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Month: December 2009

Harry needs to get his own house in order

Harry needs to get his own house in order

Before I start I’d like to say I have no problem with what Harry has got out of the players on the pitch. He’s done wonders to get Spurs to the standard they are playing at currently and I hope he’s at the helm for the foreseeable future.

What I think is a problem is when our players pick up the tabloids and find yet another Harry exclusive. His reputation has always been a little bit shady but his likeable personality and good managerial record has allowed him to get away with it over the years.

Today is meant to be telling off time for the naughty Christmas party boys. Robbie Keane and company were very stupid and ended up being caught out by The Sun but I’d imagine it’s difficult for Harry to give them too much of a dressing down when he’s in the papers more than them.

Redknapp’s current tax problems may be unrelated to his position as Spurs manager but it still undermines his authority. A bit of rule bending isn’t a bad thing but this is the second scandal he’s been a part of in recent times. There are also unanswered questions about the betting coup landed when he left Southampton for Portsmouth.

While I believe Harry will be whiter than white during his reign as Spurs boss, I hope his previous indiscretions don’t upset our season.

Is the honeymoon period officially over?

Is the honeymoon period officially over?

Harry can’t do a lot wrong as far as most Spurs supporters I speak to are concerned. He’s improved the squad, team morale and our league position massively since he took over. Almost 14 months ago, Tottenham looked doomed. Since then, Redknapp has been considered a hero amongst the Spurs faithful. Saturday was the first time I’ve heard more than a handful of people questioning his credentials.

The defeat to Stoke was one of those days, getting turned over by a second string Utd in the Cup was a shame, dropping two points at Everton from a strong position was very disappointing but losing at home to Wolves is unacceptable. It’s no going putting nine past Wigan if we can’t break down teams like Wolves and Stoke. On a more positive note, it was nice to see Modric back and hopefully he’ll be back in the starting line up before too long.

Wednesday’s match against City now takes on extra significance. I think a draw is the most likely outcome but we really can’t afford to lose another home game. Slightly worrying is the fact I’m sure it was a Wednesday night I was sitting with my Granddad watching a Tottenham v Man City game where Tottenham were 3-0 up at half time but still lost. Anybody remember that one?!

For me, the top four dream is looking less and less likely as the season goes on. I know we are still in touch but can you imagine us going to Old Trafford and winning 1-0 like Villa did? I can’t see it happening anytime soon personally. I don’t want to sound too downbeat because I’m quite happy with a top 6 finish which I think is our realistic target this season. We don’t yet have the mental toughness to match the big sides in the Premiership and until we do, a Champions League place will have to wait.

Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

I was hopeful Spurs would managed at least a win and a draw from our three away games on the spin but as it turns out, I’m reasonably satisfied with two more league points. The only disappointing part is we should have got all six!

As much time as I have for Everton, our class should have been enough to win yesterday’s game. They were missing a number of players and also had to travel abroad during the week. While it was a very entertaining encounter, we had numerous chances and far to much quality for a second string Everton side.

To be two goals to the good with only twelve minutes to go in the game and not win is simply not good enough. All credit to Everton for a battling performance but we cannot afford to drop points like that if we are to have even a remote chance of a top four finish.

I wasn’t too bothered about our Carling Cup exit. Although a victory over Man Utd at Old Trafford would have been great, Spurs have been there, done that as far as the trophy is concerned. I’m not saying we are better than the competition, but a place in the Champions League would mean so much more both from a reputation as well as a financial point of view. Most of the top teams use the League Cup as an opportunity to give their reserve and youth players some first team action. Maybe Tottenham should be doing the same now.

Not getting beat after going to both Villa and Goodison Park should make Spurs fans very happy, outplaying both sides and not winning either game will not.