A great bit of business

A great bit of business

Didier ZokoraIt looks like we’ve managed to get around £8m out of Sevilla for Didier Zokora. As much as I liked the guy, this has to be one of the best pieces of business I’ve seen Spurs pull off.

He’s been with us 3 years and was supposedly going to fill the void left by Michael Carrick but that just never happened. No matter how much of a nice guy he is, his contribution on the pitch has been nothing more than average in his time at Tottenham.

I first saw Zokora play in a pre season friendly at the Lane against Spanish outfit Real Sociedad. He looked quite promising in that game. Nothing outstanding but fairly solid and assured on the ball and I thought he’s only going to improve from here. The problem is, he never did.

It’s a shame we couldn’t have kept Zokora’s attitude and shoved it in Huddlestone or Jenas, both players with a lot of talent but very little heart. It’s such a shame Didier didn’t have a bit more about him on the field.

As soon as Harry brought in Wilson Palacios, the writing was on the wall for Zokora. I thought he’d be shipped out somewhere for around £3m but to get £8m has really astounded me. Let’s hope the cash is redistributed in the right way.

8 thoughts on “A great bit of business

  1. I’m also surprised at the price tag. Maybe we will get £16 million for Bent as well!!

  2. if zokora is sold at 8-9 mill….
    what does it mean in price to buy a player who is a quality talent .now.?..

  3. In my view there are far worse players than Zokora at Spurs, and definitely many who are far more unmotivated and lazy. I bet Seville will get more out of Zokora than Spurs did – and I bet the £8m will not buy us a better player than Zakora in today’s market. Great piece of business? We’ll see.

  4. Didier Zokora will be playing in the Champions League next season. He was Seville’s top target for the off-season. Much as I love Spurs, most people would see that as a move up for Zokora. Put another way: I’m astounded at your stupidity.

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