuckle in an I almost had you kind of way.

Figo looks like an old man and has been playing like one for the last couple of years. He scored 2 goals for Inter in 38 starts and didn’t do a lot else by all accounts. I thought this story was a complete work of fiction to begin with but even the decent papers are running with it. It could well be Harry on a wind up though and to be fair nothing he said gave any indication that he wanted to sign the Portuguese Granddad. It’s still worrying though.

Pennant has a bit of talent, is still fairly young and is English but he’s another one of that all too common breed of footballer, a brain dead. He’s been at more clubs than Jamie O’Hara and Danielle Lloyd and gets himself in so much bother; he’ll be on Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Proper Geezers before long.

We’ve dodged the biggest bullet of all already this summer by not signing Djibril Cisse. Fingers crossed we can avoid a couple more.

14 thoughts on “Absolute Disaster

  1. If you read the article about Figo, All harry said was that he was chatting to Figo about football. Nothing about him wanting to sign him. Think the papers have put 2 and 2 together and got 24(Hopefully!). Not a lot going on at the moment so they have to get the mileage out of shit stories.

  2. Steveo’s right, I think it’s just gathered pace, not going to happen.

    Am I the only one that would quite like Pennant or just the only one brave enough to admit it?!

  3. Seems like the papers are really getting desperate. Next thing you know Harry will be playing golf with Pat Jennings and we hear that Jennings will be coming out of retirement. BTW Tevez has still not signed for anyone. What chance of Spurs pulling off a miracle

  4. i am wiv you danny, on a free i think that would be great business, he’s got pace and can cross a ball, good back up for lennon!

  5. Another worry is the continued stories about Bellamy!!
    This years rumours have been by far the worst in our merry-go-round pre season for a long time!!!

  6. sorry that was not me, i agree with mikey for agreeing with dan, dan you made a very valid point, one feels you have a very wide knowledge of football

  7. Glad you like Cock mate, apparently he plays in French Ligue 2 and Harry has expressed an interest….suppose it would go well with the other testicles we’ve been linked with in the last 4 days!

  8. Pennant would be a good back up for Lennon if and when Bentley leaves. Keep in mind that Lennon was in such good form last season because he had some competion from Bentley!

  9. relax guys, we always keep our big signings quiet until the last minute, i guarentee we’ll pull off one decent signing at least.

    fingers crossed we dont end up with crouch and bellamy up front, with downing and pennant on the wings!!

  10. Figo would be good just to train with our youn team and give trainning a big buzz like having nick faldo next to you at the driving range .The lad pennant played his best football when he had a tag on his ankle and he couldent fuck of to the boozer.coys less is best keep our team and we will be the jewels in the crown.

  11. I have never felt so low in 30yrs,
    we were the 1st to be linked with Lorik Cana of Marseille & Chamakh of Bordeaux…
    What do we then do ?
    Ignore 2 of the brightest talents in Europe who both said that they would be interested in Spurs & we go chasing after clowns like Bellamy !!!
    I’m just waiting for the bid to get that violent clown Barton !!!

  12. Get Figo in and give him a few run outs in pre season and in the league against the likes of Wolves, west ham and the gooners where there is no risk of dropping points. Then with the shirt sales and other cash from new fans worldwide we could bankroll the likes of Tevez?!?!?

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