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Unfeckingbelievable. I’m still coming down. Arsenal fans are saying why are we celebrating like it’s a win? Because it felt like a fcuking win, one of the greatest comebacks in history. We might well have been battered for large periods of the game but the fact we battled for 94mins speaks volumes. The amount of confidence the players will get off the back of a result like that is unreal.

Modric has suddenly turned into a player. The whole team look like they can compete at the highest level.

I don’t think my body would survive many more night like that but what a way to go.

The future’s bright, the future is Harry!

Arsenal v Tottenham – Pain Preview

Arsenal v Tottenham – Pain Preview

What a difference a week makes. I still think we will likely get beat but at least we go into the game with a renewed optimism as do the players.

Team News
The defence is a problem for Spurs with both King and Woodgate likely to be missing but Gareth Bale returns from his one match ban. Michael Dawson is still suspended.

Redknapp has given squad numbers to Ghaly, Taarabt and Boateng so any of them could now feature.

Denilson has recovered from a back injury and is in contention for Arsenal.

Recent Form
Tottenham ended a nine match winless run in the league beating Bolton on Sunday, which was Harry Redknapp’s first game in charge.

Spurs have not managed back to back victories in the Premier League since December 2007.

Arsenal have only lost 1 of their last 12 games in all competitions.

They have only lost 2 games at the Emirates Stadium.

Head to Head
Tottenham haven’t beaten Arsenal in the league since 7th November 1999.

1998 was the last time there was a goalless draw in this fixture.

Everything points to a comfortable Arsenal victory but form tends to go out the window for this Derby. I’ve seen Spurs nick a draw in this fixture many times when I’ve expected them to get nothing. Can Harry be the first manager from the last 6 to mastermind a win in the league over Arsenal?

I think the key will be not letting in an early goal, the team will gain confidence as the match progresses and might be able to get a goal on the break or from a set piece. The Emirates crowd are quiet at the best of times, even Wenger has said so himself. This must have some effect on the players the longer the game goes without them scoring.

Hull showed Arsenal can be beaten at the Emirates using the right tactics and having no fear. The longer we can contain Arsenal the more chance we will have of getting something out the game.

Best Bets
1pt Tottenham to win 1-0 @ 14/1 with Betfred

1pt 1-1 Draw @ 13/2 with Betfred

Harry to take charge against Bolton

Harry to take charge against Bolton

It sounds like our new manager Harry Redknapp is going to be more or less in charge for today’s game against Bolton. He met the players this morning and was going to consult with Clive Allen and pick the team from the players available.

I don’t know whether he’ll be in the dugout or in the stands but it will be a big boost for the players to have him there in some some shape or form.

I’d expect the team to react positively and secure 3 vital points today but I am slightly concerned all the pundits have been saying the same thing today.

At least things look a lot better than they did at 10pm last night. Harry Redkanpp is a manager I’ve always had a lot of time for. He’s very down to earth and will be able to have some banter with the players and boost morale no end which is something Ramos wasn’t capable of.

Levy has made the perfect appointment for me. In sacking Jol and backing Comolli, I thought he’d lost the plot. It turns out he’s a lot more astute than I gave him credit for.

This open letter from Levy makes for interesting reading.

So lets get behind the team and the new manager, get some points on the board and look forward to Defoe coming back in January!


Harry Redknapp to take over!

Harry Redknapp to take over!

Harry could be in charge by tomorrow, this is unreal, it’s all happening!

I’m sure he’ll take the job if offered it if he hasn’t already.

Maybe he’ll bring Jamie in as Director of Fashion alongside him.

Ramos, Comolli and Poyet all sacked!

Ramos, Comolli and Poyet all sacked!

Breaking news, I’ll post more as I hear it.

I wasn’t expecting this on a Saturday night, Levy probably acted to avoid a big demo tomorrow.

Clive Allen takes charge for the Bolton game.

Any idea’s on who they have lined up, because I’m sure there is someone?

The players that can change our season

The players that can change our season

The majority of the players that have been on the pitch week in week out just aren’t performing or aren’t up to the job. I think it has a lot to do with them being to lightweight and not up for a scrap. These are the players we are yet to see much of, but I feel they can all make a difference to us.

Alan Hutton – I rate Hutton as one of the best full backs in the country. He’s solid defensively, good going forward and has a presence a lot of our other players are lacking. No he’s fit he can have a huge impact on the rest of our season. I’m looking forward to him lining up against Bolton.

Fraizer Campbell – Get him playing now. I wasn’t impressed with us signing this kid on loan but if his goals keep us in the premiership I’ll be over the moon. Bent is grafting as hard as he can for the cause but there is only so much he can do with no support and decent supply from midfield. Pavlyuchenko looks like he doesn’t know what day of the week it is and probably more worried about keeping away from the dark skinned people he’s been warned about, not much use if one of them is your strike partner. Campbell is lively and he will get goals, give him a chance.

Giovani Dos Santos – What is the deal here? He looked quality in pre season but he’s hardly been given a chance once the season proper got underway. He may be a bit of a luxury player and not great when we are on the back foot but neither are our other midfielders. He deserves a couple of games to see what he can add.

Jamie O’Hara – He might not be the most talented football at the club but he work his socks off for 90mins and that is exactly what we need in our current predicament. I like Zokora as a person but the difference is O’Hara always has a goal in him, Zokora doesn’t.

John Bostock – Another player I expected to get the odd game but hasn’t been involved at all. I know he’s young and physically not the best but his talent is undeniable. At least bring him off the bench sometimes. He has the pace and skill to turn games in our favour and is the last thing opposition defenders want to see late in the game.

I hope Millwall get promoted

I hope Millwall get promoted

I can’t wait to get down The Den next season and watch them play Spurs.

I’m kind of resigned to the fact we are doomed. When I saw the back four today with Hutton back I felt quite positive but then the game started. Bale is a great player but he is still a bit suspect defensively, quite similar to how Ashley Cole was early in his career. It’s something he will overcome but we can’t afford silly mistakes at the moment.

Maybe I’m being picky, but at times when the cameras were on Ramos and Poyet, there didn’t seem to be enough urgency. I’d much rather see the manager doing his nut on the touchline when we are in this position, not looking relaxed and composed.

As soon as Stoke scored and Spurs went down to ten men, they started playing quite well. Once Bent scored I thought we would go on and win the game but the comedy show that was the 2nd half put an end to any chance of that.

I’m not sure if Corluka is going to be out for a few games after today but I’d imagine so. Bale and Dawson certainly are, so that’s 3 defenders out for crucial matches and with Ledley only playing UEFA Cup games, we are basically for want of a better word, fucked.

Only one team has survived from our position in Premier League history. On paper, Tottenham have the players to become the 2nd team to achieve this feat. The performances on the pitch would suggest otherwise.

Top 5 annoying things about Spurs

Top 5 annoying things about Spurs

5. Jermain Defoe – How good is he? I knew he was a top player in his time at the Lane but he just seems to have flourished since joining Pompey. With Capello not picking players purely on the basis of their name, Defoe looks to have a bright future for the National team too. How we need him now!

4. Damien Comolli – Does anyone have time for this bloke? Looks like a c0ck, talks like a c0ck and probably smells like a c0ck. I’m sure he isn’t to blame for every problem at Tottenham but while his services are retained, he’ll get the majority of the blame for everything. Someone put him out of his misery, pleeeease.

3. Spurs Related Emails – Every day my inbox is full of this rubbish. The odd one is funny but if I get the triangle joke once more I will go into some type of coma. There wasn’t half as many for Ar5ena1!!.

2. Take over – Not for me I’m afraid. It’s obviously good to have plenty of money to spend on players and more importantly be running as a profitable business but when you have no limit on spending, you are just asking for trouble. One of these big clubs are going to be left in serious trouble by a billionaire owner sooner or later.

1. Sol Campbell – How dare he?! You can’t be a hero for thousands of Spurs fans, go to Arsenal for no money and expect not to get stick every time you play us. Racial abuse is bang out of order but the gay taunts should be taken on the chin. If he had anything about him Sol would have some banter with it, a little smile, maybe a wave even a wink. All the time you cry like a baby and have your little breakdowns, you are only fuelling the fire.

Should Ramos be given until Christmas – YES or NO!

Should Ramos be given until Christmas – YES or NO!

Do you think Juande should be given until Christmas to turn things around?

I’d say it’s about 70-30 in favour of him being given the boot at the moment. My worry is if Levy does stick with the granite faced Spaniard until the end of December, and we are still bottom of the league, our Premier League status will likely be over.

At least if we bring a new man in now, he will hopefully be able to get the team organised and motivated and pick up some points before January when he would be able to bring in his own players.

If we stick with Ramos until then and we make no significant improvement, it’s going to be hard to attract anyone to the club in the transfer window. We have to sign a striker, a ball winner in midfield and another top quality centre back but being in the relegation mixer will seriously limit our options unless we fancy Robbie Savage, Gifton Noel-Williams or perhaps Dean Windass.

People say I have been on Ramos’ back for ages but that isn’t true. I was one of his biggest supporters but the fact is once the press are on a manager’s back to this extent it gets in the player’s heads and it becomes pretty much impossible to rescue the situation.

So what do you think give him till Christmas? YES Or end our misery now. NO

The final straw

The final straw

I think we have seen Juande Ramos’ last game in charge of Tottenham Hotspur. With Martin Jol at the helm Spurs were in much healthier shape, back to back 5th place finishes and a side that looked like they could play football together, but that wasn’t good enough. Under Ramos, Spurs have managed just 2 points from the last 24 in the Premier League. What is keeping Wendy in charge other than Levy not wanting to look like a mug for courting him in the first place?

Forget the excuses, forget Berba and Keane. The players at the club are the players Ramos wanted. He made the decision to make so many changes to the squad in the summer and with the money he had at his disposal, a return of 2pts is a joke.

I’m not judging the man on 7 games, I’m judging him from the moment we won the Carling Cup. Week in, week out, players were not pulling their weight but he just coasted along and did nothing to give them a wake up call. Fine, he shipped out the players he felt weren’t up to it during the close season, but if you replace them with others that have no heart and no fight, the end result is the position in which we now find ourselves. People like Tainio and Malbranque may not get you top 4, but they certainly show enough passion and fight not to get you relegated.

Comolli needs strung up for his part in this mess but I’ve wanted rid of him for I don’t know how long now. He has proven his treachery, ignorance and lack of talent know no bounds.

Juande, go quietly back to Spain, we have no real bad feeling towards you. You delivered our first trophy for years but basically you just aren’t up to managing in the Premier League. Your English isn’t up to it, you’re tactically not up to it and I just don’t feel the players have any confidence or belief in you anymore.

Who do we get? To be honest I don’t really know. Someone that has a good grasp of English would do me at the moment. We need a manager to come in and give the players an instant confidence boost and win a few games so we don’t get to February/March time with the threat of relegation hanging over us.

The team in it’s current form do not look like winning a game full stop. We can’t create chances, therefore no goals are being scored. There are just 11 individuals running around like headless chickens and picking up an average of 40k a week for it.

I’m sure there are still a few fans saying give him a bit more time, the last thing we need is yet another new manager. The problem is we don’t have time. It is imperative we keep our Premier League status and under Ramos that just isn’t going to happen.