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You can Duff off

You can Duff off

I’ve heard some sick jokes in my time where Tottenham’s transfer targets are concerned but Damien Duff would certainly make the top ten. I’m sure this must be some kind of wind up, I’d rather pull Andy Sinton back out of retirement than sign this leprechaun.

Go back four years or so and yes, I would have been very happy to see him in a Spurs shirt but at 30 years of age with his injury record and lack of decent form for as long as I can remember, no thank you very much. I can’t see that he’s still up to the Premiership, let alone a side supposed to be pushing the top 4 or 5 teams all the way to the line next season.

In what can possibly be considered even worse news, Obafemi Martins’ name is also being banded about. I have a more than a strong dislike for his attitude as it is and that is with him at a rival club, I’d seriously think about defecting to Welling Utd if he turns up at the Lane. I’ve only just recovered from the Djibril Cisse stories, now there is this to contend with!

Obviously the majority of these rumours turn out to be the brainchild of a bored Mirror journalist or a 13 year old kid sitting at home on the internet pretending to be in the know but reading these names still does my ticker no good whatsoever.

Wednesday see the opening of the transfer window and I’d imagine Spurs will be doing some early business with players going both in and out. Let’s hope it’s the likes of Bentley, Chimbonda, Huntelaar and Robben involved rather than Keane, Lennon, Duff and Martins.

Do you care about Robbie Keane?

Do you care about Robbie Keane?

The rumours have been rife for the last couple of weeks but in recent days, more substantial stories have appeared claiming Robbie Keane will once again be leaving Tottenham before the season gets underway. Opinion seems to be very divided over whether this is a good or a bad thing as far as the future of the club is concerned.

Although Robbie’s performances have been lees than spectacular since his return, I feel his presence in the side ensured we weren’t involved in a relegation battle. It’s easy to say now that we would have been in no danger of relegation having finished within touching distance of Europe, but without Keane in there pointing and shouting, who’s to say how close Spurs would have been to the drop?

It’s been suggested that Sunderland is Keane’s likely destination. I don’t really understand why he would want to move there rather than stay and see what happens in what will be exciting times for Tottenham next season. Has he fallen out with Harry? Is the club not being run to his liking since his break in Merseyside? Does he regret coming back to the Lane and feel the step down is too much? If the latter is the case it would not explain why a move to the Stadium of Light is a good idea.

I don’t want to knock Robbie Keane without knowing the facts but I would expect a little more respect and consideration after the majority of the fans at Spurs welcomed him back with open arms when things didn’t work out for him under Rafa Benitez at Liverpool. He spent his best years with us and prior to arriving at Tottenham, he struggled to find a club to settle at long term.

I’m hoping all this speculation is just that and Robbie will be a key part of Harry Redknapp’s plans come next season but I do get the feeling there is no smoke without fire and the fire seems to be getting stronger.

Tottenham’s Top Transfer Targets

Tottenham’s Top Transfer Targets

Peter Crouch – Crouchy looks the most likely of the current crop of players being linked with Spurs. Harry’s a big fan having signed him for decent money while at Pompey and he seemed to enjoy playing with Defoe during his time there. If Robbie Keane is on the way out then Crouch would be perfect to come in and play alongside Jermain. For all that people like to knock the world’s tallest man, he is a proven Premiership goal scorer and would be worth shelling out for.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar – Spurs were strongly linked with Huntelaar prior to his move to Madrid but how true these stories were I’m not so sure. The fact things haven’t really worked out for him at Real make him a more realistic target now and with his current side splashing the cash like there is no tomorrow, he may be willing to take a step down to guarantee first team football. He won’t be cheap and neither will his wages but I’d prefer we took a punt on a player of his calibre rather than another average English player that will cost just as much such as Bent or Bentley. I don’t include Crouch in this because he has a much better track record.

Ashley Young – I was initially very surprised when we were linked with Ashley Young. I thought Villa were more than ok financially and after having to sell Gareth Barry I would have thought they would have been desperate to hold on to the rest of their star players. Martin O’Neill is supposedly interested in both David Bentley and Tom Huddlestone and either of both of those players could go in the other direction. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the pair of them leaving to be honest. My main concern with Young would be his fee. The fact he’s under 25 and English means he’ll probably valued at close to £20m but if we can get away with £8m and Bentley it wouldn’t be a disaster.

Gary Mabbutt – A True Legend

Gary Mabbutt – A True Legend

Gary Mabbutt
Gary Mabbutt
Gary Mabbutt is my favourite Spurs player of all time. His work ethic and consistency was second to none during his playing years as was the example he set as club captain.

By chance I stumbled across this article about the role he has played in South Africa’s successful bid to host the 2010 World Cup. 2010’s Unlikely Star

By all accounts he was key in South Africa’s achievement. He is married to a South African but the place was in his heart since pre-season tour to Swaziland in 1984.

Ronaldo has been the talk of the town in recent days with his world record move to Real Madrid. The word legend has been banded about where he is concerned but I can’t see him ever being allowed to use the term The Arch to describe Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

“I was sat in the front row of the hall at Fifa’s HQ with the rest of the bid team,” he says. “When the result was announced we leapt up and ran onto the stage.

“The first person I came to was the Arch and we gave each other a big hug.”

The Arch?

“Sorry, Archbishop Desmond Tutu,” he laughs. “A few years earlier I’d asked him what I should call him a few years earlier and he just said ‘call me the Arch’.”

I hope Mabbutt gets the recognition he deserves and that we will be calling him Sir Gary Mabbutt before too long.

Do Spurs need this Ruud boy?

Do Spurs need this Ruud boy?

There is no question about it, Ruud van Nistelrooy has been one of the best strikers in the world over the last decade. On the form he showed at PSV, Man Utd and even Real Madrid, he’d be a superb acquisition for Tottenham. The problem is that he’s fast approaching 33 years old and hasn’t played any football for a good nine months following a serious knee injury.

Ruud has had more than his fair share of injuries over the years. This is the 2nd time his knee has kept him out for a considerable period of time, the first being when his move to Manchester Utd was delayed for almost a year. He was also out for a large portion of Utd’s 2004-05 campaign.

There may only be a nominal transfer fee involved but Van Nistelrooy’s wages will still be considerable, rumoured to be around £70,000 a week. I know Harry’s a gambler but I’m not sure it’s a bet I’d want to place.

At best, we will get one or two decent seasons out of him. At worst, Spurs will be chucking £70k a week down the drain for a player that is very likely coming to the Lane for his final payday and will spend most of his time watching games from the stands.

The form Ruud Van Nistlerooy showed for Madrid until his injury was still good and he doesn’t become a bad player just because he’s been out a few months but I’m very concerned about the knee injury, especially at his age. It’s the 2nd time it’s gone and an injury of that magnitude is sure to have taken something away from his game.

Even six months ago, I doubt Spurs had entered Ruud or his agent’s head but now our spending power and their lack of offers from any high profile CL clubs means it’s a match made in heaven, or possibly hell, I can’t decide.

Crouch to replace Pavlyuchenko?

Crouch to replace Pavlyuchenko?

All the talk the last day or so has been about Roman Pavlyuchenko desperately wanting a move away from THFC. With Darren Bent also likely to leave, I’m assuming Harry will be stepping up his efforts to sign a replacement sooner rather than later.

The rumour mill probably hasn’t been quite as fluid as I expected where Spurs are concerned since the close of the domestic season but that isn’t going to last. Djibril Cissé appears to be orchestrating his own move to Spurs without the knowledge of anyone at Spurs. As much as it’s great banter, I’m hoping it gets nipped in the bud before he turns up at training uninvited.

Peter Crouch is the one striker I would love us to sign. I know a number of football fans have their problems with him but I think he’d be great for us. The stumbling block is the fact Portsmouth don’t need to sell players anymore. Hopefully the Harry/Levy magic can be worked while the dust is still settling and the jolly blond giant will be helping us tear Barcelona to bits.

I know Pompey might seem like just as attractive a proposition as Spurs now, but I think the lure of working with Harry again coupled with the form we showed since his arrival could make Peter Crouch’s decision a simple one. Come on Daniel, get that cheque book open son.

Harry claims quality is aim, let’s hope so

Harry claims quality is aim, let’s hope so

Some of the recent rumoured transfer targets for Spurs have actually scared me. Jones, Downing and the final straw for me this morning, Duff.

Harry Redknapp has been quoted as saying he only wants to bring in 3 top class players in the summer. If those are the 3 he considers to be top class, we are in serious bother!

He said: “We need three players of the highest quality who can come in and make a difference.

“We have a lot of good players here, and maybe we can move on one or two to give us the money to get a few in.”

Pavlychenko, Bent and Bentley among those moving on? I can’t see us making anything other than a big loss on all 3 but Harry is a past master at making his money stretch. The Kenwyne offer makes me think his lost that talent now.

Names I do like the sound of include Gareth Barry and Joe Cole but they are players that I just don’t see fancying a move to a club not competing in the Champions League.

The Kenwyne Jones deal was apparently blocked in January and I’m praying daily that we don’t got back with an improved offer. The £20m was £19.9m too much as it was.

In other news, a mate of mine just saw Ledley King stumbling around Mandalay Bay, let’s hope he’s having a good time and is back nice and refreshed for the new season!